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Content and Process Specificity in the Effects of Prior Experiences: Advances in Social Cognition, Volume III

by Jr., Robert S. Wyer & Thomas K. Srull

In Volume 3, Eliot R. Smith of Purdue University proposes that social cognition theorists have placed excessive emphasis on the role of schemata, prototypes, and various other types of abstractions. This has...

The Social Self: Cognitive, Interpersonal and Intergroup Perspectives

by Joseph P. Forgas & Kipling D. Williams

What is the nature of the 'self', how do everyday experiences shape it, and how does it influence our thinking, judgements and behaviors? Such questions constitute enduring puzzles in psychology, and are also...

Masochism and the Self

by Roy F. Baumeister

This volume provides an integrative theory firmly grounded in current psychology of the self, and offers a fresh, compelling account of one of psychology's most enigmatic behavior patterns. Professor Baumeister...

The Handbook of Emotion and Memory: Research and Theory

by Sven-Ake Christianson

This important volume defines the state of the art in the field of emotion and memory by offering a blend of research review, unpublished findings, and theory on topics related to its study. As the first contemporary...

Sibling Loss

by Joanna H. Fanos

Despite the rise of clinical interest in posttraumatic stress disorder and traumatic stress in children, there has been little attention paid to the impact of sibling death as a traumatic event. Although there...

Decolonizing Global Mental Health: The Psychiatrization of the Majority World

by China Mills

Decolonizing Global Mental Health is a book that maps a strange irony. The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Movement for Global Mental Health are calling to 'scale up' access to psychological and psychiatric...

Historical Social Psychology

by Kenneth Gergen & Mary Gergen

The vast majority of research in social psychology focuses on momentary events: an attitude is changed, dissonance is reduced, a cognition is primed, and so on. Little attention is a paid to the unfolding of...

An Introduction to Theories of Personality: 7th Edition

by Robert Ewen B & Robert B. Ewen

This 7th Edition helps students unravel the mysteries of human behavior through its highly readable introduction to the ideas of the most significant personality theorists.

Engaging biographical sketches begin...

Social and Behavioral Research for Homeland Security

by John G. Voeller

Social and Behavioral Research for Homeland Security features articles from the Wiley Handbook of Science and Technology for Homeland Security covering social and psychological aspects of terrorism and counterterrorism...

Women Voicing Resistance: Discursive and narrative explorations

by Suzanne McKenzie-Mohr & Michelle N. Lafrance

Feminist scholars have demonstrated how 'dominant discourses' and 'master narratives' frequently reflect patriarchal influence, thereby distorting and depoliticizing women's storying of their own lives. In this...

Engaging Violence: Trauma, memory and representation

by Ivana Macek

This volume opens up new ground in the field of social representations research by focusing on contexts involving mass violence, rather than on relatively stable societies. Representations of violence are not...

Emotional Expression

by G. Collier & Gary James Collier

First published in 1985. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Connectionist Models of Social Reasoning and Social Behavior

by Stephen John Read & Lynn C. Miller

Although neural network models have had a dramatic impact on the cognitive and brain sciences, social psychology has remained largely unaffected by this intellectual explosion. The first to apply neural network...

Advances in Personality Psychology: Volume 1

by Sarah E. Hampson

In the first volume of this new series, Sarah E. Hampson brings together a unique collection of critical reviews of key areas of personality psychology and integrative accounts of important work by internationally...

The Legacy of Solomon Asch: Essays in Cognition and Social Psychology

by Irvin Rock & Irvin Rock - DECEASED

This volume honors Solomon Asch, a pioneer in social psychology whose experiments in this field are considered classic. Asch has made important contributions to the fields of memory, learning and thinking, and...

Sexual Images of the Self: The Psychology of Erotic Sensations and Illusions

by Seymour Fisher

This volume documents how sexual practices and fictions infiltrate and are influenced by a person's feelings about the self and the body. Using paradigms derived from self and body image theory, Fisher combines...

Juvenile Justice in Double Jeopardy: The Distanced Community and Vengeful Retribution

by The Honorable J Polier

Throughout her entire career, Judge Polier continually fought for the rights and needs of the poor. In this volume she describes the granting and denial of justice toward the poor -- particluarly poor children...

The Content, Structure, and Operation of Thought Systems: Advances in Social Cognition, Volume IV

by Jr., Robert S. Wyer & Thomas K. Srull

If anyone deserves the title "father of social cognition," it is William J. McGuire who, along with his wife and colleague Claire V. McGuire, has written the target article for this volume. The culmination of...

Assumptions of Social Psychology: A Reexamination

by Robert E. Lana

This book is a thorough revision of the successful Assumptions of Social Psychology, first published in 1969. Reexamining the implicit and explicit assumptions concerning inquiry as to the nature of the human...

Attitude Strength: Antecedents and Consequences

by Richard E. Petty & Jon A. Krosnick

Social psychologists have long recognized the possibility that attitudes might differ from one another in terms of their strength, but only recently had the profound implications of this view been explored....