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The Gift of Bread: Recipes for the Heart and the Table

by Karen Whiting

A feast for the senses that combines inviting recipes, thoughtful reflections, encouragement, and instruction for how to live fully on God's provision.

The Vajra Essence

by Dudjom Lingpa & B. Alan Wallace

A systematic presentation of the path of Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, by one of its most renowned proponents and rendered by a master translator.

Düdjom Lingpa (1835–1904) was one of the foremost tantric...

Treating Body and Soul: A Clinicians' Guide to Supporting the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Needs of Their Patients

by Peter Wells, Tim Ojo & Jo DeBono

In this book, healthcare professionals share their experiences of enquiring into the spiritual needs of their patients. Each using their own style of research, they discover that recognising patients' spiritual...

God Loves Justice

by Jessica Ann Nicholas

What is social justice and is it even in the Bible?

Christians seem to ask this question all the time, yet still are confused and divided over the answers they come up with. What would God say about social justice...

Buddhist Understanding of Childhood Spirituality

by Alexander von Gontard

In this book, Alexander von Gontard, a child psychiatrist, uses the language, thought and imagery of Buddhism to explore the spirituality of children. The book begins by exploring the Buddha's own childhood...

Divided Allegiance?

by Cristian Romocea, Mohammed Girma, Najib Awad & Issa Diab et al.

For Christians living as a persecuted minority in the Middle East, the question of whether their allegiance should lie with their faith or with the national communities they live in is a difficult one. This...

Body and Soul

by Peter Wells, Andy Nutall, Nigel Spencer & Rachel Reed et al.

Patients who are facing illness and uncertainty often find themselves reflecting on the bigger questions in life, and the core beliefs or principles they live by. These convictions, religious or otherwise, are...

Sharing Compassion

by Sarah Parry, Hannah Wilson, Ciara Joyce & Liz Tallentire et al.

Hope and resilience are essential throughout therapeutic practice as clinicians encounter a number of challenges that can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout. Through a collection of reflective practitioner...

Chaplaincy in Hospice and Palliative Care

by Bob Whorton, Karen Murphy, Louise Adey Huish & Martin Hill et al.

Hospice chaplains have traditionally played a unique part in palliative care, providing human compassion and support to help ease life's final chapter. This book thoughtfully tackles the question at the heart...

The Centre Brain: 5 Prompts To Persuasive Power

by Steve Adams

When facing a red light, what can you say to turn it green?

Hooking an audience? Sweating in a job interview? The results of what you say aren't coincidence. Whether you persuade, or not, is down to whether...

The Seven Prayers of Jesus

by Laszlo Gallusz

Christians believe that prayer is the breath of the soul -- but the reality is that we are all beginners when it comes to the practice of prayer. We need to learn from the master of prayer, Jesus Christ. By...

John: Revised Edition

by Colin G. Kruse

New exegetical commentary on the Gospel of John for preachers, Bible teachers, non-specialists.

Among the Gospels, John's is unique. Its structure incorporates long conversations and extended debates, and much...

The Centre Brain: 5 Prompts To Persuasive Power

by Steve Adams

When facing a red light, what can you say to turn it green?

Hooking an audience? Sweating in a job interview? The results of what you say aren't coincidence. Whether you persuade, or not, is down to whether...


by Alistair Begg with Elizabeth McQuoid

In the midst of bad news, can there be any hope?

The story of Ruth takes place when the Israelites are living in the Promised Land. But instead of obeying God, they are rebelling against his rule. When they cry...

Hearing God's Word

by Tim Chester

Hard work or delight? Which describes the way you engage with your Bible?

Tim Chester shows us how the Bible is much, much more than a book full of information about God. Here we meet the God of the universe...

The God Revolution

by Keith Hill

Our view of the universe has changed radically since the Renaissance. We no longer think, speak, live, or see the world as our forebears did. The Protestant Reformation, the replacing of feudal social hierarchies...

The Business Turn in American Religious History

by Amanda Porterfield, Darren Grem & John Corrigan

Business has received little attention in American religious history, although it has profound implications for understanding the sustained popularity and ongoing transformation of religion in the United States....

Converting to Judaism: A Japanese Perspective

by Kanji Ishizumi

This is the moving story of how a Japanese lawyer and educational consultant from a conservative family of fan makers and merchants came to embrace Judaism.

In his early 50s, while living in the US, he developed...

The Just King: The Tibetan Buddhist Classic on Leading an Ethical Life

by Jamgon Mipham & Jose Ignacio Cabezon

A translation of a popular Buddhist work on worldly ethics by Tibet's most famous philosopher.

Leadership. Power. Responsibility. From Sun Tzu to Plato to Machiavelli, sages east and west have advised kings and...

Enlightened Vagabond: The Life and Teachings of Patrul Rinpoche

by Matthieu Ricard & Constance Wilkinson

Colorful stories about and profound teachings of Patrul Rinpoche, one of the most impactful teachers and thinkers in the Tibetan tradition from the nineteenth century.

The life and teachings of the wandering...