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The Makings of Indonesian Islam: Orientalism and the Narration of a Sufi Past

by Michael Laffan

Indonesian Islam is often portrayed as being intrinsically moderate by virtue of the role that mystical Sufism played in shaping its traditions. According to Western observers--from Dutch colonial administrators...

American Religion: Contemporary Trends

by Mark Chaves

Most Americans say they believe in God, and more than a third say they attend religious services every week. Yet studies show that people do not really go to church as often as they claim, and it is not always...

How the Bible Came to Be

by J. Hays & J. Duvall

This short ebook explores how the Bible came to be, with fascinating chapters on divine inspiration, the Septuagint, the shaping of the canon, translation, and much more.

Heaven Is Now: Awakening Your Five Spiritual Senses to the Wonders of Grace

by Andrew Farley

Provocative voice offers a catalyst to awakening your five spiritual senses to experience heaven as a present reality and not just a final destination.

Jesus Survey, The: What Christian Teens Really Believe and Why

by Mike Nappa

Based on a national survey, this revealing book explores what Christian teenagers say they believe about Jesus and the church--and what that means in their lives.

Knowing God's Voice: Learn How to Hear God Above the Chaos of Life and Respond Passionately in Faith

by Dr. Kenneth C. Ulmer

If you are doing all of the talking, it is likely that you will not hear what others have to say, let alone gain from their counsel, insight and wisdom—if this is true with humans, isn’t it even more so...

Re-Create Study Guide: Building a Culture in Your Home Stronger Than The Culture Deceiving Your Kids

by Ron Luce

Together with the companion ReCreate Your World study guide, this DVD will bring hope into the lives of those who dare to step out of the status quo of quiet Christianity and make a massive difference by dreaming...

Testament of Memory: A Siberian Life

by Mikhail Chevalkov & John Warden

A remarkably simple and yet profoundly deep narrative, this translation is an introduction to the remote world of the 19th-century Altai: a mountainous region of southern Siberia possessing unique flora and...

A Practical Handbook for Divine Services

by Gregory W. W. Woolfenden

The services and prayer texts of the Orthodox Church are ancient and inspirational, and this invaluable reference guides priests, deacons, servers, readers, and singers in the customs and practices of the church....

Light Invisible: Satisfying the Thirst for Happiness

by M. V. V. Lodyzhenskii

Arguing that human beings yearn to be rooted in something greater than themselves and to know enduring joy and peace whatever the circumstances, this classic early-20th-century text examines higher consciousness...

A Psalter for Prayer: An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale Translation, Augmented by Prayers and Instructional Material Drawn from C

by David Mitchell Mitchell James

Reaching back hundreds of years, this volume is the first major English edition to include all the prayers needed to read the Slavic Psalter at home in the Orthodox tradition. The contents include many texts...

Your Prosperity Blueprint: How to Go From Where You Are to the Level of Success God Intended for You

by Jason Hale

Your Prosperity Blueprint will simplify your understanding of Biblical prosperity principles to help you gain an advantage in business operations and sales, as well as in your personal finances. Learn how to...

Mother Teresa and Me

by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Step inside the author's deeply personal experiences with one of the greatest souls of modern times.

Single Mom's Devotional, The: A Book of 52 Practical and Encouraging Devotions

by Carol Floch & Karol Ladd

Single mothers, whether on their own after a divorce or a husband's death, will discover how to find true life in Christ and allow the strength of that inner life to be the compass by which they navigate an...

Year of Blind Dates, A: A Single Girl's Search for "The One"

by Megan Carson

This quirky memoir follows the author on a year of blind dates--some good, some bad, some really, really bad--as she searches for Mr. Right, not just Mr. Right Now.


by Jo Saxton

Are you a woman getting on with shaping your surroundings - in the office, at church, in your local community? Do you ever feel unsupported and unequipped? Do you sometimes doubt your calling? If the answer...

The Accidental Pilgrim

by Maggi Dawn

Pilgrimage has been an important practice for Christians since the fourth century, but for many people these days it is no more than a relic of church history, utterly irrelevant to their lives. In THE ACCIDENTAL...

The Bells of the Blue Pagoda

by Jean Carter Cochran

The adventures of Little Small-Feet, Great Helpful Lady, and Old Scarred Face are from the many incidents related to the author. This missionary story book, used as a reading book at the beginning of the century,...

Being God's People: The Confirmation and Discipleship Handbook

by Robin Greenwood & Sue Hart

Each chapter gives material for the members of the group to read in advance. There is a framework or plan for a group meeting, with detailed ideas for activities and discussion. There is also general advice...

A Woman's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: Protect Your Home, Family and Friends from Spiritual Darkness

by Quin Sherrer & Ruthanne B. Garlock

There is a spiritual war going on, and God has given women a key position on the battlefront. Women everywhere face battles that threaten to overwhelm them and those they love: A son’s drug addiction. A daughter’s...