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Evaluating parental power

by Allyn Fives

Is parents' power over their children legitimate? And what role does theoretical analysis play when we make such normative evaluations? While this book adds to the growing literature on parents, children, families,...

A Twenty-First Century Approach to Community Change

by Larry M. Gant, Leslie Hollingsworth, Patricia L. Miller & Paula Allen-Meares et al.

Urban renewal has been the dominant approach to revitalizing industrialized communities that fall into decline. A national, community-based organization, the Skillman Foundation sought to engage in a joint effort...

Vanishing New York

by Jeremiah Moss

An unflinching chronicle of gentrification in the twenty-first century and a love letter to lost New York by the creator of the popular and incendiary blog Vanishing New York.

For generations, New York City has...

Entrepreneurship and Institutions

by Nick Williams, Tim Vorley & Colin Williams

Entrepreneurship does not occur in a vacuum. The institutions which provide the framework for economic activity matter. As countries around the world strive for economic growth, this book examines how institutional...

Changing communities: Stories of migration, displacement and solidarities

by Marjorie Mayo

Issues of displacement and dispossession have become defining characteristics of a globalised 21st century. People are moving within and across national borders, whether displaced, relocated or moving in search...

Effective Interventions for Unemployed Young People in Europe: Social Innovation or Paradigm Shift?

by Tomáš|Spies, Henk Sirovátka

Young people in Europe have been disproportionally affected by unemployment as a result of the economic crisis and a large number of the most disadvantaged are migrant youth, or those of a different ethnic origin,...

The Revolution Will Be Improvised

by Mike Freedman, David Edwards & David Cromwell

Filmmaker and writer Mike Freedman speaks with a range of experts from a variety of backgrounds about what the future has in store for humanity.

Post-growth economics, sustainability, water privatisation, rejuvenation...

Dream and Legacy

by Michael L. Clemons, Donathan L. Brown & William H. L. Dorsey

With contributions by:

Rosa M. Banda, Michael L. Clemons, Lakeyta M. Bonnette-Bailey, Donathan L. Brown, Hannah Firdyiwek, Alonzo M. Flowers III, Helen Taylor Greene, William G. Jones, Athena M. King, Taj’ullah...

Rebellious Parents

by Katalin Fábián & Elbieta Bekiesza-Korolczuk

Parental activism movements are strengthening around the world and often spark tense personal and political debate. With an emphasis on Russia and Central and Eastern Europe, this collection analyzes formal...

How To Be A Police Officer

by Graham Wettone

Have you ever thought about being a police officer? Maybe you've wondered whether you could deal with an angry mob late at night, or daydreamed about driving a police car with the blue light flashing and sirens...

Redefined Labour Spaces: Organising Workers in Post-Liberalised India

by Sobin George & Shalini Sinha

This book discusses the transformation of labour movements and trade unionism in post-liberalised India. It looks at emerging collectivism, both in formal and informal sectors, and relates it to changing political...

Understanding the cost of welfare (third edition)

by Howard Glennerster

A substantial, authoritative, third edition of this important textbook about the impact of economic priorities and pressures on social policies at a time when neo-liberal arguments for reducing the burden of...

Comparative Social Administration

by John Greve

This is the first work that systematically applies the comparative method to the study of social policy and administration. After a full discussion of this approach in the introduction, the book offers three...

Public Policy Skills in Action

by Bill Coplin

In this completely revised edition, Bill Coplin continues to prepare the next generation of leaders to bring their hearts and minds to solving the many problems that we face in the twenty-first century. The...

Health Divided: Public Health and Individual Medicine in the Making of the Modern American State

by Daniel Sledge

The United States’ health care system stands out for its strict division of policies dealing with public health and individual medicine. Seeking to explain how this division came to be, what alternative paths...

Targeting Social Benefits: International Perspectives and Trends

by Neil Gilbert

Over the last decade changing family life and increasing fiscal constraints on welfare expenditures have forced industrialized nations to reconsider how they approach social protection. Faced with fiscal and...

Successful Group Care: Explorations in the Powerful Environment

by Martin Wolins

Edited by one of the leading authorities in international child care, this sourcebook provides valuable insights from international experiments in group child care. The selections, written by distinguished international...

Infant Care and Motherhood in an Urban Community

by George Farkas

Infant Care and Motherhood in an Urban Community investigates the behavior and attitudes of 709 mothers towards their year-old babies. John and Elizabeth Newson, impatient with the voluminous and contradictory...

Family Social Welfare: Helping Troubled Families

by Frances Scherz

Our changing cultural environment and societal attitudes are subtly but unmistakably altering the personality development of the individual and the functioning of the family. The increasing complexity of the...

Put Away: Institutions for the Mentally Retarded

by Pauline Morris

This classic book allows its readers for the first time to comprehend the size, organization, staffing and operation of a national system of hospitals and residential services for the subnormal. It also allows...