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Psychoanalytic Conversations: From the Psychotherapeutic Hospital to the Couch

by M. Sagman Kayatekin

Psychoanalytic Conversations: From the Psychotherapeutic Hospital to the Couch offers fresh and engaging perspectives in psychoanalytic treatment and psychotherapy. Kayatekin draws on cases from his experiences...

The Couple: A pluridisciplinary story

by Éric Smadja

The Couple: A pluridisciplinary story asks two questions and endeavours to answer them: What is the couple? And what story are we talking about?

Éric Smadja presents his view of "the couple" as a composite,...

The Muse: Psychoanalytic Explorations of Creative Inspiration

by Adele Tutter

Psychoanalysts have long been fascinated with creative artists, but have paid far less attention to the men and women who motivate, stimulate, and captivate them. The Muse counters this trend with nine original...

Shame and the Origins of Self-Esteem: A Jungian approach

by Mario Jacoby

Shame is one of our most central feelings and a universal human characteristic. Why do we experience it? For what purpose? How can we cope with excessive feelings of shame?

In this elegant exposition informed...

Individuation and Narcissism: The psychology of self in Jung and Kohut

by Mario Jacoby

Developments in Freudian psychoanalysis, particularly the work of Kohut and Winnicott, have led to a convergence with the Jungian position. In Individuation and Narcissism Mario Jacoby attempted to overcome...

Germany Possessed

by H.G. Baynes

Originally published in 1941, the blurb read: "The aim of this work is to state and understand the psychological dynamics of the present conflict. The author is a medical psychologist who has had unusual opportunities...

Deleuze and Psychology: Philosophical Provocations to Psychological Practices

by Maria Nichterlein & John R. Morss

An increasing number of scholars, students and practitioners of psychology are becoming intrigued by the ideas of Gilles Deleuze and of Felix Guattari. This book aims to be a critical introduction to these ideas,...

Lacan's Return to Antiquity: Between nature and the gods

by Oliver Harris

Lacan's Return to Antiquity is the first book devoted to the role of classical antiquity in Lacan's work. Oliver Harris poses a question familiar from studies of Freud: what are Ancient Greece and Rome doing...

Psychoanalysis Beyond the End of Metaphysics: Thinking Towards the Post-Relational

by Robin S. Brown

Psychoanalysis Beyond the End of Metaphysics offers a new paradigm approach which advocates reengaging the importance of metaphysics in psychoanalytic theorizing. The emergence of the relational trend has witnessed...

Demons in the Consulting Room: Echoes of Genocide, Slavery and Extreme Trauma in Psychoanalytic Practice

by Adrienne Harris, Margery Kalb & Susan Klebanoff

Demons in the Consulting Room: Echoes of Genocide, Slavery and Extreme Trauma in Psychoanalytic Practice isthe second of two volumes addressing the overwhelming, often unmetabolizable feelings related to mourning,...

Summary of What Every BODY is Saying: by Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins | Includes Analysis

by Instaread Summaries

What Every BODY is Saying by Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins | Summary & Analysis



What Every Body Is Saying provides a guide to interpreting body language based on Joe Navarro’s experience as...

Inventing God: Psychology of Belief and the Rise of Secular Spirituality

by Jon Mills

In this controversial book, philosopher and psychoanalyst Jon Mills argues that God does not exist; and more provocatively, that God cannot exist as anything but an idea. Put concisely, God is a psychological...

Emotional Presence in Psychoanalysis: Theory and Clinical Applications

by John Madonna

Emotional Presence in Psychoanalysis provides a detailed look at the intricacies of attaining emotional presence in psychoanalytic work. John Madonna and a distinguished group of contributors draw on both the...

Beyond Behaviorism

by Vicki L. Lee

Originally published in 1988, this title explores and contrasts means and ends psychology with conventional psychology - that of stimuli and response. The author develops this comparison by exploring the general...

Ego Sum

Jung's Wandering Archetype: Race and religion in analytical psychology

by Carrie B. Dohe

Is the Germanic god Wotan (Odin) really an archaic archetype of the Spirit? Was the Third Reich at first a collective individuation process? After Friedrich Nietzsche heralded the "death of God," might the divine...

Energies and Patterns in Psychological Type: The reservoir of consciousness

by John Beebe

This book encapsulates John Beebe's influential work on the analytical psychology of consciousness. Building on C. G. Jung's theory of psychological types and on subsequent clarifications by Marie-Louise von...

The Wounded Healer: Countertransference from a Jungian Perspective

by David Sedgwick

In the years since the publication of The Wounded Healer, countertransference has become a central consideration in the analytic process. David Sedgwick's work was ground-breaking in tackling this difficult...

Reclaiming Unlived Life: Experiences in Psychoanalysis

by Thomas Ogden

In Reclaiming Unlived Life, influential psychoanalyst Thomas Ogden uses rich clinical examples to illustrate how different types of thinking may promote or impede analytic work. With a unique style of "creative...

Sexuality and the Devil: Symbols of Love, Power and Fear in Male Psychology

by Edward J. Tejirian

At the time of publication our understanding of sexuality relied heavily on biology, and also on morality, as was particularly evident when homosexuality and bisexuality were discussed. In this title, originally...