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I Stood At The Edge of Space On a Tightrope

by Elizabeth Oates

My book is about a journey about myself who used to live with various mental health problems and I now manage them so I can lead a successful healthy family lifestyle. It is a collection of poems I have written...

Bedlam and Other Stories

by Mark Fleming

Mark Fleming's debut novel 'BrainBomb' was published as a Chipmunka paperback in the summer of 2009, to rave reviews. Semi-autobiographical, it weaved a lurid diary of bipolar illness against a backdrop of historic...


by Steve Walter

FAST TRAIN APPROACHING...' is a novella length autobiographical story of breakdown and survival. The text is interspersed with poems which represent a form of compressed experience and a thread of continuity...

Goodbye Ana: Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa

by Kate Le Page

'Goodbye Ana' is Kate Le Page's first publication of poetry. This collection of poems shares the author's battle to achieve and maintain recovery from anorexia nervosa. The work offers the reader a powerful,...

No One Believes Me: A Diary

by Fatma Durmush

Durmush writes in London with constant demons on her heels she is recovering from stress related exhaustion and the diary reflects this time in her life. Property is explored is it valid to have property when...

Make Love Not Dinner: Secrets revealed by top London escort

by Dee Delady

In Dee's Book 'Make Love Not Dinner' we get the first hand sexual knowledge and life advice from an escort who made herself successful in the competitive London scene and been featured in TV documentaries. She...

Black Sun

by Fatma Durmush

Black Sun started life as a disintegrated bits and pieces things which was jumbled in Durmush's mind in the minds of the cretins and in the minds of the silent screams which is dyslexia. Reading a Cloak of Incompetence...

Move Over Manic Depression, Here I Am!

by Anne Brocklesby

A sincere and moving autobiography about a mother of two whose life is turned upside down by post natal depression and bi-polar. Anne suffered severe side effects from taking prozac but fought back through CBT,...

Murder For Starters

by Nick Satornetti-Portway

Nick's inventive book of poetry very accurately potrays, both in its content and also in the style of presentation, what it is like to be manic. With his poetry Nick attempts to tackle many subjects from abuse...

Flying My Own Plane: An Anthology of Poems


This anthology of poems was written by the author throughout his adult life. Many were found in his flat after his death scribbled on pieces of paper, written in diaries or typewritten. Others had been handed...

Five Reasons To Be A Star

by Sarah Barter

Description Coming soon. About the Author Sarah was born in a small town in Staffordshire to Ben and Antoinette and grew up in an idyllic location in a cottage in the woods, with horses, donkeys, goats, chickens...

Ignorance Isn't Bliss

by Elizabeth Hoskins

Ignorance Isn't Bliss' is the account of Elizabeth's experiences with self medication via illegal drug and alcohol miss-use, social stigma and contact with the NHS mental health services. Although Elizabeth's...

Blue: The Musical

by Rosealine Allen

For her second book with Chipmunka, Rosealine Allen presents this unusual musical script. 'Blue' poses an interesting theme, spread over several decades. Starting from the mid 1960s this unique play documents...

Is Alice?

by Bill Bailey

Is Alice? is a powerful and fictionalised love story. The novel was written solely as a manuscript gift for my partner, and publication is therefore dependent upon her wishes. Her primary one, along with pleasure...

First Book: The Eternal Triangle

by John Hoggett

John Hoggett is a modern beatnik commenting on climate change and child sexual assault. This book is his life and it is also not his life. 'First Book' is a witty collection of poetry and freeform prose tackling...

Every Little Thing

by Cirese Summerrose

Once upon a time, a girl child was born. In most cases, girls grow up fine. THIS girl grew up...interesting. By incredible happenstance, she became a share-holder of a castle; a petty thief; a performance art...

On the Horizon

by Andrew Bridger

Description Coming soon About the Author As I sit here at my computer desk, with my trusty biro back in my right hand, I am perplexed as to how to write a biography of my mental health. I suppose now it is written...

Bajan Affair

by Pauline Pearce

Bajan Affair is Pauline Pearce's 2nd publication by Chipmunka. It is written in diary format as an uplifting, humorous account of a holiday she spent on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Pauline describes how...

Into the Fantastic

by Thomas McNeight

Tom McNeight's book Into the Fantastic explores the vicissitudes of mental illness. He deals with this broad topic from both an academic, philosophical and a personal viewpoint. Tom feels he has been unjustly...

It's Our Time Now

by Milly Adesanya

A diary of 20 year old Milly Adesanya's stay under section 2 of the mental health act at Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham. These poems/raps tell the story of her psychosis and journey back to health. A raw...