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Modern Slavery

by Siddharth Kara

Siddharth Kara is a tireless chronicler of the human cost of slavery around the world. He has documented the realities of human trafficking and forced labor in order to reveal the degrading and dehumanizing...

The Macabresque

by Edward Weisband

Studies of genocide and mass atrocity most often focus on their causes and consequences, their aims and effects, and the number of people killed. But the question remains, if the main goal is death, then why...

A Moonless, Starless Sky: Ordinary Women and Men Fighting Extremism in Africa

by Alexis Okeowo

"Absolutely essential reading, period."---Alexandra Fuller, bestselling author of Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight

In the tradition of Behind the Beautiful Forevers, this is a masterful, humane work of literary...

Debating Humanitarian Intervention

by Fernando R. Tesón & Bas van der Vossen

When foreign powers attack civilians, other countries face an impossible dilemma. Two courses of action emerge: either to retaliate against an abusive government on behalf of its victims, or to remain spectators....

Bureaucratic Intimacies

by Elif M. Babül

Human rights are politically fraught in Turkey, provoking suspicion and scrutiny among government workers for their anti-establishment left-wing connotations. Nevertheless, with eyes worldwide trained on Turkish...

On Hunger: Science, Ethics and Law

by Laura Westra

On Hunger focuses on the interface between food and public health and on the flawed regulations intended to protect us. Food not only represents nourishment for the body; it also possesses other valuable aspects...

No Refuge for Women

by Maria von Welser

  • Interest in the plight of refugees is at an all-time high as US borders are closing to those most in need of refuge
  • The UN Refugee Agency reported that in 2015, only 18 percent women of refugees and migrants...

  • Evidence for Hope

    by Kathryn Sikkink

    A history of the successes of the human rights movement and a case for why human rights work

    Evidence for Hope makes the case that, yes, human rights work. Critics may counter that the movement is in serious...

    The Last Christians

    by Andreas Knapp & Sharon Howe

    A Westerner’s travels among the persecuted and displaced Christian remnant in Iraq and Syria teach him much about faith under fire.

    Inside Syria and Iraq, and even along the refugee trail, they’re a religious...

    Wartime Sexual Violence

    by Kerry F. Crawford

    Reports of sexual violence in armed conflict frequently appear in political discussions and news media, presenting a stark contrast to a long history of silence and nonrecognition. Conflict-related sexual violence...

    Presumption of Innocence in Peril: A Comparative Critical Perspective

    by Anthony Gray

    This book considers how legislatures have undermined the presumption of innocence and how courts have largely accepted it. It argues criminal law needs to return to notions of moral comfort as the basis for...

    Do the Geneva Conventions Matter?

    by Matthew Evangelista & Nina Tannenwald

    The Geneva Conventions are the best-known and longest-established laws governing warfare, but what difference do they make to how states engage in armed conflict? Since the start of the "War on Terror" with...

    Campaigning for Children

    by Jo Becker

    Advocates within the growing field of children's rights have designed dynamic campaigns to protect and promote children's rights. This expanding body of international law and jurisprudence, however, lacks a...

    Free Speech on Campus

    by Erwin Chemerinsky & Howard Gillman

    Can free speech coexist with an inclusive campus environment?

    Becoming a Movement

    by Priska Daphi

    Social movement scholars have become increasingly interested in the role of stories in contentious politics. Stories may facilitate the mobilization of activists and strengthen the resonance of their claims...

    Stemming the Tide

    by Madeline Baer

    When privatization of public services swept the developing world in the 1990s, it was part of a seemingly unstoppable tide of neoliberal reforms aimed at reducing the role of the state and reorienting economies...

    International Human Rights

    by Jack Donnelly & Daniel J. Whelan

    International Human Rights examines the ways in which states and other international actors have addressed human rights since the end of World War II. This unique textbook features substantial attention to theory,...

    Tax Havens and International Human Rights

    by Paul Beckett

    This book sails in uncharted waters. It takes a human rights-based approach to tax havens, and is a detailed analysis of structures and the laws that generate and support these. It makes plain the unscrupulous...

    The International Criminal Court and the Crime of Aggression

    by Mauro Politi & Giuseppe Nesi

    The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court entered into force in 2002 and the ICC will soon be fully operational. Earlier in the ICC process, an international conference was held in Trento to address...

    Human Rights: International Protection, Monitoring, Enforcement

    by Janusz Symonides

    The series of volumes prepared by UNESCO for teaching human rights at higher education level comes to a successful conclusion with the publication of this volume. Human Rights: International Protection, Monitoring,...