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The Moral Psychology of Pride

by J. Adam Carter & Emma C. Gordon

Is it good to be proud? We sometimes happily speak of being proud of our achievements, ethnicities and identities, yet pride is also often described as the most serious of the seven deadly sins. This edited...

Getting Up

by Maxine Bigby Cunningham

Getting Up is a collection of poetry and prose in which the author shares her trials and triumphs while living a full and vibrant life, despite her diagnosis of a mood disorder: depression. Through streams...

The Laws of Emotion

by Nico H. Frijda

The Laws of Emotion is an accessible work that reviews much of the insightful new research on emotions conducted over the last ten years. It expands on the theory of emotions introduced in Nico Frijda's earlier...

Michael Murphy's Book of Dreams

by Michael Murphy

In Michael Murphy’s Book of Dreams, the author, broadcaster and psychoanalyst examines 65 dreams, unlocking the fascinating insights they offer. His accessible style and expert analysis will help you understand...

Intimate Relationships: Issues, Theories, and Research

by Ralph Erber & Maureen Erber

Intimate Relationships covers both classic and current material in a concise yet thorough and rigorous manner. Chapters range from attraction to love, attachment to jealousy, sexuality to conflict-all written...

Twilight of American Sanity

by Allen Frances

“Unravel[s] the national psyche that brought our politics to this moment.” — Evan Osnos, The New Yorker

A landmark book, from “one of the world’s most prominent psychiatrists” (The Atlantic): Allen...

Attachment and Emotional Development in the Classroom

by Paul Cooper, David Colley, Jon Reid & Janice Cahill et al.

As of 2016 the Department for Education (DfE) want to ensure all trainee teachers have an understanding of emotional development and attachment, and so this book presents the key concepts that are essential...

Psychology for You and Me

by Valerie Jay

The content, which is pitched to a wide audience, is graded into three parts so readers can decide how deeply they wish to delve into the information provided. If a simple plan for the positive management of...

Health Psychology: An Interdisciplinary Approach

by Deborah Fish Ragin

This textbook takes a truly interdisciplinary approach to studying health psychology. It examines five systems that affect individual health outcomes: individual, family/community, social/physical environment,...

Who Are You, Really?: The Surprising Puzzle of Personality

by Brian R. Little

This fun, smart read for anyone eager to better understand (and improve) themselves argues that personality is driven not by nature nor nurture—but instead by the projects we pursue, which ultimately shape...

Making Sense of Emotion: Innovating Emotional Intelligence

by M. John D. Ninivaggi & Linda C. Mayes

Emotions often get in the way of our functioning or understanding a situation. This book helps readers better understand emotions, as they learn to perceive, recognize, identify, and adapt their emotional reserves...

The Marital Knot: Arranged Marriages, Love Marriages and the Ties that Bind

by Shabnamzehra Bhojani

What binds people together in marriage? The Marital Knot examines the differences between arranges marriages and love marriage and explores the ties that bind. It shares the story of one of Dr. Shabnamzehra...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Mindfulness Toolbox: 50 Tips, Tools and Handouts for Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Personality and Mood Disorders

by Richard Sears

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been an effective intervention for decades, but few clinicians have discovered the powerful treatment results of combining CBT with Mindfulness.

Clinical psychologist and...

Behind the Therapy Door

by Randy Kamen

Dr. Randy Kamen takes you into the stories of six women whose search to find greater life satisfaction paves the way for readers to do the same. This is a journey to acquire health-enhancing tools and strategies...

What Motivates Getting Things Done

by Mary Lamia

A marvel of evolution is that humans are not solely motivated by their desire to experience positive emotions. They are also motivated, and even driven to achieve, by their attempt to avoid or seek relief from...

Shame and Creativity: From Affect towards Individuation

by Vibeke Skov

Shame and Creativity: From Affect Towards Individuation is about shame and the ways in which we can use creative methods to transform shame into a lifelong process of self-development. Using a Jungian understanding...

The Forgotten Art of Love: What Love Means and Why It Matters

by Armin A. Zadeh

A unique and wide-ranging look at love's crucial role in every aspect of human existence

A Sad and Sorry State of Disorder

by Tracy Barker

[This] is me offering hope, if that is what is needed, whether you suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder or care for someone who does. It is me making an effort to raise awareness of this very misunderstood...


by Erick Kenneth French

Iphelia is a graphic novel for the inner children of grown men and women. It is the story of a girl born with a special gift of sensitivity, told through 90 pages of visually stunning images that animate the...

How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You're an Adult: A Path to Authenticity and Awakening

by Ira Israel

A fresh approach for turning negative thought patterns into new habits of peace and fulfillment