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Life, Leadership, and Legacy: 101 Tips for Emerging Justice Leaders, Second Edition

by Resmaa Menakem

It happens that once in a decade or so, a powerfully written, hard-hitting book is presented that reveals knowledge and expertise on an evolving topic of national and international concern. Life, Leadership,...

Perception and Misperception in International Politics

by Robert Jervis

With a new preface by the authorSince its original publication in 1976, Perception and Misperception in International Politics has become a landmark book in its field, hailed by the New York Times as "the seminal...

Good People, Bad Managers

by Samuel A. Culbert

There's far more bad management behavior taking place today than the well-intentioned doling it out realize... and even more than those on the receiving end are aware of! There's little mystery about what good...

The Facilitator's Toolkit

by Maggie Havergal & John Edmonstone

Maggie Havergal and John Edmonstone's Facilitator's Toolkit provides your organization with a resource on which every manager can draw. The authors explain the basic skills of facilitation, how and when to use...

Global Organizations

by Rabi S. Bhagat, Annette S. McDevitt & B. Ram Baliga

The 21st century is often characterized as the age of globalization, with the world's economies becoming more and more interconnected at an unprecedented rate. And while the phenomenon of globalization isn't...

The CEO's Playbook: Turning the Employees You Have into the Dream Team You Always Wanted

Managing for Resilience: A Practical Guide for Employee Wellbeing and Organizational Performance

by Monique F. Crane

In an era of longer hours and shorter contracts, of tighter margins and frequent organizational change, stress can undermine both the mental health and performance of employees. A culture of resilience in the...

The Future of Coaching: Vision, Leadership and Responsibility in a Transforming World

by Hetty Einzig

We live in a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, in which our work and lives are constantly disrupted and changing. But coaches and leaders are still trained to operate within stable models...

Life, Leadership, and Legacy

by Resmaa Menakem

It happens that once in a decade or so, a powerfully written, hard-hitting book is presented that reveals knowledge and expertise on an evolving topic of national and international concern. Life, Leadership,...

How Statesmen Think

by Robert Jervis

Robert Jervis has been a pioneering leader in the study of the psychology of international politics for more than four decades. How Statesmen Think presents his most important ideas on the subject from across...

The Feldenkrais Method for Executive Coaches, Managers, and Business Leaders: Moving in All Directions

by Garet Newell & Simon Paul Ogden

In this fascinating and practical book, Garet Newell and Simon Paul Ogden show how the Feldenkrais Method can be used by coaches and managers as a resource to improve both the performance of individuals and...


by Scott Sonenshein

A groundbreaking approach to succeeding in business and life, using the science of resourcefulness.

We often think the key to success and satisfaction is to get more: more money, time, and possessions; bigger...

The Work-Family Interface in Global Context

by Karen Korabik, Zeynep Aycan & Roya Ayman

Based on a sweeping, ten country study, The Work-Family Interface in Global Context comprises the most comprehensive and rigorous cross-cultural study of the work-family interface to date. Just as work-family...

Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Creating Change for People, Processes, and Paradigms

by Audrey J. Murrell & Stacy Blake-Beard

Mentoring Diverse Leaders provides up-to-date research on the impact of mentoring relationships in organizations, particularly as they relate to cultivating diverse leadership. Contributions from experts in...

Handbook of Employee Selection

by James L. Farr & Nancy T. Tippins

This second edition of the Handbook of Employee Selection has been revised and updated throughout to reflect current thinking on the state of science and practice in employee selection. In this volume, a diverse...

Sociology, Work and Organisation: Seventh Edition

by Tony Watson

The seventh edition of Sociology, Work and Organisation is outstandingly effective in explaining how we can use the sociological imagination to understand the nature of institutions of work, organisations, occupations,...

College Student Leadership Development

by Valerie I. Sessa

College Student Leadership Development introduces the idea that we all play a part in producing leadership and that learning how to participate in the process of leadership is something that all college students...

Very Brief Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (VBCBC)

by Windy Dryden

In Very Brief Cognitive Behavioural Coaching Windy Dryden presents VBCBC: a unique approach to coaching from a cognitive behavioural perspective which takes place over the course of one to three sessions. The...

Autonomous Learning in the Workplace

by Jill E. Ellingson & Raymond A. Noe

Traditionally, organizations and researchers have focused on learning that occurs through formal training and development programs. However, the realities of today's workplace suggest that it is difficult, if...

The Psychology of Job Interviews

by Nicolas Roulin

Most people, at some point in their lives, experience the stress of being interviewed for a job they want. Many also face the challenge of interviewing other people. But what does the science tell us about this...