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Exploring Positive Relationships at Work: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation

by Jane E. Dutton & Belle Rose Ragins

This edited volume brings together a select group of leading organizational scholars for the purpose of developing a foundation-setting book on positive relationships at work. Positive Relationships at Work...

Distributed Situation Awareness: Theory, Measurement and Application to Teamwork

by Paul M. Salmon, Neville A. Stanton & Daniel P. Jenkins

Having an accurate understanding of what is going on is a key commodity for teams working within military systems. 'Situation awareness' (SA) is the term that is used within human factors circles to describe...

Cognitive Work Analysis: Coping with Complexity

by Guy H. Walker, Daniel P. Jenkins & Neville A. Stanton

'Complex sociotechnical systems' are systems made up of numerous interacting parts, both human and non-human, operating in dynamic, ambiguous and safety critical domains. Cognitive Work Analysis (CWA) is a structured...

The Versatility Factor: Strategies for Building High-Performing Relationships

by John Myers & Henning Pfaffhausen

How effective are you in leading or dealing with clients, your manager, your colleagues? Do you build rapport with some people easier than others? Are there some people with whom you just can't connect? The...

Myths of Work: The Stereotypes and Assumptions Holding Your Organization Back

by Ian MacRae & Adrian Furnham

Takes a fascinating and readable approach to debunking the most pervasive myths about work and the workplace to help you get the most out of your organization.

Supervision and Coaching: Growth and Learning in Professional Practice

by Hilary Cochrane & Trudi Newton

What is supervision, and what is distinctive about supervision for coaches?

This book has a dual purpose: to explore the value of supervision to both giver and receiver in a transformative relationship, and...

Stack It Up!: Stop Losing Talent; Build the Next Level Together

by Janeen M. Latini

Readers learn how to stop employee turnover without having to pay more in salaries

Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology

by Ronald E. Riggio

Introduction to Industrial/Organizational Psychology provides an accessible approach to psychological theory and its applications to the world of work. Using both classic theories and research along with the...

Cognitive-Emotive-Behavioural Coaching: A Flexible and Pluralistic Approach

by Windy Dryden

This accessible introduction to cognitive-emotive-behavioural coaching (CEBC) emphasises the role emotions play in coaching and explores how coaches can acknowledge them in their work, as well as demonstrating...

Neuroscience for Coaches: How to Use the Latest Insights for the Benefit of Your Clients

by Amy Brann

Understand the neuroscience behind coaching tools and theories clearly so you can apply the principles confidently.

Life, Leadership, and Legacy: 101 Tips for Emerging Justice Leaders, Second Edition

by Resmaa Menakem

It happens that once in a decade or so, a powerfully written, hard-hitting book is presented that reveals knowledge and expertise on an evolving topic of national and international concern. Life, Leadership,...

Perception and Misperception in International Politics

by Robert Jervis

With a new preface by the authorSince its original publication in 1976, Perception and Misperception in International Politics has become a landmark book in its field, hailed by the New York Times as "the seminal...

Good People, Bad Managers

by Samuel A. Culbert

There's far more bad management behavior taking place today than the well-intentioned doling it out realize... and even more than those on the receiving end are aware of! There's little mystery about what good...

Human Error in Aviation

by R.Key Dismukes

Most aviation accidents are attributed to human error, pilot error especially. Human error also greatly effects productivity and profitability. In his overview of this collection of papers, the editor points...

The Facilitator's Toolkit

by Maggie Havergal & John Edmonstone

Maggie Havergal and John Edmonstone's Facilitator's Toolkit provides your organization with a resource on which every manager can draw. The authors explain the basic skills of facilitation, how and when to use...

Global Organizations

by Rabi S. Bhagat, Annette S. McDevitt & B. Ram Baliga

The 21st century is often characterized as the age of globalization, with the world's economies becoming more and more interconnected at an unprecedented rate. And while the phenomenon of globalization isn't...

The CEO's Playbook: Turning the Employees You Have into the Dream Team You Always Wanted

Managing for Resilience: A Practical Guide for Employee Wellbeing and Organizational Performance

by Monique F. Crane

In an era of longer hours and shorter contracts, of tighter margins and frequent organizational change, stress can undermine both the mental health and performance of employees. A culture of resilience in the...

The Future of Coaching: Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World

by Hetty Einzig

We live in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, in which our work and lives are constantly disrupted and changing. But coaches and leaders are still trained to operate within stable models...

Life, Leadership, and Legacy

by Resmaa Menakem

It happens that once in a decade or so, a powerfully written, hard-hitting book is presented that reveals knowledge and expertise on an evolving topic of national and international concern. Life, Leadership,...