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Overcoming Sexual Problems 2nd Edition: A self-help guide using cognitive behavioural techniques

by Vicki Ford

'A positive step-by-step guide to... help readers resolve their sexual difficulties. It empowers couples to set goals to meet their needs.' Nursing Standard

Are you worried about impotence or loss of sexual desire,...

Kinsey is Wrong!

by PhD Barry Joel Kaplan

As a teenager, Dr. Kaplan experienced a traumatic life-changing event. This altered his perspective on sexuality and ultimately impacted the direction of his life. When Dr. Kaplan received his bachelor’s degree...

Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out

by Jessica Graham

Jessica Graham demonstrates that a deep spiritual life and an extraordinary sex life are not mutually exclusive in this keenly personal and unflinchingly frank guide to finding mindfulness in sex without losing...

The Story of Sex: A Graphic History Through the Ages

by Philippe Brenot, Laetitia Coryn & Will McMorran

The first graphic history of sex chronicles sexuality and human intimacy through the ages, from our primate pasts to our robotic futures.

Humans have had sex on the brain since pre-civilization either for pleasure,...

The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship

by Sha Rocco

"The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship" is an 1874 work by Hargreave Jennings, published under the pseudonym "Sha Rocco". Within it, Jennings presents a detailed treatise on the role of sexuality in ancient...

Misperceptions of the Social World: What We Get Wrong About Sex, Race, Money, and Violence

by Eric Beasley

This volume elucidates some of the very concrete ways in which Americans misperceive the social world and how we are all subject to biases and illusions. As such, it challenges the assumption in much social...

Stonewall Strong

by John-Manuel Andriote

Longtime Washington, D.C. health journalist John-Manuel Andriote didn’t expect to mark the twenty-fifth year of the HIV-AIDS epidemic in 2006 by coming out in the Washington Post about his own recent HIV diagnosis....

You Can't Buy Love Like That

by Carol E. Anderson

Carol Anderson grows up in a fundamentalist Christian home in the ?60s, a time when being gay was in opposition to all social and religious mores and against the law in most states. Fearing the rejection of...

BDSM: Why Am I Kinky?

by Stefan Vogael

"An excellent short overview of the topic of BDSM. I really enjoyed that this book was well researched and explored the neuroscience theories about why people enjoy BDSM. This approach is often not discussed...

The Sessions

by Jack Aiden Pierce & Lindsay Montgomery

The Sessions is the book, Fifty Shades, wanted to be, but wasn't able to become. The main character, Ethan, is a practicing psychologist who was referred to therapy as part of a professional intervention program....

Phallicism - Celestial and Terrestrial, Heathen and Christian - Its Connexion with the Rosicrucians and the Gnostics and its Foundation in Buddhism -

by Hargreave Jennings

Within this book, Hargrave Jennings looks at the role "Phallicism" has played in various religions, including Rosicrucianism, Gnosticism, and Buddhism. A fascinating exploration of the significance of sexuality...

Sex Life in England

by Iwan Bloch

First published in 1934, "Sex Life in England" explores the history and development of sexual behaviour in England throughout history, looking at the concept of debauchery, famous people and cases, sexual perversion...

The Naughty Nineties: The Triumph of the American Libido

by David Friend

A sexual history of the 1990s when the Baby Boomers took over Washington, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue. A definitive look at the captains of the culture wars -- and an indispensable road map for understanding...

Cheap Sex

by Mark Regnerus

Sex is cheap. Coupled sexual activity has become more widely available than ever. Cheap sex has been made possible by two technologies that have little to do with each other - the Pill and high-quality pornography...

Extraordinary Sex Therapy: Creative Approaches for Clinicians

by Gina Ogden

How do we help our clients discover the depth and breadth of sexual healing? Extraordinary Sex Therapy offers a range of innovative health-based approaches and models to explore the complexities inherent in...

The Gender Agenda

by Ros Ball, James Millar & Marianne Grabrucker

From language and clothes, to toys and the media, society inflicts unwritten rules on each gender from birth. Aiming to make people aware of the way gender is constructed and constantly reinforced, this diary...

Counseling Transgender and Non-Binary Youth

by Irwin Krieger

There are growing numbers of youth who identify as transgender, and as a result, clinicians and counselors are in need of an informed resource that covers the basics of gender identity and expression. This book...

A Recent History of Lesbian and Gay Psychology: From Homophobia to LGBT

by Peter Hegarty

This ground-breaking text explores the contemporary history of how psychological research, practice, and theory has engaged with gay and lesbian movements in the United States and beyond, over the last 50 years....

The Collected Works of Sigmund Freud

by Sigmund Freud, Helen M. Downey, M. D. Eder & J. B. Strachey et al.

This carefully edited collection of Sigmund Freud's path breaking works has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Introduction to Psychoanalysis...

Witches, Sluts, Feminists

by Kristen J. Sollee

“Like being deemed a witch hundreds of years ago, being presumed a slut today is cause for ostracism, abuse, and death.” . . . Archetypes of “witch” and “slut” have been used to police female sexuality...