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Hospitalscapes: 48 Poems

by Arcangelo Tinsley

'Hospitalscapes' is a collection of 48 poems describing my feelings and attitude towards medication and injections; the mental health system and the once-size-fits-all limited methods of treating patients. These...

Marilyn Munroe and her Growler Bear

by Rosaleen O'Brien

Description Coming Soon About the Author I have been in receipt of trauma counselling since 1999 on a daily basis,at times speaking till the early hours of the morning.Support from my trauma Counsellor helps...

Into the Light

by Karen Clements

This book called "Into the Light" is an autobiographical journey through my life in poetry form. It also has sections that describe the differing stages on my path to enlightenment along with photographic illustrations....

Hang In There... Wherever "There" Is

by Nicole Roberge

This compelling and poignant memoir tells about the journey through the disease of Anorexia, the recovery process, and all that comes with it-the hurt, hope and humor. After almost dying from the disease, and...

Global Public Square: Identity & Action In The 21st Century

by Francis Sealey

The 21st Century is one of the most turbulent and critical in our history. When the blueprints that guided us through the last two centuries have been torn up or found wanting there is a great need to recreate...

Intimate Encounters

by Rose Budworth-Levine

Intimate Encounters' is the life story of a very well known mistress and sex godess. 'Intimate Encounters' documents a rather extraordinary rollercoaster of a life - the heartaches, laughter, fear, excitement...

Happy Ever After Not!

by Alison Haydon

In a quiet village, maybe not so far away from you, lives a person that has a mental health problem that has gone unnoticed for years. Every thing is fine until the ideal little world that this person lives...

Icarus Did Not Die

by Nigel Pearce

This is a collection of short stories, poems and essays which chart a journey through the counter-culture, regular hospitalizations, psychosis, depression and addictions. But not only my own, it includes essays...

Mad Kamp

by Eliyahu Enriquez

Mad Kamp is a scrapbook of Pinoy Piyyutim chronicling the schizophrenic journey of a Psychiatric Survivor. Mad Kamp weaves a variety of poetic genres, from traditional free verse to contemporary spoken word,...

Inside the Insane

by Erica Loberg

Inside the Insane is a first hand account of life inside a psychiatric crisis ward in Los Angeles, California. From patients suffering from chronic paranoid schizophrenia to bipolar disorder disease, to major...

Feathers in My Soul: Writings And Musings About Fish, Rocks, Wood And The Years So Far

by Graham Morgan

Feathers in my soul is both a fractured autobiography and a celebration of the world around us, a tale of recovery and a description of the experience known as schizophrenia. In a series of themed chapters Graham...

Greengrey's Rambles: How to Remember North America: How to Remember North America

by Marc Latham

The Greenygrey proclaims itself Britain's most famous werewolf. It has been a prolific rise in fame for the greenygrey one, and the GG brand is now known all over the werewolf world. Like a cross between Loki...

Mind and Soul Poetry

by Bob Crew

This book of poetry provides us with a wide-ranging picture of mental health in the UK and the contribution that poetry can make to a better understanding of our mental condition and the reasons for it.

I Go From Bad to Verse

by Donna S. Rubin

I've written a book, but it's not the usual kind of "I've got this disorder, this is how I deal". My book is funny and it rhymes. I think it helps people. Those I've shared it with said it's made it easier to...

Flirting with Madness

by Louise Ellison

'Flirting with Madness,' focuses upon the mental illnesses, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Depression. 'Flirting with Madness' is written under the pen name of...


by Fatma Durmush

Description Coming soon About the Author Fatma Durmush has had schizophrenia for thirty odd years and after living with that amount of mental health problems she when she reached forty decided she would begin...

Bipolarity and ADHD to Folding Mirrors: Poems Reflecting on the Mind, Life, Nature and Space

by Marc Latham

This book of poems owes as much inspiration to rock music as poetry. The early poems in the collection were inspired by rock lyrics rather than poetry, with songs proclaiming the twisted effects of bipolarity,...

Born to Be

by Bryan Hodgekins

'Born to Be' is about Bryan Hodgekins life, suffering the bombing, evacuation, playground of bombed out building, begging for money (mud larking) and accepting it as normal. The child never questioned the poverty,...


by Eileen Chubb

Eileen is one of the unsung heroines of our time. Years ago when I opened the first refuge in Chiswick, London in 1971, I was fighting to bring attention to the plight of victims of domestic violence. Nan was...

Old Old England

by Rosaleen O'Brien

Old Old England is a masterpiece that could only have been written about by our award winning author Doctor Rosaleen O'Brien. The amazing world views of a legal system, social and religious zeal that was portrayed...