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Bipolarity and ADHD to Folding Mirrors: Poems Reflecting on the Mind, Life, Nature and Space

by Marc Latham

This book of poems owes as much inspiration to rock music as poetry. The early poems in the collection were inspired by rock lyrics rather than poetry, with songs proclaiming the twisted effects of bipolarity,...

Born to Be

by Bryan Hodgekins

'Born to Be' is about Bryan Hodgekins life, suffering the bombing, evacuation, playground of bombed out building, begging for money (mud larking) and accepting it as normal. The child never questioned the poverty,...


by Eileen Chubb

Eileen is one of the unsung heroines of our time. Years ago when I opened the first refuge in Chiswick, London in 1971, I was fighting to bring attention to the plight of victims of domestic violence. Nan was...

Old Old England

by Rosaleen O'Brien

Old Old England is a masterpiece that could only have been written about by our award winning author Doctor Rosaleen O'Brien. The amazing world views of a legal system, social and religious zeal that was portrayed...

Broken Whole: A California Tale Of Craziness, Creativity And Chaos

by Keith Adams

Described as "...probably the most entertaining account of mania you'll ever read...", this raw, inspirational, story shows that a man can live a full, productive life with a serious mental illness. In 2006,...

Hidden Colours: An Original Screenplay

by Azeem Khan

Hidden Colours is a controversial drama screenplay tracing the life of Adam, a free-spirited young Asian man struggling with bi-polar disorder, who finally comes to terms with his mental illness. Isolated and...

Madonna Complex: Why Men Are Wired To Cheat On Women

by Debra Laino

The Madonna complex is not something new. In fact, it was and often times is still usually referred to as the Madonna-whore complex. And what does this mean exactly? The Madonna complex is a book which explains...

Pastoral Care Mental Health

by Edna Hunneysett

The author seeks answers to a series of questions. Is care extended in Christian communities towards people with mental illnesses? Do Christians know what kind of support people with mental illnesses and their...

Kama Sutra of Love

by Durlabh Singh

This collection of short stories shows a rear glimpse into human nature with its beauty, ugliness and sufferings. These cover a variety of topics--life, love, dejection, horror and humour. Confronting despair...

Land of Ice

by A. Sole

Land of Ice is a book of poems, written over a ten year period. Some of the poems were written in hospital. Their themes range from existential questioning, the media, simple beauty and the effects of my illness...


by Rehana Incognito

Caught up in the migration boom of the 1960s, the small child moved as a "Ten Pound Pom" for this "better life" promised by her quarrelling parents. From their first new home... a dry, dusty mineral mining town...

Mental Health: A Student Nurse Account

by Jack Bennington

Mental Health: A student account, a no-holes-barred account of work on a busy dementia ward, seen through the eyes of a student nurse undertaking a 12 hour shift. Read of the highs and lows of working within...

Passages from the Search for Eternal Love

by Kelly Brown

Passages from the search for eternal love is a book of fiction about a community called Illigruum House and two women Eva and Rosa. Eva is an artist who has accepted being alone as a necessary artistic path....

Fear and Trust

by Bill Bailey

Several requests were made to condense thoughts developed more expansively in a couple of my other works, and Fear and Trust is the result. I highlight fear and trust as true polar opposites and key features...

Everything I Do

by Donna Muldoon

This Book is about my struggle throughout my life against my inbuilt characteristic to see things in black and white. It is about my struggles to make sense of a dysfunctional family and to break free from the...

Lil's Way

by Colleen Baxter Sullivan

The novel begins in Joliette prison with Dr. Miller interviewing and recording Lil's memoirs. He is there on false pretenses. He hopes to get enough evidence to have her released. She has committed the most...

I Am Forever

by Alex Baillie

I AM FOREVER is a story about a world in which everyday items, possessions, ideas and concepts begin vanishing from existence. Charles Freemore is an office worker who leads an uneventful life until the world...

Icarus Still Flies

by Nigel Pearce

This is a collection of poetry and studies which have there origins and nature in my love of writing and ideas. This devolution to writing and reading are essential to my being and, ironically, contributed to...

From Insanity to Esctasy

by Thomas McNeight

In this book I have shown how it is possible to move from insanity, even into ecstasy. I've described what insanity was for me and how I have even had ecstatic times. I've questioned what it is and tried to...

Love's Melody

by Natasha Wilde

The mental health issue related to this book is bipolar disorder. This illness includes both ends of the spectrum, which is mania at the one end and clinical depression at the other. At its worst, it is debilitating,...