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The Development of Relational Aggression

by Sarah M. Coyne & Jamie M. Ostrov

Research over the last few decades has revealed that individuals use a variety of mechanisms to hurt one another, many of which are not physical in nature. In this volume, editors Sarah M. Coyne and Jamie M....

Envy in Politics

by Gwyneth H. McClendon

Why do governments underspend on policies that would make their constituents better off? Why do people participate in contentious politics when they could reap benefits if they were to abstain? In Envy in Politics...

Family-based Interpersonal Psychotherapy for Depressed Preadolescents

by Laura J. Dietz, Laura Mufson & Rebecca B. Weinberg

Depression is a recurrent, debilitating and sometimes fatal disorder that may first effect children between the ages of 9 and 12. Preadolescent depression is an important public health concern because it is...

Highly Sensitive

by Chris Novi

The autobiographical novel of Chris Novi tells the moving story of a man with a multi-diagnosed psychological condition, searching to find himself. Hidden within, is the story of creation in a seamless form...

Helping Male Survivors of Sexual Violation to Recover

by Sarah Van Gogh

Placing the experiences of men at the heart of this book, Sarah Van Gogh outlines an integrative approach to effective therapeutic treatment of male child sexual abuse In a culture where to be male is often...

Fifteen Things They Forgot to Tell You About Autism

by Debby Elley

What if the things people need to know about autism is not the information they're getting? Combining myth-busting advice with personal experience, this book from the mother of twins at opposite ends of the...

Coming Home to Autism

by Tara Leniston & Rhian Grounds

What does an autism diagnosis mean for everyday family life? Explore different rooms in the home to better understand how children with autism experience daily activities, and what you can do to support their...

Dealing with Difficult People (HBR Emotional Intelligence Series)

by Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz, Mark Gerzon & Holly Weeks et al.

At the heart of dealing with difficult people is handling their--and your own--emotions. How do you stay calm in a tough conversation? How do you get past passive aggressive comments? And how do you know if...

The Psychology of Red and Yellow

by Henry Havelock Ellis

Among all colors, the most poignantly emotional tone undoubtedly belongs to red... In all parts of the world red is symbolical of joyous emotion. Often, either alone or in association with yellow, occasionally...

The Psychology of Joking

by John Hughlings Jackson

Punning is well worthy of the psychologist's attention. I seriously mean that the analysis of puns is a simple way of beginning the methodical analysis of the process of normal and abnormal mentation. This,...

The Psychology of Genius

by William Hirsch & Sully James

This book deals with the Psychology of Genius and the relation between Genius and Insanity.

"The psychological analysis of famous poets will show that the intellectual function is no whit less important a factor...

The Training of Dog and its Psychology

by John Monteith & Thomas Wesley Mills

This book deals with the training of Dog and the Psychology of the animal.

“Dogs are not filthy in their habits, but some people who keep them are, and others do not understand what is required to enable a...

Difficult Boys

by Madison J. Taylor

The difficult boy stands clearly differentiated in my mind from the backward-minded or irresponsible boy, although there are grounds on which they may become merged. The difficult boy, as I conceive him, is...

Our Minds, Our Selves

by Keith Oatley

An original history of psychology told through the stories of its most important breakthroughs and the people who made them

Advances in psychology have revolutionized our understanding of the human mind. Imaging...

Postmodern Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling Issues

by Mark Scholl & James Hansen

Postmodernism is one of the most revolutionary and transformative ideological movements to emerge in the history of counseling and psychotherapy. However, descriptions of postmodernism are often abstract and...

Metacognitive Diversity

by Joëlle Proust & Martin Fortier

Metacognition refers to our awareness of our own mental processes, such as perceiving, remembering, learning, and problem solving. It is a fascinating area of research for psychologists, neuroscientists, anthropologists,...

Introducing Mind and Brain

by Angus Gellatly & Oscar Zarate

How do emotions affect your basic decision making? Why do certain smells prompt long-forgotten memories, and what makes us suddenly self-conscious?

How does the biological organ, the brain, give rise to all of...


by Heinz-Peter Röhr & Christine M. Grimm

Many people have the tormenting feeling of living in an inner prison: They do not feel truly free and comfortable in their own skins. In their despair, they expend a great deal of energy in trying to find themselves...

The Gifted Introvert

by Richard Daniel Curtis & Mary Jane Boholst

Being an introvert is often seen as some kind of disability, where people think you are held back because of your personality.

Well, for two introverts, that is very far from the truth.

In this 7-step programme,...


by Ruth Figgest

Mother and daughter Caroline and Erica are best of friends and worst of enemies.

Set in the American mid- and south-west, their story unfolds over more than 50 years against a backdrop of sweeping social change....