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How To Thrive In The Last Days: Biblical Strategies for Protection and Abundance in Troubled Times

The Time Mom Met Hitler, Frost Came to Dinner, and I Heard the Greatest Story Ever Told: A Memoir

by Dikkon Eberhart

He was predestined for literary greatness. If only his father hadn’t used up all the words.

As the son of the Pulitzer Prize–winning poet Richard Eberhart, Dikkon Eberhart grew up surrounded by literary giants....

The Moon Points Back

by Koji Tanaka, Yasuo Deguchi, Jay L. Garfield & Graham Priest

The Moon Points Back comprises essays by both established scholars in Buddhist and Western philosophy and young scholars contributing to cross-cultural philosophy. It continues the program of Pointing at the...

Augustine, the Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons

by Adam Ployd

The legacy of Augustine of Hippo (354-430) continues to shape Western Christian language about both the Trinity and the Church, yet scholars rarely treat these two topics as related in his work. In Augustine,...

Christianity, Islam, and Liberal Democracy: Lessons from Sub-Saharan Africa

by Robert A. Dowd

Drawing from research conducted in Nigeria, Senegal, and Uganda, Christianity, Islam, and Liberal Democracy offers a deeper understanding of how Christian and Islamic faith communities affect the political attitudes...

Tibetan Buddhism and Mystical Experience

by Yaroslav Komarovski

In this book, Yaroslav Komarovski argues that the Tibetan Buddhist interpretations of the realization of ultimate reality both contribute to and challenge contemporary interpretations of unmediated mystical...

Rethinking the End of the World: Understanding Apocalyptic Spirituality

by B. L. Cooper & Don Thorsen

Since the day Jesus ascended into heaven, the church has eagerly awaited his second coming. And during the intervening years too many Christians have focused their study of the Bible entirely on discovering...

Evangelism and Social Concern in the Theology of Carl F. H. Henry

by Jerry M. Ireland & Edward L. Smither

How do evangelism and social concern relate to one another in the mission of the church? How should the Old Testament's emphasis on social justice inform the praxis of modern believers? Does the Bible emphasize...

No Fear Zen: Discovering Balance in an Unbalanced World

by Richard Collins

No Fear Zen presents an approach to Zen practice that focuses on concentration and sitting (shikantaza) as a discipline that can be practiced in everyday life with the dedication of the samurai. And in a world...

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold

by Acharya S.

In this highly controversial and explosive book, archaeologist, historian, mythologist and linguist Acharya S. marshals an enormous amount of startling evidence to demonstrate that Christianity and the story...

Common Worship Lectionary: Advent 2015 to the Eve of Advent 2016 Standard format

by Church of England

Presents the recommended Bible readings (references only) for Sundays, weekdays and Principal Festivals worked out for the year between Advent 2015 and Advent 2016. Standard format.

The Jesus Experience: Journey Deeper into the Heart of God

by Bill Myers

Through the pages of The Jesus Experience, Myers leads you on your own personal journey of rediscovering God’s love for you and, in turn, loving others more deeply.

Practical Stuff for Pastors: Taking Care of Business

by Rick Edwards

A helpful handbook for pastors about all the stuff they didn't learn in seminary. Most pastors didn't go into ministry because they love spreadsheets, HR policies, and balancing budgets. Yet neglecting these...

Practical Stuff for Pastors: Leading Change

by Rick Edwards

A helpful handbook for pastors about all the stuff they didn't learn in seminary. Ever tried replacing the organ with a keyboard? Shifting the service time by 30 minutes? Introducing a new ministry? Retiring...

Songs My Grandma Sang

by Michael B. Curry

• Author of the popular Crazy Christians • Well-known bishop, preacher, and teacher In a conversation about his teaching and preaching style, Michael Curry notes with a laugh that hymns and songs of faith...

Church Refugees: Sociologists reveal why people are DONE with church but not their faith

by Josh Packard & Ashleigh Hope

They're called The Dones. After devoting a lifetime to their churches, they're walking away. Why? Sociologists Josh Packard and Ashleigh Hope reveal the results of a major study about the exodus from the American...

Words That Heal: 40 Encouraging Stories Inspired by James 3:1-12

by Michael Ross & Brian Doyle

Practical ways to speak kindness, express God’s love, and to live our witness at home, at work, at church … everywhere!

Managing Your Family's High-Tech Habits: (From Video-Games to the Dark Side of the Web)

by Arnie Cole & Pam Ovwigho

Manage your family’s high-tech habits and learn how to stay safe on the Internet, navigate social-media choices, and set healthy boundaries.

101 Ways to Strengthen the Parent-Child Connection: Devotions, Tips, and Activities

by Michael Ross & Tiffany Ross

101 kid-friendly connections to help your family survive and thrive in uncertain times!

Por qué creemos en dios(es): Una guía concisa de la ciencia de la fe

by Clare Aukofer, J. Anderson Thomson & Richard Dawkins

In this groundbreaking volume, J. Anderson Thomson Jr., MD, and Clare Aukofer offer a succinct yet comprehensive study of how and why the human mind generates religious belief. Dr. Thomson, a highly respected...