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The Mechanism and Psychology of Voice

by Frank E. Miller & Charles E. Blanchard

Man possesses language, and makes large use of it, while, on the other hand, not even the most intelligent animals have the power of designating objects, or of translating sensations into articulate speech....

The Psychological Origin and Nature of Religion

by James Henry Leuba

This book deals with:

- The psychological origin and the fundamental Nature of Religion

-The Original Emotion of Primitive Religious Life.

- and the Function of Religion.

The Psychology of Relaxation

by Hamilton W. Mabie & George T.W. Patrick

This book treats of the psychology of relaxation and the methods to escape from Stress of the modern life.

“Some of us manage to escape neurasthenia, but few of us are free from fatigue, chronic or acute....

Studies in the Evolutionary Psychology of Feeling

by Hiram M. Stanley

It is now something more than a century since the general division of psychic phenomena into intellect, feeling and will, first came into repute, but still some psychologists of note do not agree to this fundamental...

Nervous ills : their cause and cure

by Boris Sidis

This book deals with the cause and cure of the nervous ills.

As I carry on my work on nervous ills I become more and more convinced that a knowledge of Social Psychology is essential to a clear comprehension...

Hypnotism: its History, Nature and Use

by Harold M. Hays

History of Hypnotis, its Nature and Use.

It is perhaps unnecessary to state that the word hypnotism brings to the mind of the average person timid recollections of many criminal acts. That is because few people...

Your Mind and How to Use It

by William Walker Atkinson

PSYCHOLOGY is generally considered to be the science of mind, although more properly it is the science of mental states—thoughts, feelings, and acts of volition. It was formerly the custom of writers on the...

Where and How We Remember

by Moses-Allen Starr

The degree of power to remember differs in our various kinds of memory. One man can remember things seen; another can remember things heard; a third is skillful in the performance of certain motions, and may...

The Source and Aim of Human Progress

by Boris Sidis

This book deals with the source and aim of Human Progress.

If we wish social life not to become stationary and stagnant, we should give free scope to all individuality and originality, no matter how eccentric...

Origin and Nature of Pleasure and Pain

by Alfred Fouillée & Herbert Nichols

“Nearly all the greatest thinkers from the beginning of philosophy have grappled with the subject, yet we are inclined to believe that, from the first, no subject has been more profoundly misunderstood. Whatever...

The Phallus and the Mask

by Marina De Carneri

Psychoanalysts of all schools have generally dismissed and sometimes openly disapproved feminism and its critique of male universalism. While other disciplines, like sociology and anthropology, have welcomed...

Bodily Conditions as Related to Mental States

by Francis Warner & Charles Fayette Taylor

"It is held that the health of the body may be affected, beneficially or injuriously, by certain states of the mind, as of hope or despondency. Or, more in detail, medical men have observed that certain mental...

Fear, Anxiety, and Psychopathic Diseases

by Boris Sidis

The causation of all psychopathic diseases can be referred to one fundamental instinct, the instinct of fear with its concomitant manifestation, the feeling of anxiety. Fear is one of the most primitive instincts...

The Best Single Parent

by LiBook

Are you a single parent?

Do you need a practical guide on how to take care of your children?


Don't you know how to face the challenges for single parents and look for recommendations?

"The Best Single Parent"...

Snakes in Suits, Revised Edition

by Dr. Paul Babiak & Dr. Robert D. Hare

Revised and updated with the latest scientific research and updated case studies, the business classic that offers a revealing look at psychopaths in the workplace—how to spot their destructive behavior and...

A Creativist Compendium: Creative Business, Creative Live

by Orna Ross

This is not a book about writing or innovation, arts or craft but a guide to being more creative in everything you do, by an award-winning, best-selling author, international speaker on creative empowerment...

Top I0 Secrets to a Stress-Free Life

by Kristy Jenkins

Stress Free Life Hack

“I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous...

A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

by Sigmund Freud

Freud's Major Theories have given the world a new conception of both infancy and adolescence, and shed much new light upon characterology; given us a new and clearer view of sleep, dreams, reveries, and revealed...

The Game of Desire

by Shannon Boodram

Women: gain control and confidence in your love lives and find the relationship you want with this modern, life-changing guide from the certified sex educator, intimacy expert, and YouTube personality.For younger...

Summary of Atomic Habits

by Instant & Summary

A Complete Summary of Atomic Habits

Hired as the performance director of professional cycling for England in 2003, Dave Brailsford had his work cut out for him. For the previous century, British cyclists performed...