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Among the Walking Wounded

by John Conrad

  • Author Col. John Conrad is an expert and experienced author whose book What the Thunder Said sold over 2,220 copies in Canada
  • The subject is exceedingly topical/relevant and will remain so for many years as...

Successful Social Stories™ for School and College Students with Autism

by Siobhan Timmins & Carol Gray

As children grow up and spend more and more time away from home in schools and colleges, life often seems to get increasingly complicated. Autism makes the challenges they meet in these new environments even...

Can't You Hear Them?

by Simon McCarthy-Jones

The experience of 'hearing voices', once associated with lofty prophetic communications, has fallen low. Today, the experience is typically portrayed as an unambiguous harbinger of madness caused by a broken...

Understanding OCD

by Eric A. Storch, Adam B. Lewin, Brittany Rudy & Michael Sulkowski et al.

Giving a full overview of childhood obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and discussing all major treatment options, including cognitive behavioural therapy and medication, this guide provides the essential information...

Stop Anxiety from Stopping You

by Helen Odessky & Dr. John Duffy

• Statistics for Anxiety are staggering -Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18% of the population. • Studies...

An Introduction to Coping with Panic

by Charles Young

Learn how to manage your feelings of panic

Panic disorder and panic attacks affect many people across the world. This self-help guide explains how panic develops and what keeps it going. This updated edition...

An Introduction to Coping with Health Anxiety: A Books on Prescription Title

by Brenda Hogan & Charles Young

Learn how to control your health anxiety

Health anxiety affects many people across the world - a preoccupation with physical illness that is equally bad for your mental health. This self-help guide explains how...

You 1 Anxiety 0

by Jodi Aman

“Sorry, Anxiety, You Lose!”

Donna felt powerless and defeated by her anxiety. She believed getting better was “too hard” because despite her every effort she continued to feel this way.

Anxiety doesn’t...

Philosophical Issues in Psychiatry IV

by Kenneth S. Kendler & Josef Parnas

The revisions of both DSM-IV and ICD-10 have again focused the interest of the field of psychiatry and clinical psychology on the issue of nosology. This interest has been further heightened by a series of controversies...

Understanding the Emotional Disorders

by David Watson & Michael W. O'Hara

Improving the measurement of symptoms of emotional disorders has been an important goal of mental health research. In direct response to this need, the Expanded Version of the Inventory of Depression and Anxiety...

Beating Anxiety

by Davida Hartman & Kate Brangan

Many young people on the autism spectrum struggle with anxiety, but did you know there are lots of simple things you can do to tackle it? This illustrated book will help you to identify what makes you anxious,...

Creative Therapies for Complex Trauma

by Anthea Hendry, Joy Hasler, Sarah Ayache & Jay Vaughan et al.

A burgeoning evidence base supports that arts, play and other creative therapies have potential to help children in foster care, kinship care or adoptive families to recover from complex trauma. Written by contributors...

An Adult with an Autism Diagnosis

by Gillan Drew

Through the personal experiences of an adult diagnosed with Asperger's, this book will inform on the social challenges of life on the spectrum along with sensible advice for practical situations. Includes an...

How LEGO®-Based Therapy for Autism Works

by Daniel B. LeGoff

With in-depth descriptions of LEGO®-based therapy in action, this book explains how and why it helps to promote the development of social skills for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related...

Anxiety Makes Me Anxious

by Shayna Brazier & Jake Bush

Anxiety Makes Me Anxious is the anxious life of author Shayna Brazier written in hilarious anecdotal form. She describes what having anxiety is like through a series of personal phobias. Brazier takes the reader...

RecoveryMind Training

by Paul H. Earley

An innovative guide for professionals that establishes an extraordinary approach to understanding the dynamics of addiction and the recovery process. RecoveryMind Training (RMT) includes state-of-the-art information...

Boost Your Concentration

by 50MINUTES.Com

Ready to take your career to the next level? Find out everything you need to know about boosting your concentration with this practical guide.

Concentration, attention and focus are skills that many people struggle...

Welcome to the Jungle, Revised Edition: Facing Bipolar Without Freaking Out

by Hilary T. Smith

“I wrote Welcome to the Jungle because it’s the book I should have been given when I was diagnosed." Bipolar disorder is one of the most commonly diagnosed psychiatric conditions among teens and twentysomethings,...

Post-Traumatic Stress - Not a Life Sentence

by Nola Anne Hennessy

Written to help, empower and inspire trauma survivors to take control of their health and well-being outcomes and focus on achieving a fully healed state, Post-Traumatic Stress – Not a Life Sentence brings...

Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire: A Study of Genius, Mania, and Character

by Kay Redfield Jamison

In this magisterial study of the relationship between illness and art, the best-selling author of An Unquiet Mind, Kay Redfield Jamison, brings an entirely fresh understanding to the work and life of Robert...