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Adolescent Psychiatry, V. 20: Annals of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry

by Richard C. Marohn

Launched in 1971, Adolescent Psychiatry, in the words of founding coeditors Sherman C. Feinstein, Peter L. Giovacchini, and Arthur A. Miller, promised "to explore adolescence as a enter challenging...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 24

by Jerome A. Winer

Volume 24 of The Annual opens with a memorial tribute to the late Merton M. Gill (1914-1994), a major voice in American psychoanalysis for half a century.  Remembrances of Gill by Robert Holt, Robert Wallerstein,...

The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, V. 19: Essays in Honor of George A. De Vos

by L. Bryce Boyer, Ruth M. Boyer & Howard F. Stein

Critical appreciations of George A. De Vos, a pioneer in the cross-cultural application of projective techniques (M. Suarez-Orozco, P. Lerner), and De Vos's own reminiscences, are followed by contributions true...

Building Bridges: The Negotiation of Paradox in Psychoanalysis

by Stuart A. Pizer

In Building Bridges, Stuart A. Pizer gives much-needed recognition to the central role of negotiation in the analytic relationship and in the therapeutic process. Building on a Winnicottian perspective that...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 9: The Widening Scope of Self Psychology

by Arnold I. Goldberg

The Widening Scope of Self Psychology is a watershed in the self-psychological literature, being a contemporary reprise on several major clinical themes through which self psychology, from its inception, has...

The Psychiatrist in the Courtroom: Selected Papers of Bernard L. Diamond, M.D.

by Jacques M. Quen

Over the course of an illustrious career, the late Bernard Diamond established himself as the preeminent forensic psychiatrist of the century.  The Psychiatrist in the Courtroom brings together in a single...

Conversing with Uncertainty: Practicing Psychotherapy in a Hospital Setting

by Rita W. McCleary

Conversing with Uncertainty is a unique chronicle of why therapists must use theory while resisting the allure of theory, maintaining a double vision that allows them to appropriate theory only to break it open...

Clinical Interaction and the Analysis of Meaning: A New Psychoanalytic Theory

by Theo L. Dorpat & Michael L. Miller

Clinical Interaction and the Analysis of Meaning evinces a therapeutic vitality all too rare in works of theory.  Rather than fleeing from the insights of other disciplines, Dorpat and Miller discover in recent...

Human Feelings: Explorations in Affect Development and Meaning

by Steven L. Ablon, Daniel P. Brown & Edward J. Khantzian

Human Feelings provides a comprehensive overview of the role of emotions in human life.  Growing out of the research and writing of members of the Harvard Affect Study Group, the volume brings to bear different...

Impasse and Innovation in Psychoanalysis: Clinical Case Seminars

by John E. Gedo & Mark J. Gehrie

Impasse and Innovation in Psychoanalysis offers a rare perspective on the technical difficulties and creative responses to them that typify clinical psychoanalysis.  The four seminars at the heart of this volume...

The Rorschach: A Developmental Perspective

by Martin Leichtman

Martin Leichtman's The Rorschach is a work of stunning originality that takes as its point of departure a circumstance that has long confounded Rorschach examiners.  Attempts to use the Rorschach with young...

Freud and the History of Psychoanalysis

by Toby Gelfand & John Kerr

The recent upsurge of fresh historical research concerning the early years of psychoanalysis has left many professional readers struggling to keep abreast of the latest findings and more than a little perplexed...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 22

by Jerome A. Winer

Volume 22 of The Annual of Psychoanalysis begins with the provocative reflections of Jane Flax and Robert Michels on the current status and future prospects of psychoanalysis a century after Freud.  Flax believes that...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 21

by Jerome A. Winer

Volume 21 of The Annual of Psychoanalysis is especially welcome for bringing to English-language readers timely contributions from abroad in an opening section on "Psychoanalysis in Europe."  The section begins...

The Annual of Psychoanalysis, V. 20

by Jerome A. Winer

Volume 20 of The Annual of Psychoanalysis ably traverses the analytic canvas with sections on "Theoretical Studies," "Clinical Studies," "Applied Psychoanalysis," and "Psychoanalysis and Philosophy."  The first...

Progress in Self Psychology, V. 7: The Evolution of Self Psychology

by Arnold I. Goldberg

A special section of papers on the evolution, current status, and future development of self psychology highlights The Evolution of Self Psychology, volume 7 of the Progress in Self Psychology series.  A critical...

Psychotherapy After Kohut: A Textbook of Self Psychology

by Ronald R. Lee & J. Colby Martin

Hailed as "a superb textbook aimed at introducing psychoanalytic self psychology to students of psychotherapy" (Robert D. Stolorow), Psychotherapy After Kohut is unique in its grasp of the theoretical, clinical,...

African American Grief

by Paul C. Rosenblatt & Beverly R. Wallace

African American Grief is a unique contribution to the field, both as a professional resource for counselors, therapists, social workers, clergy, and nurses, and as a reference volume for thanatologists, academics,...

Interpretation and Interaction: Psychoanalysis or Psychotherapy?

by Jerome D. Oremland & Merton M. Gill

In recent decades the relationship between psychoanalysis and psychotherapy has been a focal point for debate about the distinctiveness of analysis as a particular kind of therapeutic enterprise.  In Interpretation...

The Biology of Clinical Encounters: Psychoanalysis as a Science of Mind

by John E. Gedo

In The Biology of Clinical Encounters, Gedo utilizes recent findings in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to elaborate his conception of psychobiology and to consider its implications in clinical analysis. ...