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The Salvation Collection [12 Books]

by Catholic Way Publishing

THE SALVATION COLLECTION [12 BOOKS] CATHOLIC WAY PUBLISHING - The Greatest Catholic Classics! - 12 Books in One - Over 1.6 Million Words - Includes Over 3,000 Active Linked Endnotes - Includes an Active Index,...

Pictorial Lives of the Saints: With Reflections for Every Day in the Year

by John Gilmary Shea & Catholic Way Publishing

PICTORIAL LIVES OF THE SAINTS: WITH REFLECTIONS FOR EVERY DAY IN THE YEAR JOHN GILMARY SHEA - A Catholic Classic! - 400 Original Illustrations of the Saints - Includes an Active Index, Table of Contents and...

The Complete Nicene and Post-Nicene Church Fathers Series 2 Collection [14 Volumes]

by The Church Fathers, Philip Schaff & Catholic Way Publishing

THE COMPLETE NICENE AND POST-NICENE CHURCH FATHERS SERIES 2 COLLECTION [14 VOLUMES] THE CHURCH FATHERS - The Greatest Christian Classics! - Complete Edition: 14 Volumes - Includes an Active Index, 14 Tables...

The Complete Nicene and Post-Nicene Church Fathers Series 1 Collection [14 Volumes]

by The Church Fathers, Philip Schaff & Catholic Way Publishing

THE COMPLETE NICENE AND POST-NICENE CHURCH FATHERS SERIES 1 COLLECTION [14 VOLUMES] THE CHURCH FATHERS - The Greatest Christian Classics! - Complete Edition: 14 Volumes - Includes an Active Index, 14 Tables...

Reflections for Daily Prayer: Advent 2015 to Christ the King 2016

by Croft Steven

Bible reading notes based on the Common Worship Lectionary. Each day, Monday to Saturday, some of the very best writers from across the Anglican tradition offer insightful, informed and inspiring reflections...

What Keeps You Up at Night?

by Pete Wilson

“I just can’t ever seem to shut off my brain and rest.”

It's easy to feel paralyzed by uncertainty.  We want our questions answered, our decisions affirmed, and our plans applauded.  But life doesn't...

Islam And Terrorism: What the Quran really teaches about Christianity, violence and the goals of the Islamic jihad.

by Mark A Gabriel

For the readers of this book, the motive behind Islamic world activity will no longer be a mystery. Each action is obviously rooted in the philosophy of Islam. Now both the Christian and the political world...

Undemocratic: How Unelected, Unaccountable Bureaucrats Are Stealing Your Liberty and Freedom

by Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow—one of America’s most influential attorneys—explores the current political landscape in which bureaucracy has taken over our government and provides a practical roadmap to help take back our...

Luther's Fortress: Martin Luther and His Reformation Under Siege

by James Reston

In 1521, the Catholic Church declared war on Martin Luther. The German monk had already been excommunicated the year before, after nailing his Ninety-Five Theses—which accused the Church of rampant corruption—to...

Islam And The Jews: The unfinished battle

by Mark A Gabriel

The powerful cultural and spiritual forces that fuel the conflict in the Middle East.

30 Days to Victory Through Forgiveness

by Tony Evans

From bestselling author Dr. Tony Evans, author of Victory in Spiritual Warfare comes a month-long journey to overcoming unforgiveness.

It happened so long ago….and yet here you are, still harboring unforgiveness...

The Biblical Cosmos: A Pilgrim's Guide to the Weird and Wonderful World of the Bible

by Robin A. Parry

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Bible. When we read Scripture we often imagine that the world inhabited by the Bible's characters was much the same as our own. We would be wrong. The biblical...

Essays from the Margins

by Luis N. Rivera-Pagán

These essays emerge from different crucial and complex conflicts: from the memory of the sixteenth-century bishop, Bartolomé de las Casas, urging the pope of his time to cleanse the church of complicity with...

From Text to Performance: Narrative and Performance Criticisms in Dialogue and Debate

by Kelly R. Iverson

For the last two centuries biblical interpretation has been guided by perspectives that have largely ignored the oral context in which the gospels took shape. Only recently have scholars begun to explore how...

30 Days to Overcoming Emotional Strongholds

by Tony Evans

Emotional strongholds come in all shapes and sizes—doubt, rejection, poor self-esteem, pride, stubbornness, a victim mentality, or defeatism. Which of these are you battling? Which ones are undermining your...

The Missiological Spirit: Christian Mission Theology in the Third Millennium Global Context

by Amos Yong

The field of the theology of mission has developed variously across Christian traditions in the last century. Pentecostal scholars and missiologists have made their share of contributions to this area. 'The...

Jesus, Debt, and the Lord's Prayer: First-Century Debt and Jesus' Intentions

by Douglas E. Oakman

Deeply rooted in the story of Jesus of Nazareth is a concern for people mired in debt. Debt was a central control mechanism for the administration of the Roman Empire. Client states such as those of the Herods...

Reading Scripture to Hear God: Kevin Vanhoozer and Henri de Lubac on God's Use of Scripture in the Economy of Redemption

by Kevin Storer

Recent theological discussions between Catholics and Evangelicals have generated a renewed appreciation for God's ongoing use of Scripture for self-mediation to the Church. Noting the significant influence of...

Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers: A Reformed, Evangelical, and Ecumenical Reconstruction of the Patristic Tradition

by Jason Robert Radcliff

In this important examination of T.F. Torrance's reading of the Church Fathers, Radcliff explores how Torrance reconstructs the patristic tradition, producing a Reformed, evangelical, and ecumenical version...

The Original Ending of Mark: A New Case for the Authenticity of Mark 16:9-20

by Nicholas P. Lunn

Although traditionally accepted by the church through the centuries, the longer ending of Mark's Gospel (16:9-20) has been relegated by modern scholarship to the status of a later appendage. The arguments for...