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The Crisis Counseling and Traumatic Events Treatment Planner

by Tammi D. Kolski, Arthur E., Jr. Jongsma & Rick A. Myer

The Crisis Counseling and Traumatic Events Treatment Planner, Second Edition provides all the elements necessary to quickly and easily develop formal treatment plans that satisfy the demands of HMOs, managed...

Becoming a Therapist: On the Path to Mastery

by Thomas M. Skovholt

Praise for Becoming a Therapist

"This resource is filled with practical and personal advice, relevant stories, and examples, and reads more like help from a friend than a typical textbook."

—Roberta L. Nutt,...

ADHD Alternatives: A Natural Approach to Treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

by Aviva J. Romm & Tracy Romm

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed -- and misdiagnosed -- disorders of childhood. In ADHD Alternatives, Aviva Jill Romm (a professional midwife and acting president...

The Wandering Mind: Understanding Dissociation from Daydreams to Disorders

by Maryann Karinch, M. A. D. Biever & Mark Whitacre

The Wandering Mind introduces readers to dissociative states and helps them understand the nature of serious dissociative disorders, such as those involving multiple personalities. The authors pinpoint the differences...

Understanding Asexuality

by Anthony F. Bogaert

In a world where people often feel compelled to advertise their sexual inclinations and preferences, many people identify as asexual, lacking sexual attraction to either men or women. This book introduces the...

Restoring Civil Societies: The Psychology of Intervention and Engagement Following Crisis

by Kai J. Jonas & Thomas A. Morton

Restoring Civil Societies examines the role of civic engagement as a form of prosocial behavior motivated by a commitment to higher-order norms. Civic engagement—from bystander intervention to organizing collective...

A Primer of Clinical Interpretation: Classic and Postclassical Approaches

by Philip Rubovis-Seitz

This primer provides a guide to clinical interpretations for those in the practice of psychotherapy. The book is divided into two parts: Part I deals with the classical approach to clinical interpretation; and...

The Evolved Structure of Human Social Behaviour and Personality: Psychoanalytic Insights

by Ralf-Peter Behrendt

The book reviews psychoanalytic theory with the aim of developing a evolutionarily feasible model of social behaviour and personality that can help to bridge the gap between psychoanalysis and neuroscience.In...

Radical Distortion: How Emotions Warp What We Hear

by John W. Reich

Our social unity is under attack from extremists on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Often the loudest and most influential public voices today are also the most divisive. Amid the din of conflicting...

Depression as a Spiritual Journey

by Stephanie Sorrell

Depression as a Spiritual Journey is the first book to address depression as a spiritual journey in the context of medication and counselling. It serves as an invitation to reframe depression in a new way. Many...

My Life as a Car: A Mental Wellness Guide in Your Glove Compartment

by M. A. D. Campbell

According to the World Health Organization, one in every four people will develop at least one mental disorder at some stage in their life. In the U.S., of the persons who suspect they (or a family member) have...

Psychoanalysis and Theism: Critical Reflections on the Grynbaum Thesis

by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Adolf Grünbaum & Michael P. Carroll

Psychoanalysis and Theism starts with a critique of psychoanalysis and its application to religion which, surprisingly, ends up expressing enthusiastic support for some classical psychoanalytic ideas. Following...


by Garret Keizer

American essayist and Harper’s contributing editor Garret Keizer offers a brilliant, literate look at our strip-searched, over-shared, viral-videoed existence.

Body scans at the airport, candid pics on Facebook,...

Vulnerable Moments: Deepening the Therapeutic Process

by Martin S. Livingston

A deeply felt and beautifully written tribute to the bravery of patients and therapists alike in their very human search for connection.

Treating Chronic Depression: Psychotherapy and Medication

by Daniel W. Badal

Treating Chronic Depression explains how to identify the cause of chronic depression and details specific treatment approaches. Various types of psychotherapy-including cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal,...

Coparticipant Psychoanalysis: Toward a New Theory of Clinical Inquiry

by John Fiscalini

-- Elizabeth Goren, Ph.D., chair, Interpersonal Orientation, New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

Plato, Not Prozac!

by Lou Marinoff & Lou Marinoff, PhD

If you're facing a dilemma -- whether it's handling a relationship, living ethically, dealing with a career change, or finding meaning in life -- the world's most important thinkers from centuries past will...

Psycho USA: Famous American Killers You Never Heard Of

by Harold Schechter



In the horrifying annals of American crime, the infamous names of brutal killers such as Bundy, Dahmer, Gacy, and Berkowitz are writ large in the imaginations of a public both...

Exercise and Mental Health

by William P. Morgan & Stephen E. Goldston

Published in the year 1987, Exercise and Mental Health is a valuable contribution to the field of Counseling and School Pscyhology.

The Psychotherapist as Healer

by T. Byram Karasu

T. Byram Karasu says that healing, at best, is not what the healer does, but what he is; that what really matters are not the schools of psychotherapy, but the psychotherapists themselves. In this deeply moving...