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Face Value

by Alexander Todorov

We make up our minds about others after seeing their faces for a fraction of a second—and these snap judgments predict all kinds of important decisions. For example, politicians who simply look more competent...

Perception and Misperception in International Politics

by Robert Jervis

With a new preface by the authorSince its original publication in 1976, Perception and Misperception in International Politics has become a landmark book in its field, hailed by the New York Times as "the seminal...

The New Analyst's Guide to the Galaxy

by Antonino Ferro & Luca Nicoli

This book consists of a dialogue between a young psychoanalyst, Luca Nicoli, and a renowned teaching analyst, Antonino Ferro. It touches upon many of the key areas of contemporary psychoanalysis: setting, technique,...

Twenty-First Century Psychoanalysis

by Thomas Svolos

If psychoanalysis will survive in the twenty-first century, this book's wager is that it will be Lacanian psychoanalysis. Today, the survival of psychoanalysis is in question. Even Jacques Lacan himself, at...

Among the Walking Wounded

by John Conrad

  • Author Col. John Conrad is an expert and experienced author whose book What the Thunder Said sold over 2,220 copies in Canada
  • The subject is exceedingly topical/relevant and will remain so for many years as...

Clinical Psychology: A Very Short Introduction

by Susan Llewelyn & Katie Aafjes-van Doorn

Clinical psychology makes a significant contribution to mental health care across the world. The essence of the discipline is the creative application of the knowledge base of psychology to the unique, personal...

Scienceblind: Why Our Intuitive Theories About the World Are So Often Wrong

by Andrew Shtulman

Humans are born to create theories about the world--unfortunately, they're usually wrong, and keep us from understanding the world as it really is

Why do we catch colds? What causes seasons to change? And if...

Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People

by Vanessa Van Edwards

Do you feel awkward at networking events? Do you wonder what your date really thinks of you? Do you wish you could decode people? You need to learn the science of people.


As a human behavior hacker, Vanessa...

The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology

by Chris Chambers

Psychological science has made extraordinary discoveries about the human mind, but can we trust everything its practitioners are telling us? In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that a lot of...

The Oxford Handbook of Mood Disorders

by Robert J. DeRubeis & Daniel R. Strunk

The most comprehensive volume of its kind, The Oxford Handbook of Mood Disorders provides detailed coverage of the characterization, understanding, and treatment of mood disorders. Chapters are written by the...

My Revision Notes: Edexcel A level Psychology

by Ali Abbas

Manage your own revision with step-by-step support from experienced teacher and examiner XXX. Use a selection of examples activities to improve your understanding of psychological concepts. Apply psychological...

Supporting Bereaved Students at School

by Jacqueline A. Brown & Shane R. Jimerson

Supporting Bereaved Students at School provides educational professionals with essential information to support bereaved students. The book specifically targets helping children and adolescents cope with their...

Weaving the Cradle

by Rebecca Foster, Monika Celebi, Bridget Macdonald & Bobby Taylor et al.

Groups for parents, babies and toddlers, spanning the 1001 critical days from late pregnancy up to age two, are an effective way of supporting expectant and new parents by helping them to become more attuned,...

Successful Social Stories™ for School and College Students with Autism

by Siobhan Timmins & Carol Gray

As children grow up and spend more and more time away from home in schools and colleges, life often seems to get increasingly complicated. Autism makes the challenges they meet in these new environments even...

Can't You Hear Them?

by Simon McCarthy-Jones

The experience of 'hearing voices', once associated with lofty prophetic communications, has fallen low. Today, the experience is typically portrayed as an unambiguous harbinger of madness caused by a broken...

The Economics of Therapy

by Vicky Abad, Daniel Thomas, Stine Lindahl Jacobsen & Monika Geretsegger et al.

When you think of arts therapy, you don't often associate the practice with profit; however, ethical economic models are essential in allowing clients the most access to arts therapy services. Art therapists...

Complicated Grief, Attachment and Art Therapy

by Briana MacWilliam, Juliana Thrall, Dana George Trottier & Maya Hormadaly et al.

This wide-ranging book on art therapy and grief provides everything an art therapist needs to feel confident in creating an effective treatment plan. It features fifteen clear-cut protocols, outlining 4-8 week...

An Integrative Approach to Treating Babies and Children

by John Wilks, Ann Diamond Weinstein, Michael Shea & Carolyn Goh et al.

Working with babies and children is most successful when therapists have a complete understanding and overview of all appropriate treatment options, and the effects of early influences on child health and development....

Understanding OCD

by Eric A. Storch, Adam B. Lewin, Brittany Rudy & Michael Sulkowski et al.

Giving a full overview of childhood obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and discussing all major treatment options, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, this guide provides the essential information...

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions

by Charles MacKay

Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions is an early study of crowd psychology by Scottish journalist Charles Mackay, first published in 1841. The book chronicles its subjects in three parts: "National Delusions",...