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From Here and There

by Alexandra Délano Alonso

When immigrants to the United States need to learn English, receive health services, open a bank account or get a work certification, US state and local governments or non-profit organizations usually assist...

The Welfare State Revisited

by Jose Antonio Ocampo & Joseph E. Stiglitz

The welfare state has been under attack for decades, but now more than ever there is a need for strong social programs—the best tools we have to combat inequality, support social justice, and even improve...

The Transformation of Title IX

by R. Shep Melnick

One civil rights-era law has reshaped American society—and contributed to the country's ongoing culture wars

Few laws have had such far-reaching impact as Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Intended...

Higher Education and Regional Growth

by Rick Wylie

  • The specialisation, knowledge and innovation brought about by universities often play a key role for the economic success of cities and regions. Yet higher education is also increasingly regarded, in some European...

Poor Participation

by Thomas A. Bryer & Sofia Prysmakova-Rivera

This book argues that active citizenship and poverty are inextricably linked. A common sentiment in discussions of poverty and social policy is that decisions made about those living in poverty or near-poverty...

The American President in Film and Television

by Gregory Frame

As evidenced by the election of celebrity and reality television star Donald Trump, popular culture has played a vital role in the conceptualisation of political leadership. This revised edition of The American...

The Judiciary's Class War

by Glenn Harlan Reynolds

The terms “Front-Row Kids” and “Back-Row Kids,” coined by the photographer Chris Arnade, describe the divide between the educated upper middle class, who are staying ahead in today’s economy, and the...

Capitalism: A Crime Story

by Harry Glasbeek

A mugger to a stranger, “Give me your wallet or I will beat you to pulp!” It is a crime.

An employer says to a worker: “Adding lung-saving ventilation will reduce my profit. Give me back some of your wages...

Occupational health and social estrangement in China

by Wing-Chung Ho

This book concerns the post-illness experiences of about a hundred occupationally sick workers who suffer from the incurable diseases of pneumoconiosis or heavy metal poisoning in contemporary China. In exploring...

Citizens By Degree

by Deondra Rose

Since the mid-twentieth century, the United States has seen a striking shift in the gender dynamics of higher educational attainment as women have come to earn college degrees at higher rates than men. Women...

Re-rising Japan

by Hidekazu Sakai & Yoichiro Sato

"The lost two decades" of Japan’s economic power since the early 1990s have generated the image among scholars in the discipline of international relations (IR) that Japan is no longer a significant player....

Towards a New Pensions Settlement

by Gregg McClymont & Andy Tarrant

In a world of ageing populations, and in the midst of a global shift from defined benefit (DB) to defined contribution (DC) pensions, the onus is increasingly on individuals rather than employers to bear the...

Guns and Suicide

by Michael D. Anestis

The majority of gun deaths in the United States are suicide deaths, and the majority of suicide deaths are gun deaths. Most people are unaware that suicide, at nearly 43,000 deaths per year, is more common than...

The Sino-African Partnership

by Earl Conteh-Morgan

The Sino-African Partnership portrays with rigor and clarity the relationship between China and Africa by delving into the geopolitical, geo-economic, and sociocultural dynamics that underlie the extensive and...

Double Standard

by James W. Russell

In Double Standard, James W. Russell shows how and why different models of social and welfare policy developed in the United States and Europe. The fourth edition has been revised and updated throughout to reflect...

The Porn Factor

by Diane Elaine Roblin-Lee & Melodie Bissell

How was it possible for Diane Roblin-Lee to have been married for 38 years without knowing that her husband, 13 years into the marriage, had begun to molest children?

The answer lies in the fact that child-molesters...

A New City O/S

by Stephen Goldsmith & Neil Kleiman

Proposing an entirely new governance model to unleash innovation throughout local government

At a time when trust is dropping precipitously and American government at the national level has fallen into a state...

Environmental Problem-Solving – A Video-Enhanced Self-Instructional e-Book from MIT

by Lawrence Susskind, Bruno Verdini, Jessica Gordon & Yasmin Zaerpoor

The book is divided into four sections: The first section focuses on how certain environmental problems can only be solved through active government effort to implement policies that effectively take science...

From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing

by Graham Cairns, Georgios Artopoulos & Kirsten Day

Socio-political views on housing have been brought to the fore in recent years by global economic crises, a notable rise of international migration and intensified trans-regional movement phenomena. Adopting...

Beyond Incarceration

by Paula Mallea & Catherine Latimer

  • A skilled defense lawyer argues that Canada is long overdue for a new approach to crime, leaving behind the current system of incarceration
  • Argues that respect, compassion, programs tailored to offenders’...