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Summary of Superforecasting: by Philip E. Tetlock and Dan Gardner | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of Superforecasting by Philip E. Tetlock and Dan Gardner | Includes Analysis



Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction is a nonfiction book about the

accuracy of forecasting. It...

Summary of Man's Search for Meaning: by Viktor E. Frankl | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

Summary of Man's Search for Meaning: by Viktor E. Frankl | Includes Analysis



Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl is a memoir of Frankl’s imprisonment in concentration camps during World...

Every Moment of a Fall: A Memoir of Recovery Through EMDR Therapy

by Carol Miller

Carol E. Miller was sixteen when the private plane piloted by her father crashed, pinning her in the wreckage, critically injuring her parents and killing her twelve-year-old sister. Compounding this traumatic...

It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle

by Mark Wolynn

A groundbreaking approach to transforming traumatic legacies passed down in families over generations, by an acclaimed expert in the field


Depression. Anxiety. Chronic Pain. Phobias. Obsessive thoughts. The...

With Nature in Mind: The Ecotherapy Manual for Mental Health Professionals

by Andy McGeeney & Lindsay Royan

Connecting with nature is proven to promote healing, growth and positive mental health benefits. Ecotherapy harnesses these benefits, and this book explains what it is, why it works, and how to introduce it...

A Journey in our Star - Bridges for a new education

by Enrica Piccapietra

A Journey in our Star Bridges for a new education This book is the result of years of experience with kids and with educators; it develops around a girl’s curiosity who feels strange sensations that she can’t...

Oppositional, defiant & Disruptive Children and Adolescents: Non-Medication Approaches for the Most Challenging ODD Behaviors

by Scott Walls

A definitive guide to recognizing what factors cause defiant episodes n children & adolescents, and tips to help identify when and where these dfficult behaviors are likely to occur. Containing tools to increase...

Speak, Hands

by Lillian Moats

Speak, Hands is a meditation on memory and the unconscious which employs innovative narrative techniques to transport us into the wordless realms of meditation and gesture.

This daring new literary work defies...

The Key to Autism: An Evidence-based Workbook for Assessing and Treating Children and Adolescents

by Cara Daily

The Key to Autism is an invaluable and comprehensive resource for any professional assessing and treating autism in children and adolescents. Filled with dozens of case examples, exercises to understand how...

Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy

by Sue Jennings & Clive Holmwood

Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy is the first book of its kind to bring together leading professionals and academics from around the world to discuss their practice from a truly international...

Group and Team Coaching: The secret life of groups

by Christine Thornton

Group and Team Coaching offers a new perspective on the 'secret life of groups', the subconscious and non-verbal processes through which people learn and communicate in groups and teams. Updated with new research...

CBT for Career Success: A Self-Help Guide

by Steve Sheward

CBT for Career Success is a unique self-help book, offering a powerful combination of cognitive and behavioural therapy (CBT) approaches alongside career coaching for the first time. Whether you are just starting...

Couples Coping with Stress: A Cross-Cultural Perspective

by Mariana K. Falconier, Ashley K. Randall & Guy Bodenmann

This is the first book that reviews both empirical and clinical applications of how couples jointly cope with stress - dyadic coping - around the globe. The Systemic-Transactional Stress Model (STM), developed...

Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment of DSM-5 Personality Disorders: Assessment, Case Conceptualization, and Treatment, Third Edition

by Len Sperry

Since the publication of the acclaimed second edition of Handbook of Diagnosis and Treatment of DSM-IV-TR Personality Disorders, much has changed in how the personality disorders are understood and treated....

Psychotherapy and Medication: The Challenge of Integration

by Fredric N. Busch & Larry S. Sandberg

Over the past two decades, the use of medication combined with psychotherapy or psychoanalysis has shifted from an infrequent occurrence to common practice. Concurrently, attitudes toward medication have changed...

Beginnings: The Art and Science of Planning Psychotherapy

by Mary Jo Peebles-Kleiger

How does the therapist begin psychotherapy? How, that is, does she conceptualize the needs of the patient while simultaneously enlisting him or her as an active partner in formulating an individualized working...

Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services: A Responsive Approach to Communities

by Taiwo Afuape & Inga-Britt Krause

Urban Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services weaves together different strands of mental health work undertaken in one inner-city Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service by professionals working in a...

Other Than Mother - Choosing Childlessness with Life in Mind: A Private Decision With Global Consequences

by Kamalamani

Choosing to have children is a private decision with global consequences. 'Other Than Mother' explores the terrain of this decision-making process.

Counseling Military Families: What Mental Health Professionals Need to Know

by Lynn K. Hall

How does the military really work? What issues are constants for military families, and what special stresses do they face? Counseling Military Families provides the best available overview of military life,...

The Marriage and Family Therapy Career Guide: Doing Well While Doing Good

by Anne Rambo, Tommie Boyd & Martha Gonzalez Marquez

How does one obtain employment and succeed in the growing yet competitive field of family therapy? For anyone asking themselves this question, The Marriage and Family Therapy Career Guide is the resource to...