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9 to 5

by Scientific American Editors

Everyday hundreds of millions of people go to work. Hours upon hours are spent at desks, in offices, in meetings, speaking to and collaborating with colleagues. But how many of those hours are productive ones?...

New Directions in Organizational Psychology and Behavioral Medicine

by Cary Cooper & Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou

This research shows the dynamic relationship between work, health and satisfaction. New Directions in Organizational Psychology and Behavioral Medicine, comprehensively covers new developments in the field of...

Misbehavior in Organizations: A Dynamic Approach

by Yoav Vardi & Ely Weitz

This revised edition of Misbehavior in Organizations updates and expands upon the integrative OMB (organizational misbehavior) framework pioneered by the authors. Streamlined for improved readability, it covers...

Work Stress and Coping in the Era of Globalization

by Rabi S. Bhagat, James Segovis & Terry Nelson

This book examines the phenomena of how individuals experience work stress and coping in both developed and developing countries in the world. Rabi Bhagat, known for his cross-cultural scholarship in this area,...

The Social Psychology of Organizations: Diagnosing Toxicity and Intervening in the Workplace

by Joanna Wilde

Healthy and successful organizations require the people who work within them to be happy, resilient and creative. Just as a human body is undermined if it suffers from sickness, so an organization can only function...

Advances in Aviation Psychology: Volume 1

by Michael A. Vidulich & Pamela S. Tsang

Aviation remains one of the most active and challenging domains for human factors and applied psychology. Since 1981, the biennial International Symposium on Aviation Psychology (ISAP) has been convened for...

Liberal Arts of Management: A Toolkit for Today's Leaders

by James Maroosis

This book analyzes and elucidates the view that the purpose of the liberal arts is to offer leadership training and guidelines for success. This professional or managerial tradition of the liberal arts is discussed...

Applied Measurement: Industrial Psychology in Human Resources Management

by Deborah L. Whetzel & George R. Wheaton

An updated version of Deborah Whetzel and George Wheaton's earlier volume, this text is a well-organized sourcebook for fundamental practices in industrial psychology and human resources management. Applied...

Managing and Leading People Through Organizational Change: The theory and practice of sustaining change through people

by Julie Hodges

A comprehensive guide to managing and leading people during organizational change, offering a global approach and focus on action, this text demonstrates the importance of the people element in sustaining change....

Human Relations Protocol

by Susan Louise Peterson

Human Relations Protocol is a practical guide that investigates the choices and consequences that professionals make as they communicate in the workplace. There are real life examples of these choices that many...

The Process Matters: Engaging and Equipping People for Success

by Joel Brockner

We do business in a results-oriented world. Our focus on growth is laudable for its clarity, but one of its downsides is that firms can lose sight of the process: how business gets done and the individuals or...

NoNonsense The Money Crisis: How Bankers Have Grabbed Our Money - and How We Can Get It Back

by Peter Stalker

A history of money, an examination of what's gone wrong and the ideas which would put people back in charge.

Strength-Based Leadership Coaching in Organizations: An Evidence-Based Guide to Positive Leadership Development

by Doug MacKie

Traditionally many leadership development approaches have focused on addressing weaknesses. This book will show, with evidence, why it makes sense to adopt positive organizational psychology approaches that...

The Work and Family Handbook: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives and Approaches

by Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Ellen Ernst Kossek & Stephen Sweet

The Work and Family Handbook is a comprehensive edited volume, which reviews a wide range of disciplinary perspectives across the social sciences on the study of work-family relationships, theory, and methods....

Why We Work

by Barry Schwartz

An eye-opening, groundbreaking tour of the purpose of work in our lives, showing how work operates in our culture and how you can find your own path to happiness in the workplace.

Why do we work? The question...

The Oxford Handbook of Leader-Member Exchange

by Talya N. Bauer & Berrin Erdogan

Leader-member exchange (LMX) is the foremost dyadic theory in the leadership literature. Whereas contemporary leadership theories such as transformational, servant, or authentic leadership theories focus on...

Psychology and Industrial Efficiency

by Hugo Munsterberg

Our aim is to sketch the outlines of a new science which is to intermediate between the modern laboratory psychology and the problems of economics: the psychological experiment is systematically to be placed...

Psychology and Work Today 10E

by Duane Schultz & Sydney Ellen Schultz

For undergraduate-level courses in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Business Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Applied Psychology. Psychology and Work Today provides an invaluable foundation for...

Power Score: Your Formula for Leadership Success

by Geoff Smart, Randy Street & Alan Foster

ghSMART, the bestselling team behind Who: The A Method for Hiring, returns with a breakthrough formula for how the best leaders and teams deliver results.


“ghSMART is the world’s top firm for helping leaders...

Accompanied Selfrehabilitation

by Alberto, Fergusson

Every once in a great while, there arises a young psychiatrist with entirely new rehabilitation ideas for helping patients retrieve their lives from psychosiso Usually such ideas initially cause significant...