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The Aging Family: New Visions In Theory, Practice, And Reality

by Terry Hargrave & Suzanne Midori Hanna

As the population of the United States ages, and the lifspan increases, so does the number of living generations. The mental health care delivery system therefore faces new challenges. The United States is heading...

Culture And Psychopathology: A Guide To Clinical Assessment: A Guide To Clinical Assessment

by Wen-Shing Tseng & Jon Strelzer

published in 1997, Culture and Psychopathology: A Guide To Clinical Assessment is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychiatry/Clinical Psychology.

Independant Practice for the Mental Health Professional

by Ralph Earle & Dorothy Barnes

Published in 1999, Independant Practice for the Mental Health Professional is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychotherapy.

Marriage A Search For Healing

by Jerry M. Lewis

Published in 1997, Marriage A Search for Healing is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

The Disordered Couple

by Jon Carlson & Len Sperry

Experienced researchers and clinicians from a wide variety of theoretical background have come together to give a comprehensive analysis of couples diagnosed with major psychopathology, personality disorders,...

Better, Deeper And More Enduring Brief Therapy: The Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Approach

by Albert Ellis

In Better, Deeper, and More Enduring Brief Therapy Albert Ellis, the founder of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, describes how REBT can help clients significantly improve in a short period of time and effect...

Sexual Desire Disorders: Dysfunctional Regulation of Sexual Motivation

by Helen Singer Kaplan

Recent research indicates that there has been a steady increase in the number of patients seeking help with various sexual desire problems. The Sexual Desire Disorders, an exciting volume from one of the foremost...

Metaphor Therapy: Using Client Generated Metaphors In Psychotherapy

by Richard R. Kopp

Therapist-generated metaphoric interventions have been used for many years to enhance psychodynamic, Ericksonian, and family systems approaches to therapy.

A Comprehensive Guide To Attention Deficit Disorder In Adults: Research, Diagnosis and Treatment

by Kathleen G. Nadeau

This groundbreaking volume, written by pioneering clinicians and researchers firmly convinced of the neurobiological underpinnings of ADD in adults, is the first to provide broad coverage of this burgeoning...

Compassion Fatigue: Coping With Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder In Those Who Treat The Traumatized

by Charles R. Figley

This volume is the latest in a series that focuses on the immediate and long-term consequences of highly stressful events. It focuses on those individuals who provide therapy to victims of Post-Traumatic Stress...

Post-Traumatic Therapy and Victims of Violence

by Frank Ochberg

Published in 1988, Post-Traumatic Therapy And Victims Of Violence is a valuable contribution to the field of Counseling and School Psychology.  

Family Art Psychotherapy: A Clinical Guide and Casebook

by Helen B Landgarten

Published in 1987, Family Art Psychotherapy is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

Handbook Of Structured Techniques In Marriage And Family Therapy

by Robert Sherman & Norman Fredman

Published in the year 1986, Handbook of Structured Techniques in Marriage and Family Therapy is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

Between Give and Take: A Clinical Guide to Contextual Therapy

by Ivan Krasner Boszormenyi-Nagy

This volume provides a comprehensive, sharply focused guide to the clinical use of Contextual Therapy as a therapy rooted in the reality of human relationships. The basic principles of Contextual Therapy and...

Intensive Family Therapy: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

by Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy & James L. Framo

Published in the year 1985, Intensive Family Therapy is a valuable contribution to the field of Family Therapy.

Treatment Of The Borderline Adolescent: A Developmental Approach

by M.D., James F. Masterson

Published in the year 1986, Treatment of the Borderline Adolescent is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychiatry.

Therapeutic Trances: The Co-Operation Principle in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

by Stephen G. Gilligan

Published in 1986, Therapeutic Trances is a valuable contribution to the field of Psychotherapy.

Emerging Issues and Methods in Personality Assessment

by John A. Schinka & Roger L. Greene

This book constitutes a collection of articles that were written for, and recently published as, special sections in three consecutive issues of the Journal of Personality Assessment.

Part I provides lucid commentaries...

Chemical Dependency and Compulsive Behaviors

by Richard W. Esterly & William T. Neely

There is a tremendous concern and interest in the number of chemical dependents with co-existing compulsive behaviors. However, no one has developed a theory that can explain the high prevalence of compulsive...

Psychodiagnosis in Schizophrenia

by Irving B. Weiner

Psychodiagnosis in Schizophrenia is a reprint of a classic volume in assessment psychology that first appeared in 1966. The book concerns the use of psychodiagnostic techniques in the differential diagnosis...