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How to Self-Publish for Under $100

by Cinquanta Cox-Smith

• 81% of Americans want to write a book • Self-pubbed books accounted for 31% of all e-book sales • According to Bowker 458,000 books were indie pubbed in 2015 in the US. That’s up 437% from 2008 •...

A Story That Matters

by Gina L. Carroll

No matter who you are, your story is a part of something big—the fabric of history and the human experience. Once written and shared, your story will change someone. And that someone is most likely you. A...

Book Marketing Made Simple

by Karen Williams

There has never been a better time for coaches, consultants, and therapists to write and publish a business book. With a great idea, a clear strategy, and a well-formed marketing plan, your book will help you...

Let It Bleed: How to Write a Rockin' Memoir

by Pamela Des Barres

Author of the international bestseller I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie, Pamela Des Barres shares with women the art of memoir writing.

For the last fourteen years, Pamela Des Barres has been teaching...

Dictionnaire de l'écriture

by Ted Oudan

Où trouver des idées ? Qu'est-ce que les lecteurs veulent lire ?

Conseils pour améliorer votre style. Les secrets du travail de style... Ce dictionnaire est un véritable livre de l'écriture pour écrivains,...

Ecrire des souvenirs de voyages ou de vie

by Louis Timbal-Duclaux

Vous avez fait un beau voyage seul, en couple ou en groupe, et vous voulez en conserver une trace vivante ?

Pour qui ? Pour vous, bien sûr, mais aussi sans doute pour les autres participants à ce voyage, pour...

J'écris mon premier polar

by Louis Timbal-Duclaux

Vous voulez écrire un roman policier, une nouvelle policière ? Ce livre vous explique comment réussir.

À partir de l'exemple de grands maîtres : Simenon, Patricia Highsmith. Raymond Chandler... Comment créer...

Tout savoir sur les maisons d'édition

by Victor Bouadjio

Quelle logique se cache derrière le fonctionnement des maisons d'édition ?

Il y a de grandes révélations dans ce livre : pourquoi les éditeurs refusent-ils certains manuscrits ? Qu'est-ce qui provoque chez...

Bien écrire de A à Z

by Ted Oudan

Dans l'ensemble de notre collection d'ouvrages traitant de l'écriture et de l'édition, s'il n'y a qu'un titre à emporter pour le train ou l'avion, c'est bien celui-ci.

Très dense et éclectique, il aborde...

J'écris mon premier roman

by Louis Timbal-Duclaux

Vous voulez écrire de la fiction ? Roman, nouvelle, récit, histoire, conte, récit de vie...

Vous êtes animateur ou participant à un atelier d'écriture ; vous voulez, pour vos études ou votre plaisir,...

J'écris des Nouvelles et des Contes

by Louis Timbal-Duclaux

Vous désirez écrire des nouvelles ou des contes ?

Vous avez sans doute ce qu'on appelle "un brin de plume". Vous aimez coucher vos pensées sur le papier et faire des phrases harmonieuses. Et vous ne manquez...

Guide des ateliers d'écriture

by Victor Bouadjio

Le rôle moteur des ateliers d'écriture n'est plus à démontrer, près de quarante ans après les premières expériences francophones.

Dans pratiquement toutes les régions et villes de France, on peut aujourd'hui...

Clear Written Communication

by 50MINUTES.Com

Ready to take your careerto the next level? Find out everything you need to know about effective written communication with this practical guide.

No matter what your profession or stage in your career, being...

Writing Personal Essays : Shaping and Sharing Your Life Experience

by Sheila Bender

Writing from the truths in our lives seems difficult but personal essayist Sheila Bender provides a powerful methodology to reach more deeply into your personal experience and, therefore, to reach others deeply....

Behind the Cover

by Karen Rowe

Writing a book is a game changer for your business. It can increase your credibility, get you more clients, allow for strategic partnerships and let you charge higher rates. You already know you are long overdue...

Heaven Falls - The Gospel of Alice (Book 2) Supernatural Romance

by Third Cousins & Jaime Nicholls

Alice has been given the chance of a lifetime. She’s been sent back in time to live out the last week of her life. She’s relieved to find that her questions about her past are finally being answered, but...

Sight Word Practice Skills for Early Readers | 2nd Grade Reading Books Edition

by Baby Professor

Let’s practice those sight words because through them, your child can slowly start to read and spell. Though it may sound like an easy subject to learn, there are much mechanics that go into play when taking...

See It & Say It! : Volume 1 | First (1st) Grade Sight Words

by Baby Professor

Learn about sight words, and prepare yourself for a wonderful reading adventure! Sights words are fundamental to learning to read. These are commonly used words in writing so it’s important that your child...

Writing Practice for Successful Young Writers | Printing Practice for Kids

by Baby Professor

This is perfect for the future novelists and writers. This book introduces a number of writing activities to enhance your child’s skills in printing. Get her to dream big and to never give up on that dream....

Sight Words 1st Grade Workbook (Baby Professor Learning Books)

by Baby Professor

This beautifully designed book of sight words is designed to help your child smoothly transition from learning individual letters to reading simple words. Sight words are commonly seen words. By memorizing them,...