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Tao of Charlie Munger: A Compilation of Quotes from Berkshire Hathaway's Vice Chairman on Life, Business, and the Pursuit of Wealth With Commentary by

by David Clark

Words of wisdom from Charlie Munger—Warren Buffett’s longtime business partner and the visionary Vice Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway—collected and interpreted with an eye towards investing by David Clark,...

I Am a Feminist

by Media Adams

We are the ones we've been waiting for. --June Jordan

Empowering, inspiring...evolving. From Susan B. Anthony to Amy Schumer, the feminist movement has grown in number and purpose for hundreds of years--from...

I Am a Feminist: Quotes That Empower

by Adams Media

We are the ones we've been waiting for. --June Jordan

Empowering, inspiring...evolving. From Susan B. Anthony to Amy Schumer, the feminist movement has grown in number and purpose for hundreds of years--from...

The Delaplaine BUD COLLINS - His Essential Quotations

The Delaplaine DANIEL BERRIGAN - His Essential Quotations

The Delaplaine GEORGE CARLIN - His Essential Quotations

The Delaplaine HUMPHREY BOGART - His Essential Quotations

Faith It, Until You Make It

by Dias Erica

In this book, serial entrepreneur Erica Dias shares her favorite inspirational quotes and sayings to help give her readers the quick pick me up they need throughout the day to stay motivated and driven. 

Reel Wisdom: The Complete Quote Collection for Movie Lovers, Film Buffs and Cinephiles

by Sean K. Smith & Roger Friedman

“All of life's riddles are answered in the movies." ―Steve Martin

Reel Wisdom collects over 125 timeless quotes from the movies and film characters who have long captured the hearts and minds of all who...

The Delaplaine PETE ROSE - His Essential Quotations

by Renee Delaplaine & Andrew Delaplaine

Here are his most essential quotations culled from as wide a variety of source materials available. They have been compiled, edited and carefully selected for inclusion in this book by that well-known Quote...

The Dalai Lama Book of Quotes: A Collection of Speeches, Quotations, Essays and Advice from His Holiness

by Travis Hellstrom

“The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence.” —XIV Dalai Lama

The words of the Dalai Lama resonate within each of us, empowered as they are by centuries of experience and a passionate,...

How to Be Happy

by Anna Barnes

When you're happy, it radiates from within and rubs off on the world. But how do you get there? With a little bit of help and inspiration, it's both possible and delightful to turn up the joy. Bursting with...

How to Be Mindful

by Anna Barnes

Would you like to feel less stressed, live more calmly, and be more content? The simple ideas that mindfulness teaches can help you achieve all these things, by allowing you to live in the moment and embrace...

Literary Wit and Wisdom: Quips and Quotes to Suit All Manner of Occasions

by Richard Benson

"One hates an author that's all author." -Lord ByronWith quips, quotes, and insults from beloved literary figures such as William Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf, and Ernest Hemingway to modern literati including...

The Little Book of Meditations

by Gilly Pickup

Meditation is a wonderful way to bring more peace and tranquility into your life. This little book, bursting with practical advice, useful meditations, and affirming thoughts, helps you to take a moment and...

The Little Book of Friendship

by Lucy Lane

True friendship is a precious gift. This joyful little book is brimming with inspiring quotations that celebrate companionship, plus brilliant ideas to help you build strong friendships and make the most of...

The Little Book of Affirmations

by Gilly Pickup

Let the powerful mantras and inspirational quotes in this book reveal your inner strength and guide you to happiness every single day. This little book is packed with wisdom from writers, spiritual leaders,...

Mom Candy: 1,000 Quotes of Inspiration for Mothers

by Jena Pincott

Sweet, satisfying and calming, Mom Candy is the perfect pick-me-up gift for mothers of all ages. With 1,000 quotes, reflections, and insights Mom Candy gets at the heart of motherhood—from the anticipation...

The Little Book of Inspiration

by Lucy Lane

Whatever dream you're working towards, a few wise words can help make any challenge easier. This uplifting little book is packed with inspiring quotations and simple but effective tips to help you get...

American Wit and Wisdom: Quips and Quotes in Celebration of the USA

by Michael Getz

"Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic."  -Dan Rather"To me, the American Dream is being able to follow your own personal calling."  -Maya Lin"Laughter is America's most important...