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The Oxford Handbook of Mood Disorders

by Robert J. DeRubeis & Daniel R. Strunk

The most comprehensive volume of its kind, The Oxford Handbook of Mood Disorders provides detailed coverage of the characterization, understanding, and treatment of mood disorders. Chapters are written by the...

Complicated Grief, Attachment and Art Therapy

by Briana MacWilliam, Juliana Thrall, Dana George Trottier & Maya Hormadaly et al.

This wide-ranging book on art therapy and grief provides everything an art therapist needs to feel confident in creating an effective treatment plan. It features fifteen clear-cut protocols, outlining 4-8 week...

Assessment and Intervention with Children and Adolescents Who Misuse Fire

by David J. Kolko & Eric M. Vernberg

It's surprisingly common for children and adolescents to play with fire and to actually set fires. A single fire has the potential to cause a cascade of serious consequences to children, families, and their...

Handbook of Military and Veteran Suicide

by Bruce Bongar, Glenn Sullivan & Larry James

For the past decade, suicidal behavior in military and veteran populations has been a constant feature in the news and in the media, with suicide rates among active duty American military personnel reaching...

A Step-By-Step Guide for Coaching Classroom Teachers in Evidence-Based Interventions

by Dana D. Marchese, Kimberly D. Becker, Jennifer P. Keperling & Celene E. Domitrovich et al.

A Step-By-Step Guide for Coaching Classroom Teachers in Evidence-Based Interventions is a practical guide for school-based professionals. Combining evidence-based practices with the authors' real-life experiences...

Understanding the Emotional Disorders

by David Watson & Michael W. O'Hara

Improving the measurement of symptoms of emotional disorders has been an important goal of mental health research. In direct response to this need, the Expanded Version of the Inventory of Depression and Anxiety...

Beating Anxiety

by Davida Hartman & Kate Brangan

Many young people on the autism spectrum struggle with anxiety, but did you know there are lots of simple things you can do to tackle it? This illustrated book will help you to identify what makes you anxious,...

Handbook of Private Practice

by Steven Walfish, Jeffrey E. Barnett & Jeffrey Zimmerman

Handbook of Private Practice is the premier resource for mental health clinicians, covering all aspects of developing and maintaining a successful private practice. Written for graduate students considering...

Could it be Adult ADHD?

by Jan Willer

One out of every 10 adult psychotherapy clients likely has ADHD. Due to high comorbidities with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental disorders, along with considerable behavioral dysfunction,...

Rhythms of Relating in Children's Therapies

by Colwyn Trevarthen, Stuart Daniel, Penny McFarlane & Dan Hughes et al.

Exploring the concept of communicative musicality, this multidisciplinary book considers rhythms of connection and ways of fostering meaningful relationships between therapist and child. Including contributions...

Prospection, well-being, and mental health

by Andrew MacLeod

This book is about how we think about the future. It is about how we think about our own personal futures and how such prospection is connected to our well-being and mental health. The ability to think about...

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment

by Connor M. Kerns, Patricia Renno & Eric A. Storch

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evidence-Based Assessment and Treatment begins with a general overview of the history of research on anxiety in ASD and the path towards evidence-based...

Explaining Suicide: Patterns, Motivations, and What Notes Reveal

by Cheryl L. Meyer, Taronish Irani & Katherine A. Hermes

The rate of suicides across all age groups except the elderly is at its highest level in nearly 30 years. Suicide notes have long been thought to be valuable resources for understanding suicide motivation, but...

Elimination Disorders

by Thomas M. Reimers

Elimination disorders, specifically enuresis and encopresis, affect millions of children worldwide. Management of this problem is often a source of frustration for parents, especially as their children reach...

The Paperclip Test: A Personality Quiz Like No Other

by Mario Gmür

An entertaining yet enlightening personality test, using that humblest of objects—a bent paperclip—to pick the lock of your psyche

The Psychology of Friendship

Innovations in Family Therapy for Eating Disorders: Novel Treatment Developments, Patient Insights, and the Role of Carers

by Stuart Murray, Leslie Anderson & Leigh Cohn

Innovations in Family Therapy for Eating Disorders brings together the voices of the most-esteemed, international experts to present conceptual advances, preliminary data, and patient perspectives on family-based...


Expertise in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Integrative Assessment in Clinical Psychology

by Andrew J Lewis, Emma Gould, Cherine Habib & Ross King

This book demonstrates an integrated model of clinical psychology practice where disorders are understood as the outcome of multiple interacting factors across different levels of analysis: biological, psychological...