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Flashbulb Memories: New Challenges and Future Perspectives

by Olivier Luminet & Antonietta Curci

Are Flashbulb memories special or ordinary memory formations? Are emotional, cognitive, or social factors highly relevant for the formation of Flashbulb memories? How can sociological, historical, and cultural...

Guided Enactments in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: A New Look at Therapy With Adults and Children

by Sebastiano Santostefano

Certain persons do not benefit from psychotherapy or drop out prematurely. In Guided Enactments in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Sebastiano Santostefano provides research- supported concepts that can help therapists...

Memory and Miscarriages of Justice

by Mark L. Howe, Lauren M. Knott & Martin A. Conway

Memory is often the primary evidence in the courtroom, yet unfortunately this evidence may not be fit for purpose. This is because memory is both fallible and malleable; it is possible to forget and also to...

How Children Learn, 50th anniversary edition

by John Holt

From the preface by Deborah Meier:

"We have a long way to go to make John Holt's dream available to all children. But his books make it possible and easier for many of us to join him in the journey."

In this enduring...

Consciousness and Fundamental Reality

by Philip Goff

A core philosophical project is the attempt to uncover the fundamental nature of reality, the limited set of facts upon which all other facts depend. Perhaps the most popular theory of fundamental reality in...

Representations in Mind and World: Essays Inspired by Barbara Tversky

by Jeffrey M. Zacks & Holly A. Taylor

This volume pulls together interdisciplinary research on cognitive representations in the mind and in the world. The chapters-from cutting-edge researchers in psychology, philosophy, computer science, and the...

Think Like an Entrepreneur: The Mindset of Success

by Jane Mara

What makes an entrepreneur successful?

The latest scientific research revealed in this book demonstrates that entrepreneurial thinking can be easily developed by everyone and is far more than creative thinking,...

Studies in Perception and Action XIV: Nineteenth International Conference on Perception and Action

by Julie A. Weast-Knapp & Gert-Jan Pepping

ICPA provides a forum for researchers and academics who share a common interest in ecological psychology to come together, present new research, and foster ideas towards the advancement of the field. This volume...

Cognitive Development in Digital Contexts

by Fran C. Blumberg & Patricia J. Brooks

Cognitive Development in Digital Contexts investigates the impact of screen media on key aspects of children and adolescents' cognitive development. Highlighting how screen media impact cognitive development,...

Executive Functions in Health and Disease

by Elkhonon Goldberg

Executive Functions in Health and Disease provides a comprehensive review of both healthy and disordered executive function. It discusses what executive functions are, what parts of the brain are involved, what...

Logical Abilities in Children: Volume 3: Reasoning in Adolescence: Deductive Inference

by Daniel N. Osherson

Originally published in 1975, this volume (3 of 4) presents an expanded model of certain deductive abilities in children and adults. A partial explanation of the growth of these abilities was suggested in Volume...

Logical Abilities in Children: Volume 2: Logical Inference: Underlying Operations

by Daniel N. Osherson

Originally published in 1974, the second volume of four (Logical Inference: Underlying Operations) provides a process-model for the solution of certain syllogistic reasoning problems. Testable predictions of...

What Is an Emotion?

by Dr. William James

I should say first of all that the only emotions I propose expressly to consider here are those that have a distinct bodily expression. That there are feelings of pleasure and displeasure, of interest and excitement,...

The Sociocultural Brain

by Shihui Han

How is the human brain shaped by our sociocultural experiences? What neural correlates underlie the extraordinary cultural diversity of human behavior? How do our genes interact with sociocultural experiences...

Logical Abilities in Children: Volume 4: Reasoning and Concepts

by Daniel N. Osherson

Originally published in 1976, this fourth and final volume in a series that met with critical acclaim is concerned with a certain kind of answer to the question "What distinguishes the concepts that are a natural...

The Nature of Desire

by Federico Lauria & Julien A. Deonna

Desires matter. What are desires? Many believe that desire is a motivational state: desiring is being disposed to act. This conception aligns with the functionalist approach to desire and the standard account...

Nabokov's Mimicry of Freud

by Teckyoung Kwon

In Nabokov’s Mimicry of Freud: Art as Science, Teckyoung Kwon examines the manner in which Nabokov invited his readers to engage in his ongoing battle against psychoanalysis. Kwon looks at Nabokov’s use...

Face Value

by Alexander Todorov

We make up our minds about others after seeing their faces for a fraction of a second—and these snap judgments predict all kinds of important decisions. For example, politicians who simply look more competent...

Thinking Through Creativity and Culture: Toward an Integrated Model

by Vlad Petre Glaveanu

Creativity and culture are inherently linked. Society and culture are part and parcel of creativity's process, outcome, and subjective experience. Equally, creativity does not reside in the individual independent...

The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

by Stefan G. Hofmann & Gordon J. G. Asmundson

The Science of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy describes the scientific approach of CBT, reviews the efficacy and validity of the CBT model, and exemplifies important differences and commonalities of CBT approaches....