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Visual Perception: An Introduction, 3rd Edition

by Nicholas Wade & Mike Swanston

Does the world appear the same to everyone? Does what we know determine what we see? Why do we see the world as we do?

Vision is our most dominant sense. From the light that enters our eyes to the complex cognitive...

Introduction to Neuropsychotherapy: Guidelines for Rehabilitation of Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Patients Throughout the Lifespan

by Ritva Laaksonen & Mervi Ranta

This groundbreaking volume provides a theoretical overview and clinical guidelines for the application of neuropsychotherapy. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining neuropsychological knowledge with...

Development and Brain Systems in Autism

by Marcel Adam Just & Kevin A. Pelphrey

This volume covers several perspectives on autism which bring together the most recent scientific views of the nature of this disorder. A number of themes organize major developments and emerging areas in autism:...

Losing a Parent

by Alexandra Kennedy

Kennedy shares her own story of facing the loss of a parent and offers innovative strategies for healing and transformation.


by Robert A. Johnson

Provides an illuminating explanation of the origins and meaning of romantic love and shows how a proper understanding of its psychological dynamics can revitalize our most important relationships.

Recrafting a Life: Coping with Chronic Illness and Pain

by Charles Johnson & Denise Webster

Chronic illness and pain are now, more than ever, seen asas major problems in the current health care system. Because they are unresponsive to both antibiotics and surgery, theyr are seen as elusive and mysterious....

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 8: New Therapeutic Visions

by Arnold I. Goldberg

New Therapeutic Visions begins with Lachmann and Beebe's developmental perspectives on representational and selfobject transferences, followed by commentaries.  In Section II, the self-psychological approach...

Intrusive Partners - Elusive Mates: The Pursuer-Distancer Dynamic in Couples

by Stephen J. Betchen

When two people form a relationship or marry, they begin to move towards one another with the expectation of closeness. The emotionality or intensity that accompanies this process, however, may result in fusion...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 17: The Narcissistic Patient Revisited

by Arnold I. Goldberg

Volume 17 of Progress in Self Psychology, The Narcissistic Patient Revisited, begins with the next installment of Strozier's "From the Kohut Archives": first publication of a fragment by Kohut on social class...

Substance Abuse as Symptom: A Psychoanalytic Critique of Treatment Approaches and the Cultural Beliefs That Sustain Them

by Louis S. Berger

What can psychoanalysis contribute to an understanding of the etiology, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse? Here, Louis Berger contests both the orthodox view of substance abuse as a "disease" explicable...

Middle-Class Waifs: The Psychodynamic Treatment of Affectively Disturbed Children

by Elaine V. Siegel

In this volume, a well-known psychoanalyst, dance therapist, and educational consultant chronicles her clinical work with deeply troubled children who fall between the cracks of our diagnostic and educational...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 19

by Jerome A. Winer

Volume 19 of The Annual of Psychoanalysis turns to the ever-intriguing relationship between "Psychoanalysis and Art."  This introductory section begins with Donald Kuspit's scholarly reflections on the role...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 17

by Jerome A. Winer

Volume 17, the first volume of The Annual published by The Analytic Press, includes John Gedo's examination of the "epistemology of transference" and Edwin Wallace's outline of a "phenomenological and minimally...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 4: Learning from Kohut

by Arnold I. Goldberg

The fourth volume in the Progress in Self Psychology series continues to explore the theoretical yield and clinical implications of the wok of the late Heinz Kohut.  Learning from Kohut features sections on...

The Meanings of Menopause: Historical, Medical, and Cultural Perspectives

by Ruth Formanek

In this scholarly compilation of a major event in the life of every woman, editor Ruth Formanek has adopted an avowedly multidisciplinary mandate: to illuminate menopause as both an event and a stage of life...

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Art, V. 3

by Mary M. Gedo

This new hardcover annual offers a unique scholarly format, an interdisciplinary dialogue that, it is hoped, will foster the development of a sound, useful methodology for applying psychoanalytic insight to...

Repetition and Trauma: Toward a Teleonomic Theory of Psychoanalysis

by Max M. Stern & Liselotte Bendix Stern

The culmination of over three decades of investigation into traumatic processes, Repetition and Trauma is the late Max Stern's pioneering reconceptualization of trauma in the light of recent insights into the...

The Mind in Disorder: Psychoanalytic Models of Pathology

by John E. Gedo

Anchoring his schema in the belief that nonorganic disorders are disturbances in adaptation explicable within a depth-psychological framework, Gedo posits two broad categories of functional disorder: "apraxias"...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 3: Frontiers in Self Psychology

by Arnold I. Goldberg

The third volume in the distinguished Progress in Self Psychology series brings together the most exciting issues in a rapidly expanding field.  Frontiers in Self Psychology is highlighted by sections dealing...

Psychoanalysis and the Nuclear Threat: Clinial and Theoretical Studies

by Howard B Levine, Daniel Jacobs & Lowell J. Rubin

The analytic literature has heretofore been silent about the issues inherent in the nuclear threat.  As a groundbreaking exploration of new psychological terrain, Psychoanalysis and the Nuclear Threat will...