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Multilevel Modeling of Categorical Outcomes Using IBM SPSS

by Ronald H Heck, Scott Thomas & Lynn Tabata

First Published in 2012. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities

by Robert M. Hodapp

International Review of Research in Developmental Disabilities is an ongoing scholarly look at research into the causes, effects, classification systems, syndromes, etc. of developmental disabilities. Contributors...

In Search of the Spiritual: Gabriel Marcel, Psychoanalysis and the Sacred

by Paul Marcus

Gabriel Marcel (1889-1973), the first French existentialist and phenomenologist, was a world-class Catholic philosopher, an accomplished playwright, drama critic and musician. He wrote brilliantly about many...

Brainstyles: Change Your Life Without Changing Who You Are

by Marlane Miller

In this insightful, inspirational self-help book, readers will journey from the hard-edged realities of genetics and personal limitations to a limitless spiritual path and personal mastery of one's brainstyle....

The Cat Who Came Back for Christmas: How a Cat Brought a Family the Gift of Love

by Julia ROMP

The heart-warming true story of a little boy and the cat that changed his life.

Julia's nine-year-old son George was autistic. Quiet and withdrawn, he appeared lost in his own world. Then one day a small black-and-white...

At Ease, Soldier!: How to Leave the War Downrange and Feel at Home Again

by Gayle Rozantine

Durable and graphics-rich, this guide is filled with information about obstacles facing soldiers after their deployment and effective solutions to overcome the challenges of reintegration. The book assists in...

Becoming Wellstone: Healing from Tragedy and Carrying on My Father's Legacy

by Paul David Wellstone & Jim Ramstad

Paul David Wellstone Jr. (known as Dave) fell into a zombie-like state of shock when he first got word that the eleven-seater plane carrying his parents and sister couldn't be located on radar. It was as if...

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management: Machiavelli at 500

by Lisch

Machiavelli lives. 500 years after Niccolò Machiavelli has written 'The Prince', this classic of the mechanisms behind success in management has not lost its relevance. In an intriguing and inspiring interplay...

Assessment and Treatment Planning for PTSD

by Christopher Frueh, Anouk Grubaugh & Jon D. Elhai

Evidence-based approaches to diagnosing and treating PTSD in an array of specific populations and settings

This timely, practical guide for busy professionals:

  • Covers strategies for those working in specialized...

Intimate Treason: Healing the Trauma for Partners Confronting Sex Addiction

by Claudia Black & Cara Tripodi

Partners affected by sex addiction learn to develop healthy boundaries and make positive changes for themselves and their partners.

Family Therapy with Struggling Young Adults

by Brad Sachs

Family-Centered Treatment With Struggling Young Adults is an indispensible guidebook to the unique set of problems and opportunities that families face when young adults are experiencing difficulty pulling anchor...

Core Competencies in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: Becoming a Highly Effective and Competent Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist

by Cory F. Newman

This volume is a concise, convenient, and clearly written book for those who wish to study, master, and teach the core competencies of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Relevant for novice therapists as well as...

Reading Anna Freud

by Nick Midgley

What place do Anna Freud's ideas have in the history of psychoanalysis? What can her writings teach us today about how to work therapeutically with children? Are her psychoanalytic ideas still relevant to...

What Is Psychoanalysis?: 100 Years After Freud's 'Secret Committee'

by Barnaby B Barratt

In a radically powerful interpretation of the human condition, this book redefines the discipline of psychoanalysis by examining its fundamental assumptions about the unconscious mind, the nature of personal...

The Therapist S Answer Book: Solutions to 101 Tricky Problems in Psychotherapy

by Jerome S. Blackman

Therapists inevitably feel more gratified in their work when their cases have better treatment outcomes.  This book is designed to help them achieve that by providing practical solutions to problems that arise...

A Transdiagnostic Approach to CBT using Method of Levels Therapy: Distinctive Features

by Warren Mansell, Timothy A. Carey & Sara J. Tai

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the treatment of choice for most mental health problems. Each different problem is usually treated by a different model of CBT. Yet evidence tells us that the same processes...

Risk Markers for Sexual Victimization and Predation in Prison

by Janet I. Warren & Shelly L. Jackson

In 2003, the US Senate and Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), prompting a number of research projects that cumulatively began to broaden and deepen our understanding of this complex aspect...

Understanding and Treating Sex Addiction: A comprehensive guide for people who struggle with sex addiction and those who want to help them

by Paula Hall

Sex addiction is on the increase - in the media as well as in the therapy room. But while more and more people seek help for their compulsive sexual behaviours, there is still confusion and debate about whether...

Fat Lives: A Feminist Psychological Exploration

by Irmgard Tischner

Ever caught somebody - or yourself - checking out the content of a 'fat' person's supermarket trolley? Ever wondered what lies behind this behaviour, or what it might be like to be at the receiving end of this...

Melodies of the Mind: Connections Between Psychoanalysis and Music

by Julie Jaffee Nagel

What can psychoanalysis learn from music? What can music learn from psychoanalysis? Can the analysis of music itself provide a primary source of psychological data?

Drawing on Freud's concept of the oral road...