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Reckless Years: A Diary of Love and Madness

by Heather Chaplin

In this page-turning memoir, a woman tries to reinvent her life after divorce and discovers that sometimes finding yourself is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Trapped in a dissatisfying marriage for nearly a...

The Trouble with Illness: How Illness and Disability Affect Relationships

by Julia Segal

A candid look at how people respond when someone close to them has an illness or disability, and what can be done to avoid discomfort causing a rift in that relationship. The book explores relationships between...

Real Life Diaries

by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Sunshine Purcell & Amelia Joubert

Fear. Secrecy. Pain. These are just a few of the emotions affecting those who live with dissociative identity disorder. What is it like to live with dissociated parts of oneself? Who controls the chaos? What...

Another Kind of Madness

by Stephen Hinshaw

Glenn Close says: "Another Kind of Madness is one of the best books I’ve read about the cost of stigma and silence in a family touched by mental illness. I was profoundly moved by Stephen Hinshaw’s story,...

Ten Days In a Mad-House

by Nellie Bly

Ten Days In a Mad-House (1887) by Nellie Bly.  


Nellie Bly, whose given name was Elizabeth Jane Cochran, was a pio-neer of investigative journalism. She died in 1922. Of her many exposé assignments for Joseph...

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning: The Human-Equine Relational Development (HERD) Approach

by Veronica Lac

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy and Learning: The Human-Equine Relational Development (HERD) Approach offers a hands-on approach to integrating equine-assisted therapy and learning into mental health treatment....

Healing from a Narcissistic Relationship

by Margalis Fjelstad

When a relationship with a narcissist ends, the caretaking partner is often left confused, deeply hurt, and often still emotionally connected, while the narcissist seems to easily move on to the next relationship....

Tao of Internal Alchemy

by Barefoot Doctor

Taoism differs from other similar esoteric systems in many ways. You can distinguish it both by the emphasis Taoist practice places on referencing all experience to proprioceptive awareness of what’s occurring...

Boys Don't Cry: Why I hid my depression and why men need to talk about their mental health

by Tim Grayburn

Boys Don't Cry is a book that will make sense of depression and anxiety for people who might not recognise those feelings in themselves or others.

Suicide is the single biggest killer of men aged 20-45 in the...

New Dynamics in Old Age: Individual, Environmental and Societal Perspectives

by Hans-Werner Wahl, Clemens Tesch-Römer & Dr. Andreas Hoff

This book was nurtured by the belief that the new dynamics of today's and tomorrow's aging has not yet been treated well in the gerontology literature. Several questions drove the choice of substance for the...

Assessment in Technical and Professional Communication

by Margaret Hundleby & Jo Allen

This collection of essays focuses on both how and why assessment serves as a key element in the teaching and practice of technical and professional communication. The collection is organized to form a dual approach:...

I am the Architect of my own Destruction: Depression

by Rick Williams

Depression. It's a battle. One that too many people sadly cannot conquer, or even know how to begin to tackle.

Recent studies in Australia show that a person takes their own life every three hours. Men in particular...

Insane Consequences: How the Mental Health Industry Fails the Mentally Ill

by DJ Jaffe & E. Fuller Torrey

This well-researched and highly critical examination of the state of our mental health system by the industry's most relentless critic presents a new and controversial explanation as to why--in spite of spending...


by Jacqueline Mansell

Resilience: A Choice for Everyday is published in a quick to read compact handbook. Drawing on psychological subject matter this is not an academic study but is designed to be accessible for every day, as a...

No One Cares About Crazy People: The Chaos and Heartbreak of Mental Health in America

by Ron Powers

"Extraordinary and courageous . . . No doubt if everyone were to read this book, the world would change."---New York Times Book Review

New York Times-bestselling author Ron Powers offers a searching, richly...

Barking Sycamores 6

by N.I. Nicholson & V. Solomon Maday

Popular culture is an inescapable component of our daily lives. Turn on a television, read a publication, surf on your smartphone – and you partake in some fashion. Even if you disconnect from media or technology,...

Environmental Expressive Therapies: Nature-Assisted Theory and Practice

by Alexander Kopytin & Madeline Rugh

Environmental Expressive Therapies contributes to the emerging phenomenon of eco-arts therapy by highlighting the work that international expressive arts therapists have accomplished to establish a framework...

Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy: Accelerating Healing and Transformation

by Joe Loizzo, Miles Neale & Emily J. Wolf

Advances in Contemplative Psychotherapy offers mental health professionals of all disciplines and orientations the most comprehensive and rigorous introduction to the state of the art and science in integrating...

Wreckage: My Father's Legacy of Art & Junk

by Sascha Feinstein

This book is about growing up with a father, a superb painter and teacher of art, who found meaning in almost all discarded artifacts. In this memoir Feinstein explores the bizarre thread of creativity and destruction,...


by R. H. Ettinger

With increases in the prevalence of psychiatric and behavioral disorders and rapid advances in the development of new drug therapies, there is an increasing need to present the science behind these developments....