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APA Style & Citations For Dummies

by Joe Giampalmi

Write right in for scholarly success

While world-renowned for the precision and clarity it lends to scholarly writing, keeping track of APA style's exacting standards can be demanding (at times even excruciating!)...

10 Cool Minecraft Console Commands for 2021

by Orlando Bernhard

Minecraft is as of now a genuinely adjustable game. Players can meander around in an open world, form anything you desire, and play anyway you need. You can even roll out significant improvements to the actual...

Canada's Storytellers | Les grands écrivains du Canada

by Edmond Rivère, Stephanie Tolman & Andrew David Irvine

For over three-quarters of a century, the Governor General?s Literary Awards have been awarded annually in a variety of evolving categories. Fifteen Governors General have served as their patron. The impressive...

Summary of Codependent No More

by Alexander Cooper

Summary of Codependent No More

Thank you for purchasing the “Codependent No More” book summary! If you like this summary, please purchase and read the original book for full content experience!

The author...

Creating the Future of Health

by Robert Lampard, David B. Hogan, Frank W. Stahnisch & James R Wright Jr.

Creating the Future of Health is the fascinating story of the first fifty years of the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary.

Founded on the recommendation of the Royal Commission on Health...

iPad 8th Generation User Guide

by Gary Bentford

Discover An In-depth, Practical, Step By Step Processes on the Successful Mastery of Your iPad 8th Generation NOW!

On Tuesday 15th September 2020, the iPad 8th Generation was released by Apple, sticking to the...

The MONSTROUS Book of Serial Killers

by Ben Oakley

NEW Second edition of the international BESTSELLING serial killer encyclopedia. Updated for 2021!

  • A-Z Encyclopedia of 275 Serial Killers
  • 60 Extended Case Files
  • 25 True Crime Research Articles
  • Over 100 Photos...

How to Make a New Product Every Day

by George Saoulidis

This is a product.

The sentence above will make more sense once you read this guide. If you're a creator, an entrepreneur or a producer and want to take your business to the next level, this guide is for you....

Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary

by Voltaire

This book does not demand continuous reading; but at whatever place one opens it, one will find matter for reflection. The most useful books are those of which readers themselves compose half; they extend the...

The Science and Art of Interviewing

by Kathleen Gerson & Sarah Damaske

Qualitative interviewing is among the most widely used methods in the social sciences, but it is arguably the least understood. In The Science and Art of Interviewing, Kathleen Gerson and Sarah Damaske offer...

Podcasting For Dummies

by Tee Morris & Chuck Tomasi

  • Understand the do's and don'ts of podcasting
  • Produce unique content that attracts listeners
  • Build a studio that rivals pro podcasters

How to talk your way to the top

As more and more people turn to podcasts...

Mandolin For Dummies

by Don Julin

Learn how fretting and picking can entertain friends!  

The mandolin is making a big comeback among music enthusiasts. A longtime staple of bluegrass, folk, jazz, and country music, this fast-pickin?...

How to Write a Book and Become a Writer Step By Step

by Wps Office

Who this book is written for?

To everyone who wants to enrich this world.

To pioneers and gentlemen.

To lovers and light emitters.

To those whose hearts are full of good.

To lovers of achievement.

To those who want...

The Good Place and Philosophy

by Kimberly S. Engels & William Irwin

Dive into the moral philosophy at the heart of all four seasons of NBC?s The Good Place, guided by academic experts including the show?s philosophical consultants Pamela Hieronymi and Todd May, and featuring...

The Book Writing Mastery

by zain khan

Every one writes but not every one words have power to affect and impact other people's lives. This small book is full of practical tips and hints that guide you to create an amazing book. A book with true meaning...

Grandma's Sayings... Commented

by Víctor Fernández Castillejo

Much of my education I have acquired from my maternal grandmother: María Cristina Barrón. Among her teachings you always found a saying tailor-made for what occasion.

Over the years I have learned sayings...

Literary Translation and Foreign Rights: Find Translators, Enter New Markets, and Make More Money With Literary Translations

by S C Scott

Ready, Set, Translate!

Are You An Author? Unlock Your 10-step Plan to Multiple Streams of Income from Foreign Translations. It's Easy and Profitable!

The Indie Publishing Gold Rush is not over…

In fact, it’s...

The Conscious Creative

by Kelly Small

An actionable guide to mindfulness and practical ethics for any creative professional who wants to make a living without selling their soul.

It can be difficult to live according to our values in a complicated...

150 Self-Publishing Questions Answered

by Alliance of Independent Authors & M.L. Ronn

Do you have self-publishing questions that you can’t seem to find the answer to? We’re here to help.

It has never been easier to publish a book, but with so many options, it can be hard to know whether writing...

Self Publisher's Toolkit

by Eric Otis Simmons

Self Publisher’s Toolkit is a two-in-one resource that shows you how to self publish a book and then market it to Libraries, a viable $30+ billion segment often overlooked by self publishers.

January 2019 to...