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An Introduction to Human Operations Psychotherapy

by Steve Davidson

In this book, Steve Davidson offers an innovative approach to psychotherapy and to personal development that builds upon operations theory and the idea that by methodically building operational competence, by...


by John D. Mayer

Organized around the personality systems framework, this text offers students a clear and engaging introduction to the study of personality. The second edition integrates cutting-edge research and provides a...

Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World

by Mitch Prinstein

A leading psychologist examines how our popularity affects our success, our relationships, and our happiness—and why we don’t always want to be the most popular

No matter how old you are, there’s a good...

Face Value

by Alexander Todorov

We make up our minds about others after seeing their faces for a fraction of a second—and these snap judgments predict all kinds of important decisions. For example, politicians who simply look more competent...

Tinker Dabble Doodle Try: Unlock the Power of the Unfocused Mind

by Srini Pillay

Harness your mind’s innate tendency to wander, stall, rest, and unfocus and become more productive—in the boardroom, living room, or classroom.

Named one of Coastal Living’s Best Books for the Beach This...

The General Factor of Personality

by Janek Musek

The General Factor of Personality improves our understanding of the personality structure and the relations between major personality dimensions, as well as major dimensions of the entire non-cognitive sphere...

How You Learn Is How You Live: Using Nine Ways of Learning to Transform Your Life

by Kay Peterson & David A. Kolb

What's Your Learning Style?

Being a lifelong learner is one of the secrets to happiness, success, and personal fulfillment. But what's the best way to become one? Kay Peterson and David Kolb have the answer....

The Flock: The Autobiography of a Multiple Personality

by Joan Frances Casey & Lynn Wilson

The groundbreaking first-person account of successful recovery from dissociative identity disorder, now featuring a new preface by the author

When Joan Frances Casey, a married twenty-six-year-old graduate student,...

Hardwired for Life: Human Understanding Beyond Surface Personality

by Brad Kullman

Have you ever wondered why you think, behave, and perform as you do? Hardwired for Life details the first methodology to bridge the soft science of 20th century typology with the hard science revelations of...

Personality, Cognition and Social Interaction

by Nancy Cantor & John F. Kihlstrom

Originally published in 1981, this volume presents the domain of personality as a fuzzy set that includes features previously identified with cognitive and social psychology. Few of the individual contributions...

Shakespeare for the Intelligence Agent: Toward Understanding Real Personalities

by Yair Neuman

Provocative and engaging, this text invites you into a unique thought experiment, using portraits from some of Shakespeare’s most stirring works to illustrate how our psychological understanding of human nature...

100 Things Successful People Do: Little Exercises for Successful Living

by Nigel Cumberland

Do you have what it takes to succeed in life, in work and in your relationships?

100 Things Successful People Do is a guidebook to achieving success in any aspect of your life. You will discover the habits that...

Making Peace with Prickly People: Transforming Relationships by Loving God, Self, and Others

by Deb Potts

I’m mad at you! We try over and over to improve a relationship and yet nothing ever changes. Are you ready to try something new? The secret to making peace in relationships is given in the two greatest commandments,...

Dominance and Aggression in Humans and Other Animals: The Great Game of Life

by Henry R. Hermann

Dominance and Aggression in Humans and Other Animals: The Great Game of Life examines human nature and the influence of evolution, genetics, chemistry, nurture, and the sociopolitical environment as a way of...

Handbook of Competence and Motivation, Second Edition: Theory and Application

by Andrew J. Elliot, Carol S. Dweck & David S. Yeager

Now completely revised (over 90% new), this handbook established the concept of competence as an organizing framework for the field of achievement motivation. With an increased focus on connecting theory to...

Motivation 101

by Rita Sara, RN, DNS Schreiber

What drives people toward their goals? Does motivation come from outside the individual or from within? This is a concise, engaging overview of leading theories and the wide body of research about this core...

Insane Roots: The Adventures of a Con-Artist and Her Daughter: A Memoir

by Tiffany Rochelle

You may have been raised in an insane environment, but that doesn't mean you won't grow up to be great.

Reinterpreting the Borderline: Heidegger and the Psychoanalytic Understanding of Borderline Personality Disorder

by Paul Cammell

Reinterpreting the Borderline is a unique, timely, and comprehensive analysis of Heidegger’s philosophy and its relevance to the clinical fields of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis. By applying...

Prozac as a Way of Life

by Carl Elliott & Tod Chambers

Prozac and its chemical cousins, Paxil, Celexa, and Zoloft, are some of the most profitable and most widely used drugs in America. Their use in the treatment of a multitude of disorders--from generalized anxiety...

Self-Determination Theory: Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness

by Richard M. Ryan & Edward L. Deci

Self-determination theory (SDT) provides a framework for understanding the factors that promote motivation and healthy psychological and behavioral functioning. In this authoritative work, the codevelopers of...