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Cognitive Literary Science

Individual Differences in Judgement and Decision-Making: A Developmental Perspective

by Maggie E. Toplak & Joshua Weller

Children face an overwhelming amount of information and a range of different choices every day, and so there has never been a more important time to understand how children learn to make judgments and decisions...

The Evolution of Memory Systems

Coping with Lack of Control in a Social World

by Marcin Bukowski, Immo Fritsche & Ana Guinote

Coping with Lack of Control in a Social World offers an integrated view of cutting-edge research on the effects of control deprivation on social cognition. The book integrates multi-method research demonstrating...

Big Data in Cognitive Science

by Michael N. Jones

While laboratory research is the backbone of collecting experimental data in cognitive science, a rapidly increasing amount of research is now capitalizing on large-scale and real-world digital data. Each piece...

Melancholic Habits

The Paperclip Test: A Personality Quiz Like No Other

by Mario Gmür

An entertaining yet enlightening personality test, using that humblest of objects—a bent paperclip—to pick the lock of your psyche

The Thinking Mind: A Festschrift for Ken Manktelow

by Niall Galbraith, Erica Lucas & David Over

The field of thinking has undergone a revolution in recent years, opening itself up to new perspectives and applications. The traditional focus on laboratory-based thinking has transformed as theoretical work...

Memory and the Self

Questions of Character

Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition

by Gareth Gaskell & Jelena Mirkovic

Speech Perception and Spoken Word Recognition features contributions from the field's leading scientists, and covers recent developments and current issues in the study of cognitive and neural mechanisms that...

Exploring Robotic Minds

Vygotsky at Work and Play

by Lois Holzman

Vygotsky at Work and Play is an intimate portrayal of the Vygotskian-inspired approach to human development known as 'social therapeutics' and 'the psychology of becoming'. Holzman provides an accessible, practical-philosophical...

Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists: A Guide to Improving Clinical Effectiveness

by Tony Rousmaniere

This text explores how psychotherapists can use deliberate practice to improve their clinical effectiveness. By sourcing through decades of research on how experts in diverse fields achieve skill mastery, the...

Musical Prodigies

Neuropsychology of Space: Spatial Functions of the Human Brain

by Albert Postma & Ineke J. M. van der Ham

The Neuropsychology of Space: Spatial Functions of the Human Brain summarizes recent research findings related to understanding the brain mechanisms involved in spatial reasoning, factors that adversely impact...

What's Normal?

The Meaning of Truth

by William, Dr. James

The Meaning of Truth is one of William James' most important books. It is a necessary read for anyone looking to understand the nature of truth. Does it exist independently of man or does man make truth what...

The Law and the Word: With Linked Table of Contents

by Thomas Troward

The Law and the Word explores the connection between thought energy, scientific reasoning, and creative power. Chapters include Some Facts in Nature, Some Psychic Experiences, Man's Place in the Creative Order,...

The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science: With Linked Table of Contents

by Thomas Troward

The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science are required reading for anyone wishing to understand and control the power of the mind. Without these lectures the New Thought Movement and The Science of Mind...