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Development During the Transition to Adolescence: The Minnesota Symposia on Child Psychology, Volume 21

by Megan R. Gunnar & W. Andrew Collins

Research on the processes of change during the transition from middle childhood to adolescence has been a relatively neglected area of scholarship until recently. This volume, features prominent researchers...

Complex Information Processing: The Impact of Herbert A. Simon

by David Klahr & Kenneth Kotovsky

Here, several leading experts in the area of cognitive science summarize their current research programs, tracing Herbert A. Simon's influence on their own work -- and on the field of information processing...

Intersections with Attachment

by Jacob L. Gewirtz, William M. Kurtines & Jacob L. Lamb

Attachment has long been a key area of social development. Work on attachment processes has involved a variety of species as well as humans in diverse cultures and at various points in the life cycle. This volume...

Social and Applied Aspects of Perceiving Faces

by Thomas R. Alley

This interdisciplinary overview integrates a variety of perspectives on the process and interpretation of faces as a major source of verbal and nonverbal communication. Written by authors from social, experimental,...

Memory Development: Universal Changes and Individual Differences

by Franz E. Weinert & Marion Perlmutter

This volume, a collection of papers resulting from a conference sponsored by the Max Planck Society, presents an overview of past research on memory development, possible applications of this research, and new...

Behavioral Pharmacology of 5-Ht

by Paul Bevan & Paul Bevan Duphar

This volume reviews the current state of research within the behavioral pharmacology of 5-HT. The book opens exciting new approaches to the interdisciplinary study of behavior and pharmacology with special reference...

The Moon Illusion

by Maurice Hershenson

This unique volume attempts to answer one of mankind's oldest puzzles -- why the moon appears to be larger and closer on the horizon than when it is high in the sky. Over the centuries, many viable solutions...

Family Systems and Life-Span Development

by Kurt Kreppner & Richard M. Lerner

This interdisciplinary volume presents international research and theories focusing on the development of the individual across the life span. Centering on "family" as the key context influencing, and being...

Constructivism in the Computer Age

by George Forman & Peter B. Pufall

Discussing the future value of computers as tools for cognitive development, the volume reviews past literature and presents new data from a Piagetian perspective.

Constructivism in the Computer Age includes...

Social Structure and Aging: Psychological Processes

by K. Warner Schaie & Carmi Schooler

This volume presents a systematic examination of the impact of social structures on individual behaviors and on their development in adulthood and old age. These papers and responses attempt to improve the reciprocal...

Reasoning, Necessity, and Logic: Developmental Perspectives

by Willis F. Overton

A presentation of current work that systematically explores and articulates the nature, origin and development of reasoning, this volume's primary aim is to describe and examine contemporary theory and research...

Income and Choice in Biological Control Systems: A Framework for Understanding the Function and Dysfunction of the Brain

by Gershom-Zvi Rosenstein

This volume introduces the concepts of income and optimal choice to the realms of brain activity and behavior regulation. It begins by developing the concept of the Income-Choice approach in the field of biological...

The Structure of Conflict

by Clyde H. Coombs & George S. Avrunin

A theory that attempts to bring order to the chaotic variety of conflict usually begins by distinguishing types of conflict and formulating general explanatory principles that relate and integrate them. In contrast...

Development and Learning: Conflict or Congruence?

by Lynn S. Liben

This volume juxtaposes two different domains of developmental theory: the Piagetian approach and the information-processing approach.

Articles by experts in both fields discuss how concepts of development and...

Creating A Healthy Life and Marriage: A Holistic Approach: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

by Judith Anne Desjardins

Winner of 16 prestigous book awards in the United States and Canada, the message of this book is one of hope and optimism that we can improve ourselves and our relationships with others. The material in this...

Psychology for Dummies

by Adam Cash

Understand why you feel and act the way you do

Psychology For Dummies is a fun, user-friendly guide to the basics of human behavior and mental processes. In plain English-and using lots of everyday examples-psychologist...

Dawn of Memories: The Meaning of Early Recollections in Life

by Arthur J. Clark

Dawn of Memories explores the significance of first memories and enables individuals to understand the meaning of early recollections throughout their lives. Using historical examples as well as firsthand accounts,...

Erotic Lifestyles

by Iris Finz & Steven Finz

Few writers know sex like Steven and Iris Finz. For more than a decade they have interviewed men and women across America, asking them to reveal their most intimate fantasies and their most sensual experiences...

The Social Psychology of Good and Evil

by Arthur G. Miller

This compelling work brings together an array of distinguished scholars to explore key concepts, theories, and findings pertaining to some of the most fundamental issues in social life: the conditions under...

The Life and Ideas of James Hillman: Volume I: The Making of a Psychologist

by Dick Russell & Sonu Shamdasani

Considered to be the world’s foremost post-Jungian thinker, James Hillman is known as the founder of archetypal psychology and the author of more than twenty books, including the bestselling title The Soul’s...