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Personnel Selection and Assessment: Individual and Organizational Perspectives

by Heinz Schuler, James L. Farr & Mike Smith

The impetus for this volume came from the editors' belief that most current research and thinking about personnel selection and assessment in organizations considered only the perspective of the employer. The...

Visions of Aesthetics, the Environment & Development: The Legacy of Joachim F. Wohlwill

by Roger M. Downs, Lynn S. Liben & David S. Palermo

Derived from a conference honoring the legacy of Joachim Wohlwill, this volume is designed to reflect as many facets of the late scholar's wide-ranging work as possible. As its title indicates, the book identifies...

Language and Communication: Comparative Perspectives

by Herbert L. Roitblat, Louis M. Herman & Paul E. Nachtigall

The result of a conference on language and related cognitive processes in animals, this book brings together scientists working on language and communication, reviews research done on language in apes and dolphins,...

Intelligence: Reconceptualization and Measurement

by Helga A.H. Rowe

As reform in all sectors of education continues, it is becoming increasingly important that we develop a rich understanding of what "intelligence" is, and how it can be improved. Reflecting current views on...

Pathways To Number: Children's Developing Numerical Abilities

by Jacqueline Bideaud, Claire Meljac & Jean-Paul Fischer

This volume celebrates the 50th anniversary of the famous and influential work of Jean Piaget and Alina Szeminska, The Child's Conception of Number. It is a tribute to those two authors as well as to the entire...

Bridges Between Psychology and Linguistics: A Swarthmore Festschrift for Lila Gleitman

by Donna Jo Napoli, Judy Anne Kegl & Judy Kegl

Written as a tribute to Lila Gleitman, an influential pioneer in first language acquisition and reading studies, this significant book clearly establishes the relationships between psychology and linguistics....

Psychology at Iowa: Centennial Essays

by Joan H. Cantor

After tracing the history of psychology at Iowa, the contributors reflect on the institution's leadership role in the development of the discipline, describe its long tradition of significant theoretical and...

Chiron and the Healing Journey

by Melanie Reinhart

With the discovery of Chiron, a new dimension was opened in our understanding of how astrology reflects the soul's journey of awakening. This book is an indispensable reference for those who seek to understand...

Self-Observation in the Social Sciences

by Joshua W. Clegg

“[T]he volume demonstrates strong historical grounding and a firm grasp of the methodological arguments researchers will raise against self-observation. The contributors do a fine job of outlining those...

Provocative Coaching: Making things better by makingthem worse

by Jaap Hollander

A fresh wind is blowing through the worlds of coaching and psychotherapy! Provocative coaching: a unique new cocktail of humour, warmth and psychological provocation. Coaches and therapists everywhere are throwing...

Visual Attention and Consciousness

by Jay Friedenberg

Consciousness is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries in the universe. This ambitious book begins with a philosophical approach to consciousness, examining some key questions such as what is meant by the term...

Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology

by Peter Mitchell & Fenja Ziegler

This new edition of the highly successful Fundamentals of Development: The Psychology of Childhood has been thoroughly revised and updated to reflect the exciting new findings in the thriving area of developmental...

The Infant Mind: Origins of the Social Brain

by Maria Legerstee, David W. Haley & Marc H. Bornstein

Integrating cutting-edge research from multiple disciplines, this book provides a dynamic and holistic picture of the developing infant mind. Contributors explore the transactions among genes, the brain, and...

Par osmose

by M. Honoré France, Maria del Carmen Rodriguez & Geoffrey G. Hett

Bringing a fresh Canadian outlook to the field of multicultural counselling, this collection provides valuable information about many cultural groups in Canada with practical perspectives on subjects such as...

The Question of Psychological Types: The Correspondence of C. G. Jung and Hans Schmid-Guisan, 1915-1916

by C. G. Jung, John Beebe & Ernst Falzeder

In 1915, C. G. Jung and his psychiatrist colleague, Hans Schmid-Guisan, began a correspondence through which they hoped to understand and codify fundamental individual differences of attention and consciousness....

Democratic Reason: Politics, Collective Intelligence, and the Rule of the Many

by Hélène Landemore

Individual decision making can often be wrong due to misinformation, impulses, or biases. Collective decision making, on the other hand, can be surprisingly accurate. In Democratic Reason, Hélène Landemore...

Changing Roles for a New Psychotherapy

by John G. Miller

Psychotherapy is not a "one size fits all approach." As author John Miller describes in Changing Roles for a New Psychotherapy, all theoretical orientations have their uses and merits in different situations...

The Common Excuses of the Comfortable Compromiser: Understanding why people oppose your great idea

by Matt Crossman

Comfortable compromisers block the way of anyone trying to change anything. This is your field guide to their common excuses.

New Developments in Goal Setting and Task Performance

by Edwin A. Locke & Gary P. Latham

This book concentrates on the last twenty years of research in the area of goal setting and performance at work. The editors and contributors believe goals affect action, and this volume will have a lineup of...

Forgotten Ideas, Neglected Pioneers: Richard Semon and the Story of Memory

by Daniel L. Schacter

Richard Semon was a German evolutionary biologist who wrote, during the first decade of the twentieth century, two fascinating analyses of the workings of human memory which were ahead of their time. Although...