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Dr. Darla

by Jo Ellen Layne

Dr. Darla is a compelling story about mental health issues, faith, and overcoming obstacles. Christian psychiatrist Darla Davenport struggles with her private demons as she counsels and treats her patients....

Attachment-Based Milieus for Healing Child and Adolescent Developmental Trauma

by John Stewart & Dan Hughes

This book presents an innovative relational and community based therapeutic model to ensure children's essential attachment needs are catered for in intensive mental health care. The text combines an overview...

A Practical Guide to Gender Diversity and Sexuality in Early Years

by Deborah Price

Aiding discussion of gender diversity and sexuality with very young children, this practical guide helps practitioners explore these themes in early years settings. Promoting and extending current good practice,...

We Need to Talk about RE

by Mike Castelli, Mark Chater, Kathryn Wright & Peter Schreiner et al.

Although Religious Education (RE) is a legal requirement in UK schools, it is an oft-neglected and misunderstood subject. It is important to seriously re-think this key subject at this time of low religious...

Nature-Based Expressive Arts Therapy

by Melia Snyder, Sally Atkins, Per Espen Stoknes & Corrine Glesne

Responding to the increased interest in the integration of expressive arts and ecotherapy, this book presents a nature based approach to expressive arts work. It provides an overview of the two fields, emphasizing...

From Coach to Awakener

by Robert Brian Dilts

Coaching is the process of helping people and teams to perform at the peak of their abilities. It involves drawing out people’s strengths, helping them to bypass personal barriers and limits in order to achieve...

The Off-Modern

by Ron Roberts

Society is undergoing a process of deep change and transformation as the neoliberal order moves into crisis. Contemporary psychology, mired in exceptionalism and individualism, fails to address this broader...

Art Therapy in Private Practice

by James West, Anthea Hendry, Julia Ryde & Frances Walton et al.

As perspectives on private art therapy practice evolve, this book provides an overview of the range of approaches, clinical settings, ethical issues and professional considerations when working outside of the...

Being Who You Are Where You Are

by Bent Falk

Focusing on how someone in need can best be helped, the author identifies the skills and honesty of the practitioner as key to how effective this can be. Looking in detail at the nature of boundaries, the willingness...

Portrait Therapy

by Susan Carr

Portrait therapy reverses the traditional roles in art therapy, utilising Edith Kramer's concept of the art therapist's 'third hand' to collaboratively design and paint their client's portraits. It addresses...

Nurturing Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood

by Debbie Garvey & Dr Suzanne Zeedyk

This direct guide supports practitioners in nurturing personal, social and emotional development (PSED) in young children by demystifying brain development research. Condensing a wealth of recent research and...

The Sacred Path of the Therapist: Modern Healing, Ancient Wisdom, and Client Transformation

by Irene R. Siegel

Shamans are ancestral teachers, guides to nonordinary realms of consciousness who heal by connecting to elemental energies, major archetypal forces of nature, and a divine cosmic whole within silent sacred spaces....

Making Your Marriage Work

by Eyitayo Dada

Marriage is not meant to be endured, it is meant to be enjoyed.

Far too many people are either coasting through their marriage bored or just holding on “for God’s sake” or “for the sake of their children”....

Bad (Forensic) Psychology

by Robert A. Forde

For decades the psychological assessment and treatment of offenders has run on invalid and untested programmes. Robert A. Forde exposes the current ineffectiveness of forensic psychology that has for too long...

Tough-to-Treat Anxiety: Hidden Problems & Effective Solutions for Your Clients

by Margaret Wehrenberg

How to recognize common obstacles to anxiety treatment and overcome complicating factors.

Most people with mental health challenges of any kind are burdened by anxiety. In many cases, their anxiety symptoms...

Playful Awakening

by Dianne Gammage & Stuart Brown Md

Many in the field of therapy are arriving at the realisation that healing needs to bring together not only our social, emotional, physical and intellectual sides but also our spiritual beings. Play in its many...

Art Therapy and Substance Abuse

by Libby Schmanke

Art therapy is an effective treatment for individuals with addictions. Working with this unique and often difficult clinical population, however, requires special therapist awareness and knowledge. This handbook...

Ana-María Rizzuto and the Psychoanalysis of Religion

by David M. Goodman, Martha J. Reineke, Jacob Waldenmaier & Leif Gunnar Engedal et al.

The Birth of the Living God, contributors to this international collection of essays confirm the significance of Rizzuto’s contributions to psychoanalytic theories of religious experience. They also underscore...

An Introduction to Human Operations Psychotherapy

by Steve Davidson

In this book, Steve Davidson offers an innovative approach to psychotherapy and to personal development that builds upon operations theory and the idea that by methodically building operational competence, by...

Applied Behavior Analysis Advanced Guidebook: A Manual for Professional Practice

by James K. Luiselli

The Applied Behavior Analysis Practice Guidebook: A Manual for Professional Practice gives behavioral practitioners pragmatic advice, direction and recommendations for being an effective clinician, consultant,...