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Contact and Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching

by Ty Francis & Malcolm Parlett

This collection brings together some leading figures in Gestalt coaching to take stock of the field and consider how it might move forward. It covers the principles of Gestalt coaching and encourages practitioners...

The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis

by Leo Rangell & Otto Fenichel

A perennially best-selling and influential psychoanalytic work. When Otto Fenichel died suddenly at age 48, Anna Freud mourned the loss of "his inexhaustible knowledge of psychoanalysis and his inimitable way...

The Stronghold Difference: Hope Without Hype, Guidance Without Judgement

by Chambers JC

Stronghold was created in 1993 to offer Hope, the hope of real healing for those hurting in a broken world. Healing never takes place alone. Many times it is the result of deliberate, intentional, caring service...

Broken Crayons Still Color: From Our Mess to God's Masterpiece

by Shelley Hitz & Deb Hall

Many times what we see as our biggest regrets, failures and mistakes become what God uses the most in our lives.

God transforms our brokenness into something more beautiful than we can even imagine. He takes...

Weight, Diet and Body Image: What Every Therapist Needs to Know

by Edward Abramson

Regardless of your client's diagnosis or presenting problems, they're likely to be concerned about their weight. And that impacts treatment.Noted expert on eating and weight disorders, Edward Abramson, PhD,...

Self Confidence

by Luca Stanchieri

SELF-CONFIDENCE: A Training Course in Success, to transform your insecurity into CONFIDENCE in Yourself! Self-Confidence is a journey in stages to liberate us from our sense of lack of personal potency, and...

Single-Session Integrated CBT (SSI-CBT): Distinctive features

by Windy Dryden

Until quite recently, therapist training was predicated on the notion that therapy is an ongoing process. Single-Session Integrated CBT (SSI-CBT) questions this. In this book, Windy Dryden takes long standing...

Lifescaping Practices in School Communities: Implementing Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry

by Rolla E. Lewis & Peg Winkelman

Lifescaping Practices in School Communities is a guide for school administrators and helping professionals (school counselors, school psychologists, school social workers, and other stakeholders) looking to...

Conscience and Critic: The selected works of Keith Tudor

by Keith Tudor

Conscience and Critic: The Selected Works of Keith Tudor brings together 35 years of Keith Tudor's finest contributions to the field of mental health. Covering a wide range of subjects that encompass psychotherapy,...

What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know About Sex, Second Edition

by Stephanie, PsyD, CST-S Buehler

The second edition of this acclaimed guide to understanding sexuality and working with clients on sexuality issues is extensively updated to reflect recent scientific, practical, and social developments in the...

Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling: Unavoidable, Common, and Mandatory Dual Relations in Therapy

by Ofer Zur

This first-of-a-kind analysis will focus exclusively on unavoidable and mandated multiple relationships between clients and psychotherapists. The book will cover the ethics of a range of venues and situations...

Clean Coaching: The insider guide to making change happen

by Angela Dunbar

Most coaches today see their role as mainly non-directive, helping to uncover their coachee's own wisdom. However, coaches may unwittingly and unconsciously constrain what their coachees talk and think about,...

Homelessness Prevention in Treatment of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness: Logic Models and Implementation of Eight American Projects

by Patricia Hanrahan, Michael D Matters & Kendon J Conrad

Through Homelessness Prevention in Treatment of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness: Logic Models and Implementation of Eight American Projects, psychiatrist, psychologists, and social workers will discover the...

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Christian Clients: A Faith-Based Workbook

by Joshua J. Knabb

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Christian Clients is an indispensable companion to Faith-Based ACT for Christian Clients. The workbook offers a basic overview of the goals of ACT, including concepts that...

Shining a Light on the Autism Spectrum: Experiences and Aspirations of Adults

by Debra Costley, Susanna Baldwin & Susan Bruck

Produced in conjunction with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Australia's largest provider of services with people on the autism spectrum, this new text explores the experiences, needs and aspirations of...

Tell Me Your Story: How Therapy Works to Awaken, Heal, and Set You Free

by Tuya Pearl

Overcome anxiety, depression, compulsions, addiction, fear, grief, obsessions, confusion, and self-doubt. Guided through sessions by therapist author Tuya Pearl-listening to others' stories and telling their...

Listening, Learning, Caring and Counselling: The Essential Manual for Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors and Other Healthcare

by Cate Howell

Developing the skills of listening, learning, caring and counselling requires professional support and training. This authoritative, comprehensive guide fills that role, and is for the reference shelves of health...

The College and University Counseling Manual: Integrating Essential Services Across the Campus

by Shannon, PhD, LMHC, ACS Hodges, Kimber, PhD, LP Shelton & Morgan, Ph.D., LMHC, NCC Brooks

Campus counseling services today must face the challenges of greater diversity and complexity on campus while making do with fewer resources. In order to be maximally effective, they must be willing to engage...

Indigenous Cultures and Mental Health Counselling: Four Directions for Integration with Counselling Psychology

by Suzanne L. Stewart, Roy Moodley & Ashley Hyatt

North America's Indigenous population is a vulnerable group, with specific psychological and healing needs that are not widely met in the mental health care system. Indigenous peoples face certain historical,...

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