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9/11 as a Collective Trauma: And Other Essays on Psychoanalysis and Society

by Hans-Juergen Wirth

Hans Juergen Wirth, a leading German psychoanalyst and editor of the journal Psychosozial, brings cultural breadth, historical perspective, and analytic astuteness to bear in considering the "collective trauma"...

Psychoanalytic Collisions

by Joyce Anne Slochower

In this beautiful work of reflection and self-reflection, Joyce Slochower wrestles with a seldom acknowledged dimension of being a psychoanalyst - the dialectic between illusions and less ideal realities that...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 32: Psychoanalysis and Women

by Jerome A. Winer & James W. Anderson

Psychoanalysis and Women, Volume 32 of The Annual of Psychoanalysis, is a stunning reprise on theoretical, developmental, and clinical issues that have engaged analysts from Freud on.  It begins with clinical...

Unconscious Fantasies and the Relational World

by Danielle Knafo & Kenneth Feiner

What is the role of unconscious fantasies in psychological development, in psychopathology, and in the arts?   In Unconscious Fantasies and the Relational World, Danielle Knafo and Kenneth Feiner return to...

The Designed Self: Psychoanalysis and Contemporary Identities

by Carlo Strenger

What can contemporary psychoanalysis bring to the understanding of Generation X, a cohort for whom the trivialization of a dizzying array of possible experiences teamed with the pressure to lead spectacular...

What Do Mothers Want?: Developmental Perspectives, Clinical Challenges

by Sheila F. Brown

What do mothers want and need from their parenting partners, their extended families, their friends, colleagues, and communities? And what can mental health professionals do to help them meet their daunting...

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 28: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Lois T. Flaherty

The ASAP's longstanding advocacy of troubled adolescents gains expression in Volume 28 of Adolescent Psychiatry, which focuses on the juvenile justice system and other dimensions of adolescents and the law....

Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 27: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Lois T. Flaherty

Volume 27 of Adolescent Psychiatry focuses on trauma and violence among adolescents, and attends especially to the psychological, biological, and social impact of trauma on its victims, especially the young. ...

Disgust: The Gatekeeper Emotion

by Susan Miller

Susan Miller, author of two foundational works on shame (The Shame Experience [TAP, 1985/1993pbk]; Shame in Context [TAP, 1996]), now turns to disgust, an intriguing emotion that has received little attention...

The Texture of Treatment: On the Matter of Psychoanalytic Technique

by Herbert J. Schlesinger

In simple, jargon-free language, Herbert Schlesinger sets out to demystify technique, to show how it is based on basic principles that are applicable both to psychoanalysis and to the psychotherapies that derive...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 19: Explorations in Self Psychology

by Mark J. Gehrie

The contributors to Explorations in Self Psychology, volume 19 of the Progress in Self Psychology series, wrestle with two interrelated questions at the nexus of contemporary discussions of technique: How "authentic"...

Lesbian Identity and Contemporary Psychotherapy: A Framework for Clinical Practice

by Eda Goldstein & Lois Horowitz

Recent contributions to the psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic literature have moved beyond traditional views of lesbianism, but they have tended to address lesbian identity from one theoretical vantage point...

When the Bubble Bursts: Clinical Perspectives on Midlife Issues

by Eda Goldstein

There are common midlife events that account for the special narcissistic vulnerabilities of this period of life, and Eda Goldstein ably reviews these events and the theoretical perspectives commonly brought...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 29: Sigmund Freud and His Impact on the Modern World

by Jerome A. Winer & James W. Anderson

Sigmund Freud and His Impact on the Modern World, volume 29 of The Annual of Psychoanalysis, is a comprehensive reassessment of the influence of Sigmund Freud.  Intended as an unofficial companion volume to...

The Psychoanalytic Vocation: Rank, Winnicott, and the Legacy of Freud

by Peter L. Rudnytsky

Object relations, which emphasizes the importance of the preoedipal period and the infant-mother relationship, is considered by many analysts to be the major development in psychoanalytic theory since Freud. ...

Playing Hard at Life: A Relational Approach to Treating Multiply Traumatized Adolescents

by Etty Cohen

Playing Hard at Life brings contemporary relational thinking to bear on the psychodynamic treatment of a notably difficult group of young patients. Working with New York City teenagers who have survived the...


by Susan Coates, Jane Rosenthal & Daniel Schechter

Drawing on research from a variety of domains - clinical studies of trauma, developmental psychopathology, interpersonal psychobiology, epidemiology, and social policy - September 11: Trauma and Human Bonds...

Commitment and Compassion in Psychoanalysis: Selected Papers of Edward M. Weinshel

by Robert S. Wallerstein

Over the course of his distinguished career, Edward Weinshel has been a moral and intellectual force in contemporary psychoanalysis and an outspoken opponent of current trends in and out of the field toward...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 14: The World of Self Psychology

by Arnold I. Goldberg

Volume 14 of Progress in Self Psychology, The World of Self Psychology, introduces a valuable new section to the series: publication of noteworthy material from the Kohut Archives of the Chicago Institute for...

Depth-Psychological Understanding: The Methodologic Grounding of Clinical Interpretations

by Philip F. D. Rubovits-Seitz

Although clinical interpretation originated with Freud, the latter's positivist preference for purely observational methods made him ambivalent toward interpretive methods. According to Rubovits-Seitz, the legacy...