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Short Stories by Jesus

by Amy-Jill Levine

Jesus was a skilled storyteller and perceptive teacher who used images from everyday life to stir up interest in his message about the Kingdom of God. But life in first-century Galilee and Judea was very different...

Useful Junk: God's Power to Transform

by Robert L. Lawrence

An autobiography of Robert Lawrence a missionary living in Sonora Mexico. It covers his life from a rebellious childhood, through the prisons of California, to Mexico missions. His conversion to Christianity...

Three Moments of the Day: Praying with the Heart of Jesus

by S. J. Christopher S. Collins & S. J. James Kubicki

On the strength of the Apostleship of Prayer's worldwide reach, retreat master Christopher Collins introduces a powerful approach to both the Sacred Heart devotion and classic Ignatian spirituality. In the tradition...

When Saint Francis Saved the Church: How a Converted Medieval Troubadour Created a Spiritual Vision for the Ages

by Jon M. Sweeney

Jon M. Sweeney, author of numerous popular books on St. Francis as well as the recent bestseller The Pope Who Quit, offers a surprising new look at the world's most popular saint, showing how this beloved, but...

Talking to Spirit

by Graham Deakin

In the pages of this short book you will find effective techniques that you will learn to help connect yourself to loved ones in spirit. you will learn about spirit guides and doctors, Your soul group and more...

The Peculiar Life of Harold Pennington: & the Art House Murders

by Robert Evans

The Second edition of the adventures of Harold Pennington leads him into the aloof world of the Mannington's, an upper class family who jointly own an art house where two murders take place. But are things what...

Journeying Mercies

by Julie Miller

As we journey through this life of ours there will be times when we are tempted to think we walk alone. Wherever you may find yourself on the path of life, know that there is a Savior who walks beside you. He...

Before You Tie the Sacred Knot

by Angela B. Chester

Filled with real life questions about your upcoming life together, Before You Tie the Sacred Knot is for Christian couples serious about starting their marriage on a solid foundation. Before You Tie The Sacred...

Five Deep Christian Poems

by Stephen Ebanks

A deep and meaningful set of poems you can enjoy at home or read to the prayer meeting, church or congregation. showing graceful depth with original and common christian themes. A very affordable and timeless...

A Sheep's Guide to Legacy

by Adrian Harrison

How do I inspire my teenager to think about their future? How can I leave an inheritance to my family? The Sheep's Guide to Legacy will help you answer these questions and more. This book will help you decide...

Prayers for Help: A Sacred Heart Prayer Book

by James Lawrence STB

Are there problems in your life? In Prayers for Help you'll find the 12 Promises of Jesus. You'll find your problem there and you'll also find the answer. For those who practice the devotion to the Sacred Heart,...

The Peculiar Life of Harold Pennington: & The Pennington Affair a Romping Adventure

by Robert Evans

The story is about two friends, one a theologian and one a skeptic, both with everyday lives, who get caught up in a web of intrigue and adventure on the run for their lives, through no fault of their own. In...

Treatise on the Love of God

by St. Francis de Sales

This Treatise which I now present you, may be in some way serviceable to you, and that in it you will meet with many wholesome considerations which you would not elsewhere so easily find. We all look towards...

The Jefferson Bible: The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth

by Thomas Jefferson

In 1804 Thomas Jefferson decided to study the gospels to see if he could distill the essence of Jesus' teachings into a concise book that could be quickly read and easily understood. This volume is the result,...

The Power of the Blood of Jesus

by Andrew Murray

God has spoken to us in the Scriptures in divers portions and in divers manners; but the voice is ever the same, it is always the Word of the same God. Hence the importance of treating the Bible as a whole,...


by Sean Strnad

Bennett Shepherd wakes up following a heart attack to rediscover an obvious truth: his time on earth is severely limited. Given a harsh prognosis, he struggles to find meaning in his life while coping with a...

Judaism's Ten Best Ideas: A Brief Guide for Seekers

As Pilgrims Progress - Learning How Christians Can Walk Hand In Hand When They Don't See Eye to Eye

by Stephen John March & David Bjork

This book seeks to help Christians from different traditions understand the mechanisms that have given rise to their diversity, to help them learn how to understand and appreciate each other in their difference...

Who Do You Say That I Am?: Proclaiming and Following Jesus Today

by Michael Root & James J. Buckley

No question is more central to Christian living, preaching, and theology than Jesus' question to his disciples: Who do you say that I am? Some would have it that pastors and theologians, biblical exegetes and...

Miracle Prayer: Nine Steps to Creating Prayers That Get Results

by Susan G. Shumsky

MIRACLE PRAYER proposes a systematic approach to focusing one's intention and formulating prayers that get results, based on the premise that your thoughts create your destiny. Using a prescribed prayer format...