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by Matt Sheehan

A timely, contemporary examination of The Pacific Rim that offers a vital account of California’s unique relationship with China through the exploits of the entrepreneurs, activists, and politicians driving...

We're Still Here

by Jennifer M. Silva

The economy has been brutal to American workers for several decades. The chance to give one's children a better life than one's own -- the promise at the heart of the American Dream -- is withering away. While...

Crony Capitalism in the Middle East

by Ishac Diwan, Adeel Malik & Izak Atiyas

The popular uprisings in 2011 that overthrew Arab dictators were also a rebuke to crony capitalism, diverted against both rulers and their allied businessmen who monopolize all economic opportunities. While...

The Mueller Report

by Robert S. Mueller

In the future, "The Mueller Report" may be judged as the most important document of our time. And no matter where you reside on the American political spectrum, you will probably agree that it will have far-reaching...

Mean Girl

by Lisa Duggan

Ayn Rand’s complicated notoriety as popular writer, leader of a political and philosophical cult, reviled intellectual, and ostentatious public figure followed her beyond her death in 1982. In the twenty-first...

Rethinking and Unthinking Development

by Busani Mpofu & Sabelo J. Ndlovu-Gatsheni

Development has remained elusive in Africa. Through theoretical contributions and case studies focusing on Southern Africa’s former white settler states, South Africa and Zimbabwe, this volume responds to...

Into the Tempest

by William I. Robinson

In this critical new work, sociologist William I. Robinson offers an engaging and accessible introduction to his theory of global capitalism. He applies this theory to a wide range of contemporary topics, among...

Raise the Debt

by Jonas B. Bunte

Credit is the lifeblood of capitalism and development. Brazil, Russia, India, and China-also called BRICs-have become important creditors to developing countries. However, how will their loans affect economic...

The Oxford Handbook of Political Consumerism

by Magnus Boström, Michele Micheletti & Peter Oosterveer

The global phenomenon of political consumerism is known through such diverse manifestations as corporate boycotts, increased preferences for organic and fairtrade products, and lifestyle choices such as veganism....

Corporate Power, Class Conflict, and the Crisis of the New Globalization

by Ronald W. Cox

Transnational corporations have used their market and political power in the U.S., the European Union and Japan to expand global production on terms that are highly favorable to corporate interests. Through...

Speculative Bubbles and Monetary Policy

by Masayuki Otaki

Speculative Bubbles and Monetary Policy works at the intersection of economic theory history. While the consistent and penetrating perspective of theory is necessary for interpreting economic history, existing...

Governance and Democracy in Africa

by James S. Guseh & Emmanuel O. Oritsejafor

This book looks at the fundamental issue of governance in Africa. After half a century of experimenting with democratic institutions, African countries are still ambivalent about the complete or absolute adoption...

Freedom and Economic Order

by Linda C. Raeder

Freedom and Economic Order is the second of three volumes comprising a comprehensive study of freedom and American society. The book explores the economic dimension of freedom as historically conceived within...

Strong Governments, Precarious Workers

by Philip Rathgeb

Why do some European welfare states protect unemployed and inadequately employed workers ("outsiders") from economic uncertainty better than others? Philip Rathgeb’s study of labor market policy change in...

The Future of Capitalism

by Paul Collier

From world-renowned economist Paul Collier, a candid diagnosis of the failures of capitalism and a pragmatic and realistic vision for how we can repair it.

Deep new rifts are tearing apart the fabric of the United...

Taming Japan's Deflation

by Gene Park, Saori N. Katada, Giacomo Chiozza & Yoshiko Kojo

Bolder economic policy could have addressed bouts of deflation in post-Bubble Japanese history, write Gene Park, Saori N. Katada, Giacomo Chiozza, and Yoshiko Kojo in Taming Japan’s Deflation. Despite warnings...

The Clientelistic Turn in Welfare State Policy-Making

by Evelyne Hübscher

Using a mix of quantitative methods and case study research, this book critically assesses the impact of party governments in different institutional settings on welfare state generosity and labour market reforms....

The Faces of Poverty in North Carolina

by Gene R. Nichol

These are the faces of poverty in North Carolina: scores of homeless men, women, and children take refuge in makeshift camps, barely hidden in the woods near some of our most affluent neighborhoods. Hundreds...

Good Governance Gone Bad

by Darius Ornston

If we believe that the small, open economies of Nordic Europe are paragons of good governance, why are they so prone to economic crisis? In Good Governance Gone Bad, Darius Ornston provides evidence that adapting...

The Venture Capital State

by Robyn Klingler-Vidra

Silicon Valley has become shorthand for a globally acclaimed way to unleash the creative potential of venture capital, supporting innovation and creating jobs. In The Venture Capital State Robyn Klingler-Vidra...