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The Truth About Trump

by George A. Sorial & Damian Bates

George Sorial, a top Trump Organization executive, shares behind-the-scenes stories of Trump’s leadership, problem solving, and success.

Rethinking the European Union and its global role from the 20th to the 21st Century

by Jean-Michel de Waele, Anne Weyembergh & Giovanni Grevi

Discover the various scientific debates that Mario Telò has been involved.

This edited volume, which has been drafted in honour of Professor Telò’s research career, offers the reader an overview of the various...

Presidential Misconduct

by James M. Banner Jr.

The historic 1974 report for the House Committee of the Judiciary, updated for today by leading presidential historians

In a recent issue of the New Yorker magazine, historian Jill Lepore wrote about a long-forgotten...

Up in Arms

by John Temple

“IT’S TIME! They have my cattle and now they have one of my boys. Range War begins tomorrow at Bundy Ranch.

These words, pounded out on a laptop at Cliven Bundy’s besieged Nevada ranch on April 6, 2014,...

Financing the 2016 Election

by David B. Magleby

Money and politics in an election that broke the mold

Beginning with the 1960 election, readers could turn to one book for an authoritative and comprehensive examination of campaign finance at the federal level....

The Mueller Report: The Comprehensive Findings of the Special Counsel

by Robert Mueller

The wait for The Mueller Report is over. This strikingly designed edition has been prepared by expert typographers – allowing for an optimised, immersive reading experience. "From the moment [the report] was...

Confirmation Bias

by Carl Hulse

The Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times presents a richly detailed, news-breaking, and conversation-changing look at the unprecedented political fight to fill the Supreme Court seat made vacant...

The Mueller Report: Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election

by Robert S. Mueller

The wait for The Mueller Report is over. This strikingly designed edition has been prepared by expert typographers – allowing for an optimised, immersive reading experience. "From the moment [the report] was...

The Mueller Report

by Robert S. Mueller

The Mueller Report, formally titled Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election, is the official report documenting the findings and conclusions of Special Counsel Robert...

The US Senate and the Commonwealth

by Roy E. Brownell Ii, Mitch McConnell & Lamar Alexander

Kentucky has long punched above its weight in the US Senate, as some of the nation's most distinguished senators have hailed from the Commonwealth. Despite its relatively small population for much of American...

The Rise and Fall of the Branchhead Boys

by Rob Christensen

Louisiana had the Longs, Virginia had the Byrds, Georgia had the Talmadges, and North Carolina had the Scotts. In this history of North Carolina's most influential political family, Rob Christensen tells the...

Generation Citizen

by Scott Warren

  • With Justice Kennedy retiring from the Supreme Court in July 2018, thus leaving a second vacant judicial appointment for the Trump administration to fulfil, advocates of progressive politics and fair democracy...

  • Into the Tempest

    by William I. Robinson

    In this critical new work, sociologist William I. Robinson offers an engaging and accessible introduction to his theory of global capitalism. He applies this theory to a wide range of contemporary topics, among...


    by Michael Ashcroft

    The start of 2019 is midway between the last presidential inauguration and the next – but will it also prove the halfway point in Donald Trump’s presidency?

    Following up Hopes and Fears, which set out in...

    Burdens of Freedom

    by Lawrence M. Mead

    Burdens of Freedom presents a new and radical interpretation of America and its challenges. The United States is an individualist society where most people seek to realize personal goals and values out in the...

    The Company They Keep

    by Neal Devins & Lawrence Baum

    Are Supreme Court justices swayed by the political environment that surrounds them? Most people think "yes," and they point to the influence of the general public and the other branches of government on the...

    Republican Presidents and the Safety Net

    by Matthew Gritter

    Republican presidents have navigated between popular programs and conservative supporters since the Eisenhower administration, and since the New Deal, Republican presidents have looked for ways to accommodate...

    Understanding the Drivers of Trust in Government Institutions in Korea

    by Collectif

    The erosion of public trust challenges government’s capacity to implement policies and carry out reforms. While Korea has achieved and maintained rapid economic growth and development, and performs comparatively...

    Flexibility and Proportionality in Corporate Governance

    by Collectif

    This report provides an assessment of the flexibility and proportionality arrangements available within corporate governance frameworks that relate to seven areas of regulation: pre-emptive rights; board composition,...

    OECD Integrity Review of Nuevo León, Mexico

    by Collectif

    This review analyses the integrity system of Nuevo León, Mexico, as well as its efforts to build a culture of integrity in the public administration. It looks at mechanisms for providing timely advice and guidance...