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The Psychopath Factory: How Capitalism Organizes Empathy

by Tristam Adams

The Psychopath Factory: How Capitalism Organizes Empathy examines how the requirements, stimuli, affects and environments of work condition our empathy. In some cases, work calls for no empathy – characters...

Grounded Theory and Grounded Theorizing

The Student's Guide to Social Neuroscience

by Jamie Ward

Social neuroscience is a rapidly growing field which explains, using neural mechanisms, our ability to recognize, understand, and interact with others. Concepts such as trust, revenge, empathy, prejudice, and...

Social Influence: Direct and Indirect Processes

by Joseph P. Forgas & Kipling D. Williams

Social influence processes play a key role in human behavior. Arguably our extraordinary evolutionary success has much to do with our subtle and highly developed ability to interact with and influence each other....

Sensitive Objects: Affect and Material Culture

by Jonas Frykman & Maja Frykman

Some objects seem especially personal and important to us - be it a quickly packed suitcase, an inherited vase, or a photograph. In Sensitive Objects the authors discuss when, how, and why particular objects...

Conceptual Metaphor in Social Psychology: The Poetics of Everyday Life

by Mark J. Landau

We learn in grade school that metaphor is an ornamental figure of speech reserved for poets. But we now know that it is also a key strategy people use to make sense of the world, from basic concepts like time...

Resolve: Negotiating Life's Conflicts with Greater Confidence

by Hal Movius

Nobody loves conflict. Whether we’re negotiating a salary increase or trying to settle on which in-laws to spend the holidays with, there’s a lot at stake in any dispute beyond the points being argued over....

Social Engagement & the Steps to Being Social: A Practical Guide for Teaching Social Skills to Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder

by Kathleen Taylor & Marci Laurel

Social Engagement & the Steps to Being Social is a unique, visual and easy to use model that was developed to guide assessment and intervention across severity levels and age groups for individuals with Autism...

The Pursuit of Pleasure: Overcoming a Civilizational Challenge

by Arsen Dallan & Karlen Dallakyan

This important book unveils how the pleasure principle has taken humanity hostage to the powers of branding and consumerism, steering our most basic desires. Radically re-evaluating the notion of pleasure and...

Ambition: Leading with Gratitude

by Seth Buechley

Seth Buechley tackles the plaguing question of why ambitious people struggle to find satisfaction and reveals what they can do about it. His exceptional perspective, which began in a commune in the woods and...

Payoff: The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations

by Dan Ariely

Bestselling author Dan Ariely reveals fascinating new insights into motivation—showing that the subject is far more complex than we ever imagined.

Every day we work hard to motivate ourselves, the people we...

Political Psychology: New Explorations

by Jon A. Krosnick, I-Chant A. Chiang & Tobias H. Stark

In recent decades, research in political psychology has illuminated the psychological processes underlying important political action, both by ordinary citizens and by political leaders. As the world has become...

Narrating a Psychology of Resistance

Coping with Lack of Control in a Social World

by Marcin Bukowski, Immo Fritsche & Ana Guinote

Coping with Lack of Control in a Social World offers an integrated view of cutting-edge research on the effects of control deprivation on social cognition. The book integrates multi-method research demonstrating...

Queering Families


Root Shock: How Tearing Up City Neighborhoods Hurts America, And What We Can Do About It

by Mindy Thompson Fullilove, Mary Travis Bassett & Carlos F. Peterson

Root Shock examines three different U.S. cities to unmask the destructive and crippling results of decades-old urban renewal policies.

The Psychology of Friendship

Parapsychology: The Science of Unusual Experience

by David Groome & Ronald Roberts

Containing contributions from leading paranormal researchers, this edition of Parapsychology continues to challenge and provoke readers with some of psychology's most puzzling phenomena. Whether believers or...

Aggression and Violence: A Social Psychological Perspective

by Brad J. Bushman

This book provides a broad and contemporary overview of aggression and violence by some of the most internationally renowned researchers in the field. It begins with an integrative theoretical understanding...