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Michael and the Multicoloured Gospel

by Mark Frew

Michael Farril is born in the outer western suburbs of Sydney into a good, Protestant, Bible-believing family. He is a good boy and a model of what a good Christian should be. But Michael has a secret - he is...

Choosing A Way Out

by Kirsten Samuel

Was it all a lie?

“Because of a moral failure, that’s why.”

When Kirsten Samuel heard this confession from her husband it took her breath away. Looking back she realized her husband’s sin exposed the deception...

Making the Bible Belt

by Joseph L. Locke

Making the Bible Belt upends notions of a longstanding, stable marriage between political religion and the American South. H.L. Mencken coined the term "the Bible Belt" in the 1920s to capture the peculiar alliance...

Women of the Wall

by Yuval Jobani & Nahshon Perez

In October of 2014, 12-year-old Sasha Lutt read from a tiny Torah scroll as a part of her bat mitzvah in the Women's section of the plaza at the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest prayer site. Surrounded by members...

The Emergence of Sin

by Matthew Croasmun

We can have a sense that when we try to do right by one another, we aren't merely striving against ourselves. The feeling is that we are struggling against something--someone-else. As if there's a force-a person-...

The Levites and the Boundaries of Israelite Identity

by Mark Leuchter

At a glance, the Hebrew Bible presents the Levites as a group of ritual assistants and subordinates in Israel's cult. A closer look, however, reveals a far more complicated history behind the emergence of this...

Landscapes of the Song of Songs

by Elaine T. James

In this masterful new study of the ancient poetry of the Song of Songs, Elaine T. James explores the Song's underlying interest in the natural world. Engaging with the fields of geography, landscape architecture,...

Empirical Foundations of the Common Good

by Daniel K. Finn

The idea of the common good was borrowed by the Fathers of the early Catholic Church from the rich philosophical traditions of ancient Greece and Rome. It has been a fundamental part of Catholic thinking about...

If I Give My Soul

by Andrew Johnson

Pentecostal Christianity is flourishing inside the prisons of Rio de Janeiro. To find out why, Andrew Johnson dug deep into the prisons themselves. He began by spending two weeks living in a Brazilian prison...

Feeding the Flock

by Terryl L. Givens

Feeding the Flock, the second volume of Terryl L. Givens's landmark study of the foundations of Mormon thought and practice, traces the essential contours of Mormon practice as it developed from Joseph Smith...

Maternal Grief in the Hebrew Bible

by Ekaterina E. Kozlova

Setting out from the observation made in the social sciences that maternal grief can at times be a motor of societal change, Ekaterina E. Kozlova demonstrates that a similar mechanism operates also in the biblical...

Broken Bodies

by Davis McGuirt & Heather Geisel

If God is good, why do we get sick? When God created the world, He declared: "It is good." But then came the Fall, and with it sickness and death. In this heart-tugging monograph, Dr. Davis McGuirt draws from...

Learning to Live Well Together

by Tom Wilson & Riaz Ravat

In modern multi-faith societies, religious diversity not only affects religious organisations and communities, but indeed every aspect of life. From celebrating cultural events, to considering how the police...

Sharia Tribunals, Rabbinical Courts, and Christian Panels

by Michael J. Broyde

This book explores the rise of private arbitration in religious and other values-oriented communities, and it argues that secular societies should use secular legal frameworks to facilitate, enforce, and also...

Energy in Motion

by Sally Aderton

Energy in Motion: Evolution, Revolution and the Human Condition addresses the hope of a world unified by a new understanding of consciousness. In this book, you will be presented with a clear path to the promise...

Sold into Egypt: Journeys into Human Being

by Madeleine L'Engle & Rachel Held Evans

Book #3 of the Genesis Trilogy. This special reissue of a classic work of spirituality from the author of A Wrinkle in Time offers life-transforming insights on the rich heritage of the Bible and shows how the...

And It Was Good: Reflections on Beginnings

by Madeleine L'Engle & Rachel Held Evans

Book #1 of The Genesis Trilogy. This special reissue of a classic work of spirituality from the author of A Wrinkle in Time offers life-transforming insights on the rich heritage of the Bible and shows how the...

The Beautiful Word

by Zondervan

100 Illustrated NIV Verses That Reveal the Goodness of Scripture

Through beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated Bible verses, The Beautiful Word will inspire you with the hope found in Scripture.

One hundred...

How We Got the Bible

by Clinton E. Arnold

How did the Bible come to be? How has it been passed down to us through the ages? Is it still trustworthy and relevant after all these years? The Bible is the bestselling book of all time and the basis of faith...

All the Miracles of the Bible

by Herbert Lockyer

The Supernatural in Scripture--Its Scope and Significance The Bible is a book of miracles. From Genesis to Revelation, the supernatural power of God is on display from the Creation, to the plagues of Egypt,...