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A Systemic Approach to Consultation

by David Campbell, Ros Draper & Clare Huffington

A Systemic Approach to Consultation discusses the application of systemic thinking to work within organizations. The authors draw on their experiences of consulting with teams, departments and whole organizations...

Koinonia: From Hate through Dialogue to Culture in the Larger Group

by De Patrick, Robin Piper & Sheila Thompson

A study of the larger group, focusing on the processes and dynamics whereby the group micro-culture emerges. As the initial frustrations of the group find expression in hate, this is transformed through dialogue...

The Inner World and Joan Riviere: Collected Papers 1929 - 1958

by Joan Riviere & Athol Hughes

Although best known as a disseminator of Freudian and Kleinian ideas, Joan Riviere also contributed important and original material to the body of psychoanalytic literature. This volume presents some of this...

Psychotherapy with Severely Deprived Children

by Mary Boston & Rolene Szur

This study describes the experience of severely deprived children referred for individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Tavistock Clinic in London, and at other clinics and schools. Most were living in...

Brazilian Lectures: 1973, Sao Paulo; 1974, Rio de Janeiro/Sao Paulo

by Wilfred Bion

These lectures, delivered in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro during 1973 and 1974, reveal Bion in his most vital and challenging mode both in respect of the material he presents, and in his responses to the questions...

A Skin for Thought: Interviews with Gilbert Tarrab on Psychology and Psychoanalysis

by Didier Anzieu & Gilbert Tarrab

A French analyst discusses the interface between psychoanalysis and psychology. A Skin for Thought takes the form of ten transcribed discussions between Didier Anzieu and Gilbert Tarrab, recorded in Montreal...

Two Papers: 'The Grid' and 'Caesura'

by Wilfred Bion

The Grid, an instrument devised by Bion to help the analyst record and elaborate observations arising from the analytic encounter, demonstrates how mathematics can be applied to locate the development, evolution...

Sexuality and Mind: The Role of the Father and Mother in the Psyche

by Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel

This book examine the role of the Oedipus complex in the psyche and relate it to urgent issues of social and cultural life, historical and current."Freud and Female Sexuality" (1975), the first paper included...

The Wolf-Man and Sigmund Freud

by Muriel Gardiner

It is a well known that the Wolf-Man was the subject of what James Strachey described as 'the most elaborate and no doubt the most important of all Freud's case histories'. It is less well known that he was...

The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence

by Anna Freud

When The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense was first published in German in 1936 it was at once recognized as a major contribution to psychoanalytic psychology, and its translation into English quickly followed....

A Legacy of Madness: Recovering My Family from Generations of Mental Illness

by Tom Davis

The story of a loving family coming to grips with its own fragilities, A Legacy of Madness relays the author's journey to uncover, and ultimately understand, the history of mental illness that led generations...

The New Informants

by Christopher Bollas & David Sundelson

Confidentiality is one of the cornerstones of psychotherapy, and yet this confidence is betrayed with increasing regularity. This text attempts to answer three questions: how did this loss of privacy come about?;...

Irony Through Psychoanalysis

by G. Sacerdoti

The title of this book, Irony Through Psychoanalysis, reveals its double register in which the psychoanalysis and irony are respectively the object and the means (or the viewpoint) or vice versa. Thus, the first...

Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

by Alison Miller

Healing the Unimaginable: Treating Ritual Abuse and Mind Control is a practical, task-oriented, instructional manual designed to help therapists provide effective treatment for survivors of these most extreme...

Systemic Therapy with Individuals

by Paolo Bertrando & Luigi Boscolo

Until recently systemic therapy has been identified with family therapy. This no longer applies; the systemic approach and its techniques can now be used with profit in therapy with individuals. This book introduces...

Doubts and Certainties in the Practice of Psychotherapy

by Josephine Klein

Jo Klein presents a picture of herself at work. A sense of vocation, backed up by years of experience, permeates not only the content of this book, but also its language, which is vivid, personal, and deeply...

Adolescence and Developmental Breakdown: A Psychoanalytic View

by Egle Laufer & Moses Laufer

In this book, Moses and Egle Laufer contend that severely disturbed adolescents can be assessed and treated psychoanalytically, that their illness differs from comparable illnesses in older patients, and that...

Ultimate Intimacy: The Psychodynamics of Jewish Mysticism

by Mortimer Ostow

With contributions and comments from a range of distinguished Biblical scholars, this work fulfills Mortimer Ostow's promise to unite psychoanalysis and the study of the Kabbalah. Ranging over both general psychoanalytical...

Clinical Seminars and Other Works

by Wilfred Bion

This selection of clinical seminars held by Wilfred Bion in Brasilia (1975) and Sao Paulo (1978) is the nearest we shall ever get to experiencing his application of his theories and views to consulting-room...

Final Contributions to the Problems and Methods of Psycho-analysis

by Sandor Ferenczi

This final volume includes "Confusion of Tongues Between Children and Adults" in which Ferenczi formulates his controversal ideas on childhood sexuality, and the conflict between the languages of tenderness...