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Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women: Antiquity Through Sui, 1600 B.C.E. - 618 C.E

by Lily Xiao Hong Lee, A.D. Stefanowska & Sue Wiles

This new volume of the "Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women" spans more than 2,000 years from antiquity to the early seventh century. It recovers the stories of more than 200 women, nearly all of them unknown...

Civil-military Relations in Today's China: Swimming in a New Sea: Swimming in a New Sea

by David M. Finkelstein & Kristen Gunness

This work provides an in-depth and up-to-date examination of civil-military relations in China. It reflects the significant changes taking place in Chinese society and their impact on the civil-military dynamic,...

Industry and Firm Studies

by Victor J. Tremblay & Carol Horton Tremblay

The fourth edition of this acclaimed text is a rich resource for undergraduate and graduate courses in industrial organization, applied game theory, and management strategy. It incorporates game theory into...

Online Journalism Ethics: Traditions and Transitions: Traditions and Transitions

by Cecilia Friend & Jane Singer

Online media present both old and new ethical issues for journalists who must make decisions in an interactive, instantaneous environment short on normative standards or guidelines. This user-friendly book guides...

Deficits and Debt in Industrialized Democracies

by Eisaku Ide & Gene Park

Since the global financial crisis, government debt has soared globally by 40 percent and now exceeds an astonishing $100 trillion. Not all countries, though, have fared the same. Indeed, even prior to the financial...

Against the Troika: Crisis and Austerity in the Eurozone

by Costas Lapavitsas, Heiner Flassbeck & Paul Mason

On the 25th January 2015 the Greek people voted in an election of historic importance—not just for Greece but potentially all of Europe. The radical party Syriza was elected and austerity and the neoliberal...

Change the Story, Change the Future: A Living Economy for a Living Earth

by David C. Korten

We humans live by stories, says David Korten, and the stories that now govern our society set us on a path to certain self-destruction. In this profound new book, Korten shares the results of his search for...

American Insecurity: Why Our Economic Fears Lead to Political Inaction

by Adam Seth Levine

Americans today face no shortage of threats to their financial well-being, such as job and retirement insecurity, health care costs, and spiraling college tuition. While one might expect that these concerns...

Diplomacy on Ice: Energy and the Environment in the Arctic and Antarctic

by Saleem H Ali, Rebecca H Pincus & James Gustave Speth

As the race for resources in distant parts of the planet gathers momentum, most discussion has centered on the potential for conflict, environmental destruction, and upheaval from climate change. This important...

Africa in the Age of Globalisation: Perceptions, Misperceptions and Realities

by Edward Shizha & Lamine Diallo

This is a collection of bold and visionary scholarship that reveals an insightful exposition of re-visioning African development from African perspectives. It provides educators, policy makers, social workers,...

Encounters with World Affairs: An Introduction to International Relations

by Emilian Kavalski

This book is designed to familiarise students with leading International Relations (IR) theories and their explanation of political events, phenomena, and processes which cross the territorial boundaries of...

The Eastern Mediterranean in Transition: Multipolarity, Politics and Power

by Spyridon N. Litsas & Aristotle Tziampiris

The wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean is in transition. What is being evinced is a situation of continuous volatility, centering on developments such as the ‘Arab Spring,’ the Greek sovereign debt...

Land: A New Paradigm for a Thriving World

by Martin Adams

What if we lived in a world where everyone had enough? A world where everyone mattered and where people lived in harmony with nature? What if the solution to our economic, social, and ecological problems was...

Morocco:First Review Under the Arrangement Under the Precautionary and Liquidity Line-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Dire

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

This paper discusses Morocco's First Review Under the Arrangement Under the Precautionary and Liquidity Line (PLL). Significant progress was made in implementing the reform agenda. The program remains broadly...

Morocco:2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for Morocco

by International Monetary Fund. Midd Dept.

This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that Morocco has made important strides in maintaining macroeconomic stability in a difficult environment, but challenges remain to reduce fiscal and external vulnerabilities,...

Paraguay: 2014 Article IV Consultation:Staff Report; and Press Release

by International Monetary Fund. West Dept.

This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that economic activity in Paraguay has slowed from record-high growth in 2013, but remains buoyant. Construction, manufacturing, and services led the expansion in...

Republic of Slovenia:Selected Issues Paper

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

This Selected Issues paper examines social spending reform and fiscal savings in Slovenia. Rising expenditure has been at the root of Slovenia's fiscal deterioration since the onset of the crisis. The paper...

Republic of Slovenia:2014 Article IV Consultation-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for the Republic of Slovenia

by International Monetary Fund. Euro Dept.

This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that Slovenia is recovering from a deep crisis. Growth is estimated to have reached about 2.6 percent in 2014, supported by strong exports and EU-funded public investment....

Guinea:Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper-Progress Report

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after...

Guinea:Fifth Review Under the Three-Year Arrangement Under the Extended Credit Facility, Financing Assurances Review, and Requests for an Augmentation

by International Monetary Fund. Afri Dept.

KEY ISSUES The Ebola outbreak has inflicted a heavy toll on Guinea’s economy notwithstanding the supportive macroeconomic policies the authorities put in place. Fiscal policy has expanded to reflect revenue...