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An Intelligent Career

The Science of Positivity: Stop Negative Thought Patterns by Changing Your Brain Chemistry

by Loretta Graziano Breuning

Learn the scientific benefits of positivism!

Sometimes it's easiest to look for the worst in every situation--our brains have evolved to scan for problems in order to help avoid them. But you can transcend this...

Psych Experiments: From Pavlov's dogs to Rorschach's inkblots, put psychology's most fascinating studies to the test

by Michael A. Britt

Psychology's most famous theories--played out in real life!

Forget the labs and lecture halls. You can conduct your very own psych experiments at home!

Famous psychological experiments--from Freud's ego to the...

Cognitive Literary Science

Dreamwork in Holistic Psychotherapy of Depression: An Underground Stream that Guides and Heals

by Greg Bogart

This book describes how dreamwork can help alleviate depression, in both long-term and time-limited psychotherapy, and in self-treatment. The author shows how dreams shed light on issues contributing to depression-including...

Individual Differences in Judgement and Decision-Making: A Developmental Perspective

by Maggie E. Toplak & Joshua Weller

Children face an overwhelming amount of information and a range of different choices every day, and so there has never been a more important time to understand how children learn to make judgments and decisions...

Contact and Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching

by Ty Francis & Malcolm Parlett

This collection brings together some leading figures in Gestalt coaching to take stock of the field and consider how it might move forward. It covers the principles of Gestalt coaching and encourages practitioners...

Ageing: A Very Short Introduction

Time Please

by Mikael Curman

TIME PLEASE, the party is over, business as usual is closing! Planet Earth can´t take MORE of what we do today. We have to find a road not yet travelled to create a sustainable future. The world's situation...

Lying Mirrors

by Carter M Head, Justin Thomas & Sierra Wilson

The average person projects a lying mirror in which they reflect a facade to otters in order to conform to their world of approved perception in order not to experience rejection. People who do not display the...

Languages and Languaging in Deaf Education

The Pursuit of Pleasure: Overcoming a Civilizational Challenge

by Arsen Dallan & Karlen Dallakyan

This important book unveils how the pleasure principle has taken humanity hostage to the powers of branding and consumerism, steering our most basic desires. Radically re-evaluating the notion of pleasure and...

Ambition: Leading with Gratitude

by Buechley Seth

Seth Buechley tackles the plaguing question of why ambitious people struggle to find satisfaction and reveals what they can do about it. His exceptional perspective, which began in a commune in the woods and...

Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations

by Dan Ariely

Bestselling author Dan Ariely reveals fascinating new insights into motivation—showing that the subject is far more complex than we ever imagined.

Every day we work hard to motivate ourselves, the people we...

PTSD Road to Recovery Workbook

by Bob Bray & George Bissett

The PTSD Work Book is the perfect accompanying piece for the PTSD One Soldiers Story and will help you to absorb and take in everything that you have learned so far. Using tried and tested methods we use...

Political Psychology: New Explorations

by Jon A. Krosnick, I-Chant A. Chiang & Tobias H. Stark

In recent decades, research in political psychology has illuminated the psychological processes underlying important political action, both by ordinary citizens and by political leaders. As the world has become...

Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting with Children's Imaginative Know-How

by David Marsten, David Epston & Laurie Markham

Recognizing the power of children’s imaginations in narrative therapy.

Therapists may marvel at children's imaginative triumphs, but how often do they recognize such talents as vital to the therapy hour? Should...

Knowing Feeling: Affect, Script, and Psychotherapy

by Donald L. Nathanson

Nathanson and his colleagues explore contemporary affect studies, focusing on the work of Silvan Tomkins, and examine their impact on the theory and practice of psychotherapy.

The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis

by Leo Rangell & Otto Fenichel

A perennially best-selling and influential psychoanalytic work. When Otto Fenichel died suddenly at age 48, Anna Freud mourned the loss of "his inexhaustible knowledge of psychoanalysis and his inimitable way...

Suggestible You: The Curious Science of Your Brain's Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal

by Erik Vance

This riveting narrative explores the world of placebos, hypnosis, false memories, and neurology to reveal the groundbreaking science of our suggestible minds. Could the secrets to personal health lie within...