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Depression: A Very Short Introduction

by Mary Jane Tacchi & Jan Scott

What is depression? What is bipolar disorder? How are they diagnosed and how are they treated? Can a small child be diagnosed with depression and treated with antidepressants - and should they be? Covering depression,...

Natural Awakening: An Advanced Guide for Sharing Nondual Awareness

by Peter G. Fenner

NATURAL AWAKENING goes behind the curtains of Dr. Peter Fenner's highly distinctive nondual teachings. It reveals in great detail and clarity all of the subtle and sometimes mysterious skillful methods he uses...

Love Food? Let it love you.: What the diet industry doesn't tell you!

by Mike Gordon

Food is not our problem. We might be overweight and we might be eating badly. But, seriously, it’s not the food’s problem. 

In this busy world, we’re eating more than ever. But we’ve forgotten how...

A Practical Guide to Finding Treatments That Work for People with Autism

by Susan M. Wilczynski

A Practical Guide to Finding Treatments That Work for People with Autism provides a logical, culturally sensitive, and values-based resource to aid practitioners in making informed decisions on the most effective...

Subjective Darkness: Depression as a Loss of Connection, Narrative, Meaning, and the Capacity for Self-Representation

by Meredith Lynn Friedson

A valuable resource for practitioners, Subjective Darkness explores depression through a psychoanalytic lens, shedding light on the underlying dynamics of chronic depression and also examining depression as...

Flexible and Focused: Teaching Executive Function Skills to Individuals with Autism and Attention Disorders

by Adel C. Najdowski

Flexible and Focused: Teaching Executive Function Skills to Individuals with Autism and Attention Disorders is a manual written for individuals who work with learners who struggle with executive function deficits....

How To Manage Your Mother

by Alyce-Faye Cleese & Brian Bates

This book explores how different people have dealt with the issues related to getting on with their mothers. Psychotherapist Alyce-Faye Cleese interviewed a wide range of people to get an in-depth understanding...

101 Mindful Arts-Based Activities to Get Children and Adolescents Talking: Working with Severe Trauma, Abuse and Neglect Using Found and Everyday Obje

by Dawn D'Amico

Offering 100 creative, mindfulness-based activities, this book is a highly useful resource for engaging therapeutically with children aged 6-16 who have experienced severe trauma. With minimal preparation and...

Collaboration and Assistance in Music Therapy Practice: Roles, Relationships, Challenges

by John Strange, Helen Odell-Miller & Eleanor Richards

Looking at the challenges and benefits of including collaborators in a course of music therapy, this edited volume offers ways for music therapists to make the most of family members, medical staff, and others...

The Marriage Clinic: A Scientifically Based Marital Therapy

by John M. Gottman

The Marriage Clinic presents a complete marital therapy program based on John Gottman's much heralded research on marital success and failure. Here one will find not only a wide range of succinct and useful...

Therapeutic Relationships: The Tripartite Model: Development and Applications to Family Systems Theory

by Jack Butler

In this text, Butler takes an in-depth look at the development of Bowen family systems theory, which considers the family as an emotional unit, and explores the therapeutic relationship in terms of its three...

The Marriage Clinic Casebook

by Julie Schwartz Gottman

The Marriage Clinic Casebook bridges the gap between the powerful theory behind Gottman Method Couples Therapy and the unique application of therapeutic principles to real-life cases. Covering a broad range...

Overcoming the Destructive Inner Voice: True Stories of Therapy and Transformation

by Robert W. Firestone & Daniel J. Md Siegel

Many people grapple with destructive thought processes or a "critical inner voice" that directs their behavior and, to varying degrees, limits their lives. Using deeply personal and very human stories based...

Finding a New Tribe: Helping Young Men Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse and Addiction

by Brennon Moore

Successful treatment for young men with co-occurring addiction and trauma from sexual abuse necessitates flexibility and nontraditional methods.

Contact and Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching

by Ty Francis & Malcolm Parlett

This collection brings together some leading figures in Gestalt coaching to take stock of the field and consider how it might move forward. It covers the principles of Gestalt coaching and encourages practitioners...

Digital Art Therapy: Material, Methods, and Applications

by Rick Garner, Rachel Brandoff & Brittany Barber

As the field of digital art therapy rapidly expands, this book guides readers through the many applications of digital media in art therapy. With consideration of professional and ethical issues, expert contributors...

Narrative Therapy in Wonderland: Connecting with Children's Imaginative Know-How

by David Marsten, David Epston & Laurie Markham

Recognizing the power of children’s imaginations in narrative therapy.

Therapists may marvel at children's imaginative triumphs, but how often do they recognize such talents as vital to the therapy hour? Should...

The Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis

by Leo Rangell & Otto Fenichel

A perennially best-selling and influential psychoanalytic work. When Otto Fenichel died suddenly at age 48, Anna Freud mourned the loss of "his inexhaustible knowledge of psychoanalysis and his inimitable way...

The Art of Holding in Therapy: An Essential Intervention for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

by Karen Kleiman

First conceptualized by D.W. Winnicott, holding in this book refers to a therapist's capacity to respond to postpartum distress in a way that facilitates an immediate and successful therapeutic alliance. Readers...

Perinatal Mental Health and the Military Family: Identifying and Treating Mood and Anxiety Disorders

by Melinda A. Thiam

This multi-disciplinary resource provides an overview of perinatal mental and physical health issues within the military population. Perinatal mental health has far-reaching implications for military readiness....