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Adolescent Counselling Psychology: Theory, Research and Practice

by Terry Hanley, Neil Humphrey & Clare Lennie

Adolescent Counselling Psychology: Theory Research and Practice provides a thorough introduction to therapeutic practice with young people. As an edited text, it brings together some of the leading authorities...

Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques

by Harvey Ratner, Evan George & Chris Iveson

Solution Focused Brief Therapy: 100 Key Points and Techniques provides a concise and jargon-free guide to the thinking and practice of this exciting approach, which enables people to make changes in their lives...

The Achilles Heel Reader (Routledge Revivals): Men, Sexual Politics and Socialism

by Victor Seidler

First published in 1991, The Achilles Heel Reader brings together key articles from Achilles Heel, the path-breaking and influential magazine of men's sexual politics. It also includes an important introduction...

Hope in Action: Solution-Focused Conversations about Suicide

by Heather Fiske

Respectful and effective solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) for suicidal clients

Few tasks are more important-and daunting-than to help someone who is suicidal to go beyond the darkness of hopelessness to...

Coming Out, Coming Home: Making Room for Gay Spirituality in Therapy

by Kenneth Burr

Coming Out, Coming Home has the potential for increasing spiritual growth and development in our society. Although many books have been written about gay rights and pro-gay theologies, few have provided people...

Developmental Coaching: Life Transitions and Generational Perspectives

by Stephen Palmer & Sheila Panchal

Developmental Coaching explores many of the common transition points we experience throughout life, including teenage transitions, becoming a parent, mid-life and retirement. The book sets these transitions...

Social Choice (Routledge Revivals)

by Bernhardt Liebermann

First published in 1971, Social Choice is both a text and reference containing the proceedings of a conference dealing with contemporary work on the normative and descriptive aspects of the social choice problem. This...

Responsive School Practices to Support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Students and Families

Couples in Collusion: Short-Term, Assessment-Based Strategies for Helping Couples Disarm Their Defenses

by Dennis A. A. Bagarozzi

When a couple enters therapy, both partners have either explicit or implicit understandings of what can-and, more importantly, cannot-be discussed in therapy. Even when empirically tested assessments are used...

The Earliest Relationship: Parents, Infants and the Drama of Early Attachment

by T. Berry Brazelton & Bertrand G. Cramer

T. Berry Brazelton, world renowned pediatrician and expert on infant development, and Bertrand Cramer, pioneer in mother-infant psychotherapy, have combined their lifetimes of research and practice in this unique...

All My Sins Remembered: Another Part of a Life & The Other Side of Genius: Family Letters

by Wilfred R. Bion

All My Sins Remembered is the continuation of Wilfred Bion's autobiography, The Long Week-end. Although it is by no means a full account of his thirty years following the First World War - and he wrote no more...


by Wilfred R. Bion

Cogitations, the last of the posthumous publications, is a collection of occasional writings representing Bion's attempts to clarify and evaluate both his own ideas and those of others by casting them in written...

The Protective Shell in Children and Adults

by Frances Tustin

The Protective Shell in Children and Adults does not propose a 'cure' for autism. Rather, it suggests that psychotherapeutic treatment which is based on a deep understanding of the function of autism can modify...

Winnicott Studies: A Celebration of the Life and Work of Frances Tustin

by John Fielding, Alexander Newman & Squiggle Foundation

The Squiggle Foundation's aims are to study and disseminate the work of Winnicott, with a particular emphasis on application.

A Moment of Transition: Two Neuroscientific Articles by Sigmund Freud

by Michael Saling & Mark Solms

Translations of two neuroscientific articles by Freud are presented here for the first time in English. Alongside these, the editors offer convincing arguments for their importance to both psychoanalysis and...

Do I Dare Disturb the Universe?: A Memorial to W.R. Bion

by James S. Grotstein

All the contributors to this compilation knew Bion personally and were influenced by his work. They include: Herbert Rosenfeld, Frances Tustin, Andre Green, Donald Meltzer and Hanna Segal.Wilfred R. Bion has...

Children's Phantasies: The Shaping of Relationships

by Otto Weininger

Otto Weininger illustrates the manifestations of unconscious phantasy in children - normal, neurotic or psychotic - in various settings such as playgroups, ordinary schools or special schools for disturbed children,...


by Hanna Segal

Melanie Klein (1882-1960) was a pioneer of child analysis whose work with children enabled her to gain insight on the deepest states of the mind and thus to make a fundamental contribution to psychoanalytic...

Hidden Selves: Between Theory and Practice in Psychoanalysis

by Masud Khan

The 'hidden selves' that Masud Khan reveals to us in this third volume of his psychoanalytic writings are to be understood in two ways. Primarily, they are those aspects of the self which are inherent in, but...

Exploring Individual and Organizational Boundaries: A Tavistock Open Systems Approach

by W. Gordon Lawrence

One way of conceptualizing the relationship of individuals, through their roles, to their various groupings (such as families, communities, and business and industrial enterprises) is to consider their political...