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Vaincre les insomnies et l'anxiété

by Dr. Jean-Yves Pérol & Romain Allais

Environ 6 millions de Français consomment des psychotropes, mais seuls 2 millions en ont vraiment besoin !

Jetons un pavé dans la mare de l’industrie pharmaceutique : la plupart des névroses d’angoisse...

Can't Just Stop: An Investigation of Compulsions

by Sharon Begley

The first book to examine the science behind both mild and extreme compulsive behavior—using fascinating case studies to understand its deeper meaning and reveal the truth about human compulsion.

Whether shopping...

Hopeful Healing: Essays on Managing Recovery and Surviving Addiction

by Mackenzie Phillips

Actress and author of the courageous New York Times bestselling memoir High on Arrival, Mackenzie Phillips—Hollywood’s go-to person on substance abuse and a visible and outspoken advocate for addiction awareness...

Sadness, Depression, and the Dark Night of the Soul

by Glòria Durà-Vilà & Professor Roland Littlewood

Revealing a tension between the medical model of depression and the very different language of theology, this book explores how religious people and communities understand severe sadness, their coping mechanisms...

Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum

by Dean Worton, Luke Beardon, Gerard Wilkie & Colin Newton et al.

In this rich and diverse collection, 28 writers describe what positive experiences they have had as an autistic person, and show how the most unexpected subject areas can be a source of the positive. They demonstrate...

Love, Partnership, or Singleton on the Autism Spectrum

by Dean Worton, Luke Beardon, Lacey Kerr & Sandra Beale-Ellis et al.

In an immensely varied and thoughtful collection of true life reflections on love, marriage and the single life, 26 authors with autism share their experiences and knowledge about successful (and unsuccessful)...

Is It All in Your Head?: True Stories of Imaginary Illness

by Suzanne O'Sullivan

A neurologist's insightful and compassionate look into the misunderstood world of psychosomatic disorders, told through individual case histories


It's happened to all of us: our cheeks flush red when we say...

The Song and Dance of Addiction

by Rosemary Ling

Addiction . . .

Another word for heartache and despair

Who could ever understand —

No one, unless it happened to you.

Do you ever wonder, “What’s wrong with me? Why am I different? Why do I do what I really,...

Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of DID

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Denise Purcell & Amelia Joubert

Grief Diaries: Through the Eyes of DID is a groundbreaking book that takes readers inside the lives of 17 people who live with dissociative identity disorder. Faced with deep stigma and controversy, each writer...

A Practical Guide to Finding Treatments That Work for People with Autism

by Susan M. Wilczynski

A Practical Guide to Finding Treatments That Work for People with Autism provides a logical, culturally sensitive, and values-based resource to aid practitioners in making informed decisions on the most effective...

Subjective Darkness: Depression as a Loss of Connection, Narrative, Meaning, and the Capacity for Self-Representation

by Meredith Lynn Friedson

A valuable resource for practitioners, Subjective Darkness explores depression through a psychoanalytic lens, shedding light on the underlying dynamics of chronic depression and also examining depression as...

101 Mindful Arts-Based Activities to Get Children and Adolescents Talking: Working with Severe Trauma, Abuse and Neglect Using Found and Everyday Obje

by Dawn D'Amico

Offering 100 creative, mindfulness-based activities, this book is a highly useful resource for engaging therapeutically with children aged 6-16 who have experienced severe trauma. With minimal preparation and...

Are Racists Crazy?

by Sander L. Gilman & James M. Thomas

In 2012, an interdisciplinary team of scientists at the University of Oxford reported that - based on their clinical experiment - the beta-blocker drug, Propranolol, could reduce implicit racial bias among its...

Explaining Suicide: Patterns, Motivations, and What Notes Reveal

by Cheryl L. Meyer, Taronish Irani & Katherine A. Hermes

The rate of suicides across all age groups except the elderly is at its highest level in nearly 30 years. Suicide notes have long been thought to be valuable resources for understanding suicide motivation, but...

The No-Bullshit Guide to Depression

by Steven Skoczen

The manual for living with depression that everyone should have been given.

Funny, insightful, and relentlessly honest, The No-Bullshit Guide to Depression sets down the stigma and talks through every aspect...

Brain Lock

by Jeffrey M. Schwartz

The 20th anniversary edition of the definitive classic on defeating obsessive-compulsive behavior, with all-new material from the author.

An estimated 5 million Americans suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder...

Finding a New Tribe: Helping Young Men Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse and Addiction

by Brennon Moore

Successful treatment for young men with co-occurring addiction and trauma from sexual abuse necessitates flexibility and nontraditional methods.

Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation: A Practical, Integrative Approach

by Kathy Steele, Suzette Boon & Onno van der Hart

Establishing safety and working with dissociative parts in complex trauma therapy.

Therapists around the world ask similar questions and struggle with similar challenges treating highly dissociative patients....

Mom, Mania, and Me: Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship

by Diane Dweller

FINALIST Tucson Festival of Books Competition


    Hope and heartbreak describe Diane Dweller’s struggles to improve her dysfunctional relationship with Dixie, her...

We're All Mad Here: The No-Nonsense Guide to Living with Social Anxiety

by Claire Eastham & Natasha Devon

Anxiety is a crafty shapeshifter that can take on many forms: the tiger that sinks its claws in with physical symptoms and distressing thoughts, the cruel and belittling bully creating insecurity and self-doubt...