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A Muslim Response to Evil: Said Nursi on the Theodicy

by Tubanur Yesilhark Ozkan

While Christian approaches to the problem of evil have been much discussed, the issue of theodicy in Islam is relatively neglected. A Muslim Response to Evil explores new insights and viewpoints and discusses...

A Neo-Hegelian Theology: The God of Greatest Hospitality

by Andrew Shanks

The thought of G.W.F. Hegel (1770-1831) haunts the world of theology. Constantly misunderstood, and often maliciously misrepresented, Hegel nevertheless will not go away. Perhaps no other thinker in Christian...

Carved in Stone, Etched in Memory: Death, Tombstones and Commemoration in Bosnian Islam since c.1500

by Amila Buturovic

Despite the recent history of violence and destruction, Bosnia-Herzegovina holds a positive place in history, marked by a continuous interweaving of different religious cultures. The most expansive period in...

Children and Asceticism in Late Antiquity: Continuity, Family Dynamics and the Rise of Christianity

by Ville Vuolanto

In Late Antiquity the emergence of Christian asceticism challenged the traditional Greco-Roman views and practices of family life. The resulting discussions on the right way to live a good Christian life provide...

Gender and Conversion Narratives in the Nineteenth Century: German Mission at Home and Abroad

by Kirsten Rüther & Angelika Schaser

Addressing an important social and political issue which is still much debated today, this volume explores the connections between religious conversions and gendered identity against the backdrop of a world...

Methodism in Australia: A History

by Glen O'Brien & Hilary M. Carey

Methodism has played a major role in all areas of public life in Australia but has been particularly significant for its influence on education, social welfare, missions to Aboriginal people and the Pacific...

Modernities, Memory and Mutations: Grace Davie and the Study of Religion

by Abby Day & Mia Lövheim

Grace Davie, one of the world's most influential scholars in contemporary sociology of religion, has furthered a tradition developed by David Martin and others in comparative sociology of religion and modernity...

Oliver Quick and the Quest for a Christian Metaphysic

by Alexander J. Hughes

Oliver Chase Quick (1885-1944) was one of the foremost and most widely read British theologians of his day. Oliver Quick and the Quest for a Christian Metaphysic presents the first major study of his work. Exploring...

Philip Doddridge and the Shaping of Evangelical Dissent

by Robert Strivens

Evangelical Dissent in the early eighteenth century had to address a variety of intellectual challenges. How reliable was the Bible? Was traditional Christian teaching about God, humanity, sin and salvation...

Poetry and Prayer: The Power of the Word II

by Francesca Bugliani Knox & John Took

Interdisciplinary and ecumenical in scope, Poetry and Prayer offers theoretical discussion on the profound connection between poetic inspiration and prayer as well as reflection on the work of individual writers...

Practical Theology and Pierre-André Liégé: Radical Dominican and Vatican II Pioneer

by Nicholas Bradbury

Pierre-André Liégé, one of the foremost French theologians of the 20th century, influenced John XXIII and Paul VI, and sat on Vatican II committees with both the future John Paul II and Benedict VI....

Radical Theology and Emerging Christianity: Deconstruction, Materialism and Religious Practices

by Katharine Sarah Moody

The ‘theological turn' in continental philosophy and the ‘turn to Paul' in political philosophy have occasioned a return to radical theology, a tradition whose philosophical heritage can be traced...

Rationality as Virtue: Towards a Theological Philosophy

by Lydia Schumacher

For much of the modern period, theologians and philosophers of religion have struggled with the problem of proving that it is rational to believe in God. Drawing on the thought of Thomas Aquinas, this book lays...

The Theology of John Zizioulas: Personhood and the Church

by Douglas H. Knight

John Zizioulas is widely recognised as the most significant Orthodox theologian of the last half century and acclaimed advocate of ecumenism. From his indepth knowledge of the intellectual resources of the Church,...

Vijayanagara Voices: Exploring South Indian History and Hindu Literature

by William J. Jackson

The Vijayanagara Empire flourished in South India between 1336 and 1565. Conveying the depth and creativity of Hindu religious and literary expression during that time, Vijayanagara Voices explores some of the...

Women and Pilgrimage in Medieval Galicia

by Carlos Andrés| González-Paz

For many in the Middle Ages, pilgrimages were seen to represent a clear risk of moral and religious perdition for women, and they were strongly discouraged from making them; this exhortation would have been...

Secularism and Identity: Non-Islamiosity in the Iranian Diaspora

by Reza Gholami

Within western political, media and academic discourses, Muslim communities are predominantly seen through the prism of their Islamic religiosities, yet there exist within diasporic communities unique and complex...

Shamanism, Discourse, Modernity

by Thomas Karl Alberts

Shamanism, Discourse, Modernity considers indigenous peoples' struggles for human rights, anxieties about anthropocentric mastery of nature, neoliberal statecraft, and entrepreneurialism of the self. The book...

Sharing Friendship: Exploring Anglican Character, Vocation, Witness and Mission

by John B. Thomson

Sharing Friendship represents a post-liberal approach to ecclesiology and theology generated out of the history, practices and traditions of the Anglican Church. Drawing on the theological ethics of Stanley...

Shi'i Reformation in Iran: The Life and Theology of Shari'at Sangelaji

by Ali Rahnema

Shi 'ism caught the attention of the world as Iran experienced her revolution in 1979 and was subsequently cast in the mold of a monolithic discourse of radical political Islam. The spokespersons of Shi'i Islam,...