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Celebrating the Reformation

by Mark D Thompson

Too often, the Reformers and their doctrines have been caricatured, misrepresented or misappropriated in the service of agendas they would never have recognized, let alone endorsed. Happily, there has been a...


by Lindsay Wilson

In many ways, Proverbs is similar to the wisdom literature of the wider Ancient Near East. However, while the book initially appears to consist primarily of practical advice, it demonstrates that wisdom is grounded...

Approaching the Study of Theology

by Anthony Thiselton

This introductory guide to philosophy of religion opens with an engaging history of the discipline, mapping the important landmarks and introducing the main areas of debate.

The rest of the book falls into three...

Radical Leadership

by Michael Green

How did Jesus lead? What are the key principles of leadership that he encouraged in his disciples?

Michael Green draws out the radical teaching of the New Testament, and explains why a recovery of that teaching...

A Voice to Be Heard

by Richard Higginson

Christian entrepreneurs are at the heart of the church’s mission.

They are dynamic, innovative followers of Christ who are making a major contribution to our society through the companies they run, the products...

Chaplaincy and Christian Theology

by James Walters, Andrew Todd, John Caperon & Margaret Whipp et al.

Chaplaincy is a rapidly growing ministry, but one that has been the centre of little theological discussion. Focusing on understanding what chaplaincy is and how it is exercised in different contexts, this book...

A Life in Dialogue

by Eugene J. Fisher & James M. Barrens

Eugene J. Fisher believes that the sense of limitless horizons for human potential in classic science fiction, such as the works of Isaac Asimov, opened his mind at a young age to the “radical” idea that...

Meditation, Buddhism, and Science

by David McMahan & Erik Braun

The scientific study of Buddhist forms of meditation has surged in recent years, capturing the popular imagination and reshaping conceptions of what meditation is and what it can do. For perhaps the first time...

The Amir

by Harry Giles

The Umayyads were early Muslim Caliphs who valued Jewss and Christians, and who put the cross on their public buildings and their coins. They were overthrown by some heretics from Persia, and Iraq, against the...

Lecciones Cristianas libro del maestro trimestre de invierno 2017-18: Fe en accion

by NoContributor

Lecciones Cristianas tiene como propósito ayudar a las personas adultas hispanas a crecer en su comprensión de la Biblia y relación de ésta con la vida.  Lecciones Cristianas sigue la serie de las Lecciones...

Lecciones Cristianas libro del alumno trimestre de invierno 2017-18: Fe en accion

by NoContributor

Lecciones Cristianas tiene como propósito ayudar a las personas adultas hispanas a crecer en su comprensión de la Biblia y relación de ésta con la vida.  Lecciones Cristianas sigue la serie de las Lecciones...

You Are Not Alone

by Kate Silvas

You Are Not Alone is a book of hope and contains a series of meditations based on scripture that were written for parents of children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). While intended for that specific...

Bible Lessons for Youth Winter 2017-2018 Leader: Faith

by Sally Hoelscher, Tim Gossett & Michael S Poteet

The Bible Lessons for the winter quarter will help teens explore the twofold nature of faith as belief and action. The Book of Acts offers some examples of proclaiming faith in Christ. In the Book of Daniel,...

Daily Bible Study Winter 2017-2018

by Nan Duerling, Gary Thompson & Stan Purdum

Study the Bible daily following the Uniform Lesson Series.

The Gift

by Stephanie M. Matthews

Edited by New York Times Best Seller editor Steve Parolini, “The Gift” is a supernatural thriller that will carry you away to the wintery streets of Europe, and insert you into the struggle against a darkness...

Crucible of Faith: The Ancient Revolution That Made Our Modern Religious World

by Philip Jenkins

One of America's foremost scholars of religion examines the tumultuous era that gave birth to the modern Judeo-Christian tradition

In The Crucible of Faith, Philip Jenkins argues that much of the Judeo-Christian...

Lessons in Hope: My Unexpected Life with St. John Paul II

by George Weigel

A preeminent authority on the Catholic Church and papal biographer describes what he learned from chronicling the life of Pope John Paul II

In Lessons in Hope, George Weigel tells the story of his unique friendship...

Undocumented and in College

by Terry-Ann Jones & Laura Nichols

The current daily experiences of undocumented students as they navigate the processes of entering and then thriving in Jesuit colleges are explored alongside an investigation of the knowledge and attitudes among...

The Templars: The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors

by Dan Jones

An instant international bestseller, this major new history of the knights Templar by the bestselling author of The Plantagenets is “another triumphant tale from a historian who writes as addictively as any...

The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times

by Jonathan Cahn

This May Be the Most Explosive and Amazing Thing You’ve Ever Read!