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Art-Making with Refugees and Survivors

by Sally Adnams Jones, Dr Carol Hofmeyr, Lily Yeh & Max Levi Freider et al.

This book explores how creativity and the expressive arts can be therapeutic for refugees and survivors of natural disasters, poverty, war, pandemic and genocide. Artists and therapists behind group art projects...

El Principio de Sorites

by Ian Gibbs

Del 1 al 10, siendo 1 supremamente eficiente y 10 nombrado procrastinador de primera categoría, ¿qué puntaje te darías? 

¿Eres una persona que comienza cosas pero no las termina? Los primeros días de un...

Fun Games and Physical Activities to Help Heal Children Who Hurt

by Beth Powell

Develop children's brains and bonds with this collection of no-tech, physical games, strategies and activities Ideal for children who have experienced neglect, abuse and trauma, these "real-world" experiences...

Building Continuing Bonds for Grieving and Bereaved Children

by Brenda Mallon

The period following the death of a friend or loved one can be tumultuous for anyone, but can be especially difficult for children, with lasting effects if the loss is not acknowledged or supported. This book...

Self-Neglect and Hoarding

by Deborah Barnett

Self-neglect and hoarding are found in 1 of 5 social work cases in mental health and older people's services. These cases can be the most alarming and challenging on a social workers' caseload. A skilled, thorough...

Summary & Study Guide - The Teenage Brain

by Lee Tang

Adolescents Are Not an Alien Species,

Just a Misunderstood One.

The must-read summary of “The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults,” by Frances E. Jensen,...

A Child Inside

by Sharon Shaw

Sharon Shaw is a respected psychotherapist specialising in cases of childhood sexual, emotional and mental abuse. Few of Shaw’s clients would know that her brilliance as a therapist comes from profound personal...

Psychotherapy for a Democratic Mind

by Israel W. Charny & Douglas Sprenkle

Psychotherapy for a Democratic Mind proposes that the optimal goal of psychotherapy lies in cultivating a free mind with integrity that will not seek to do major harm to one’s life or to the lives of others....

Juggling Romance and Parenthood

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about keeping things in perspective as a new parent with this straightforward guide.

While no two couples will ever face the exact same challenges...

Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

by Steven R. Sabat

Alzheimer's is swiftly on the rise: it is estimated that every 67 seconds, someone develops the disease. For many, the words "Alzheimer's diseas" or "dementia" immediately denote severe mental loss and, perhaps,...

The Practitioners' Guide to Mirroring Hands

by Richard Hill & Ernest Rossi

Richard Hill and Ernest L. Rossi’s The Practitioner’s Guide to Mirroring Hands: A Client-Responsive Therapy that Facilitates Natural Problem-Solving and Mind–Body Healing describes in detail how Mirroring...

Violent Offenders and their Victims: Restorative Justice through Mediation

by Chad C. Breckenridge

Violent Offenders and Their Victims is a holistic and human exploration of the nature of violence and its genesis. Chad C. Breckenridge provides a complete psychoanalytic, child developmental, and neurobehavioral...

Assessment in Counseling

by Richard S. Balkin & Gerald A. Juhnke

Students often experience assessment courses, and subsequently the textbooks used for the course, as a statistics-heavy class accompanied by an encyclopedia of a variety of assessments. Assessment in Counseling...

Before and After Violence

by Salman Akhtar, Suzanne Benser, Vamik Volkan & Vincenzo Sanguineti et al.

From childhood onwards, humans use their environment’s responses to construct models or schemata to link feelings and impulses with actions and effects. If the environment during those formative years is unreliable,...

Helping Children Develop a Positive Relationship with Food

by Jo Cormack

This practical guide enables those working with young children to better understand, manage and support children's relationship with food. Revealing the different ways in which children can relate to food, it...

Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care

by Felicity Chapman

The global population is ageing rapidly yet there is a shortage of skilled professionals able to support the wellbeing of older people in care. Older people can be more vulnerable to mental health issues such...

Disaster Mental Health Counseling

by Jane M. Webber & J. Barry Mascari

This timely book provides current research and skill-building information on Disaster Mental Health Counseling for counselors, educators, students, and mental health responders in agencies, schools, universities,...

Attachment Theory in Action

by Karen Doyle Buckwalter & Debbie Reed

In this volume, distinguished therapists and clinicians offer a broad range of effective attachment-based interventions for children with a history of attachment difficulties and complex trauma. Stepping through...

A Kafkaesque Memoir

by Dennis McCort

A Kafkaesque Memoir is that rarity in the psychological literature: a patient's account of the complete arc of his own psychoanalysis from first session to last. It is the memoir of a literature professor who...

Biblical Psychotherapy

by Paul Cantz, Kalman J. Kaplan & Thomas H. Jobe

Biblical Psychotherapy, Kalman J. Kaplan and Paul Cantz offer a new approach to suicide prevention based on biblical narratives that is designed to overcome the suicidogenic patterns in Greek and Roman stories...