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The Real Costs of American Health Care

by David Goldhill

A Vintage Shorts Original Selection


Despite all attempts to make it otherwise, the American health care system remains arcane, bloated, inefficient, and damaging to our health. We pay high premiums, endure...

Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions for 2016

by Glenn Muschert & Brian V. Klocke

The Agenda for Social Justice: Solutions 2016 provides accessible insights into some of the most pressing social problems in the United States and proposes public policy responses to those problems. It offers...


Nobody: Casualties of America's War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond

by Marc Lamont Hill & Todd Brewster

A New York Times Bestseller

“An impassioned analysis of headline-making cases….Timely, controversial, and bound to stir already heated discussion.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A thought-provoking and important...

Rotten to the (Common) Core: Public Schooling, Standardized Tests, and the Surveillance State

by Gary Lawrence, Joseph P. Farrell & Catherine Austin Fitts

Here the hidden agenda behind Common Core standards and Federal government surveillance programs aimed at children are revealed.

The Future of Crime and Punishment: Smart Policies for Reducing Crime and Saving Money

by William R. Kelly

With recidivism rates north of 70% and tens of billions of dollars wasted annually on policies that assume we can punish the crime out of criminal offenders, America’s fixation with “tough on crime” has...

The Japanese Monarchy, 1931-91: Ambassador Grew and the Making of the "Symbol Emperor System": Ambassador Grew and the Making of the "Symbol Emperor S

by Masanori Nakamura

"The Japanese Monarchy, 1931-1991", which created a sensation when first published in Japanese, clarifies US policies toward Japan's symbol emperor system before, during and after World War II. As American ambassador...

When Giants Converge: Role of US-Japan Direct Investment: Role of US-Japan Direct Investment

by Dorothy B. Christelow

This text presents an analysis of how international direct investment since World War II has played an important role in the process by which industrial countries generate technology and productivity growth....

America's Agenda: Rebuilding Economic Strength: Rebuilding Economic Strength

by Mario M. Cuomo & The Cuomo Commission on Competitiveness

Cuomo's Commission on Competitiveness argues that America must reform its economic and social policies and institutions to reverse the weakening of its industrial leadership, the erosion of living standards...

War and Peace: Observations on Our Times: Observations on Our Times

by Howard Fast

In more than 100 essays, written over a three-year period for the "New York Observer", Howard Fast looks with horror at the official violence inflicted on Nicaragua, El Salvador, Grenada, Panama and Iraq and...

Beyond Survival: Wage Labour and Capital in the Late Twentieth Century: Wage Labour and Capital in the Late Twentieth Century

by Cyrus Bina, Laurie M. Clements & Chuck Davis

This text uses an innovative approach to the dynamics of labour's decline and proposes policy initiatives necessary for its revitalization. The book emphasises the need for restructuring of capitalism on a global...

China Since Tiananmen: Political, Economic and Social Conflicts - Documents and Analysis: Political, Economic and Social Conflicts - Documents and Ana

by Nancy Sullivan

This text presents a selection of articles from the Chinese and Hong Kong press. The 109 documents record the deepening social and political changes that have emerged in China since Tiananmen Square. The articles...

Recasting the Imperial Far East: Britain and America in China, 1945-50: Britain and America in China, 1945-50

by Lanxin Xiang

Attempts to shed new light on the Anglo-American rivalry in China in the period between the defeat of Japan and the triumph of the Chinese Communists. This study contends that the USSR was not a major factor...

China's Automobile Industry: Policies, Problems and Prospects: Policies, Problems and Prospects

by Eric Harwit

The author presents an argument for a system of social insurance that replaces welfare with a Guaranteed Adequate Income. The book reviews public assistance programmes, and evaluates other plans that have been...

In Our Hands: A Plan to Replace the Welfare State

by Charles Murray

Imagine if the United States were to scrap all forms of existing welfare and give every American age twenty-one and older $10,000 a year for life. This is the Plan, a radical new approach to social policy that...

New philanthropy and social justice: Debating the conceptual and policy discourse

by Behrooz Morvaridi

Explores the politics and ideology behind a new form of philanthropy whereby wealthy capitalists and private corporations establish initiatives to reduce poverty, disease and food security. Is this new philanthropy...

Clear blue water?: The Conservative Party and the welfare state since 1940

by Robert M. Page

Written for a broad readership, the book takes an authoritative look at Conservative party policy and practice in the modern era. Its timedefined content and broad historical thread make it a valuable resource...

Trading time: Can exchange lead to social change?

by Lee Gregory

As time banking has received increased attention from policy makers as a means for promoting welfare reform in the wake of austerity, this book is the first to look at the concept of time within social policy...

The Italian welfare state in a European perspective: A comparative analysis

by Ugo Ascoli & Emmanuele Pavolini

This is the first Englishlanguage book to take a comparative look at the Italian welfare state as a whole since the 2008 economic crisis and will be a valuable resource for academics and researchers as well...

From Here to Prosperity: An Agenda for Progressive Prosperity based on an inequality-busting strategy of Income for me, wealth for we

by Thomas Burgess

Are you angered by the high level of inequality but frustrated about what to do? From Here to Prosperity tells you how we can resolve this together. It is not another lengthy, learned work on the extent of the...