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Repeal the Second Amendment

by Allan J. Lichtman

A radical case for the repeal of the 2nd Amendment as the only way to control gun violence in America

There's an average of one mass shooting per day in the United States. Given the ineffectiveness of the gun...


by Brian C. Kalt

Since the election of President Donald Trump, the Twenty-Fifth Amendment to the Constitution - covering presidential incapacity - has been a frequent topic of public discussion. But few understand how this amendment...

The Mueller Report

by Robert S. Mueller

The wait for The Mueller Report is over. This strikingly designed edition has been prepared by expert typographers – allowing for an optimised, immersive reading experience. "From the moment [the report] was...

Justice Thomas Dissents

by Myron Magnet

When Clarence Thomas joined the Supreme Court in 1991, he found with dismay that it was interpreting a very different Constitution from the one the Framers had written—the one that had established a federal...

Rethinking the Scottish Revolution

by Laura A. M. Stewart

The English revolution is one of the most intensely-debated events in history; parallel events in Scotland have never attracted the same degree of interest. Rethinking the Scottish Revolution argues for a new...

The Federalist Papers

by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay & James Madison

The Federalist is a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay under the pseudonym "Publius" to promote the ratification of the United States Constitution....

To End a Presidency

by Laurence Tribe & Joshua Matz

As Congress prepares articles of impeachment of President Trump, read the definitive book on presidential impeachment and how it should be used today.

Impeachment is our ultimate constitutional check against...

51 Imperfect Solutions

by Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton

When we think of constitutional law, we invariably think of the United States Supreme Court and the federal court system. Yet much of our constitutional law is not made at the federal level. In 51 Imperfect...

The Canadian Kingdom

by D. Michael Jackson

An integral part of Canada’s political culture, the constitutional monarchy has evolved over the 150 years since Confederation to become a uniquely Canadian institution.

Canada inherited the constitutional...

The Complete American Constitutionalism, Volume Five, Part I

by Mark A. Graber & Howard Gillman

The Complete American Constitutionalism is designed to be the comprehensive treatment and source for debates on the American constitutional experience. It provides the analysis, resources, and materials both...

A Pocket Guide to the US Constitution

by Andrew B. Arnold

The Constitution is not so simple that it explains itself—nor so complex that only experts can understand it.

In this accessible, nonpartisan quick reference, historian Andrew Arnold provides concise explanations...

The U.S. Constitution: A Very Short Introduction

by David J. Bodenhamer

Though the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1788, its impact on our lives is as recent as today's news. Claims and counterclaims about the constitutionality of governmental actions are a habit of American politics....

Essential Supreme Court Decisions

by John R. Vile

The only reference guide to Supreme Court cases organized both topically and chronologically within chapters so that readers understand how cases fit into a historical context, the 17th edition has been updated...

Battle Royal

by David Johnson

What is the future of the monarchy in Canada?

“The Queen is dead; long live the King.” Are Canadians ready to hear these words?

When the second Elizabethan Era comes to its inevitable end in the next decade...

Sowing the Wind

by Dorothy Overstreet Pratt

In 1890, Mississippi called a convention to rewrite its constitution. That convention became the singular event that marked the state's transition from the nineteenth century to the twentieth and set the path...

The Antifederalists

by Jackson Turner Main

The Antifederalists come alive in this state-by-state analysis of politics during the Confederation and the debates over the enlargement of Congressional powers prior to the formation of the Constitution. On...

Engines of Liberty

by David Cole

From the national legal director of the ACLU, an essential guidebook for anyone seeking to stand up for fundamental civil liberties and rights

One of Washington Post's Notable Nonfiction Books of 2016

In an age...

U.S. Constitution and Other Writings

by Thunder Bay Press

  • Includes key documents to the founding of the United States, including The Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Federalist Papers, selected inaugural addresses, and more
  • Nicely bound keepsake...

  • Liberty and Coercion

    by Gary Gerstle

    American governance is burdened by a paradox. On the one hand, Americans don't want "big government" meddling in their lives; on the other hand, they have repeatedly enlisted governmental help to impose their...

    Weeping Waters

    by Malcolm Mulholland & Veronica Tawhai

    Weeping Waters is a must read for anyone who wants to be informed about the current debate regarding the Treaty of Waitangi and a constitution for Aotearoa New Zealand. The book features essays from eighteen...