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Take Back the Land: Inspiring a New Generation to Lead America

by Rick Boyer

If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, your calling is to change the world. All you need to get started is the desire to influence your country and church in a positive way. Home schooling and the strength...

Answers Book for Teens Volume 1: Your Questions God's Answers

by Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge & Dr. Tommy Mitchell

Friends, teachers, and the world in general will tell you that Christianity and faith is a lie. Atheism and Eastern religions are more fashionable. The culture tells you to look and act certain ways or people...

Warrior for Revival

by Phillip Mantofa

Warrior for Revival is a riveting account of how the Lord Jesus touched the life of a young

man, Philip Mantofa, delivered him from the depths of violence and depression, and used

him mightily as a chosen vessel...

My Sons Are Jewish: The Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

by Paula Clayman

In her quest to discover the true nature of the question, “Who is a Jew?” author Paula Clayman

emphatically unravels many exciting historical facets while tracing biblical lineages and exposing

their valuable...

The 23rd Psalm: Enjoying God's Best in the Midst of the Storm

by Dr. Mitchell H. Warren

Are you stressed, discouraged, struggling, or unhappy? Do you wonder if you’ve been abandoned?

Dr. Mitchell Warren has a message of hope and encouragement for you—the Lord is still your

Shepherd, even today!...

The Love Sick God: Answering the Deepest Longings of Your Soul

by Pablo Perez

Imagine the Creator of the universe thinking about you right at this moment. What if you

could read His thoughts and watch the expression of His face when your name comes

up? The Lovesick God reveals the beauty...

Momentum: What God Starts, Never Ends

by Bill Johnson & Eric Johnson

It is the heart of God for Revivals and Movements to continue from generation to generation. ­­­­Momentum confronts some of the issues that have hindered personal and corporate Revivals from continuing....

War and the American Difference: Theological Reflections on Violence and National Identity

by Stanley Hauerwas

An esteemed theologian examines how American identity and America's presence in the world are shaped by war.

Hip-Hop Redemption: Finding God in the Rhythm and the Rhyme

by Ralph Watkins

A sociologist and pop-culture expert offers a balanced engagement of hip-hop and rap music, showing God's presence in the music and the message.

Creating a Spiritual Legacy: How to Share Your Stories, Values, and Wisdom

by Daniel Taylor

A beloved author and storyteller shows how ordinary people can preserve and pass on their wisdom, values, and spiritual legacy to loved ones.

The Character of Christian Scripture: The Significance of a Two-Testament Bible

by Christopher Seitz

An internationally renowned expert in canonical interpretation illuminates the two-testament character of Scripture and its significance for the contemporary church.

Moral Formation According to Paul: The Context and Coherence of Pauline Ethics

by James Thompson

A leading biblical scholar shows that Paul offers a coherent moral vision based on both the story of Christ and the norms of the law.

60 Questions Christians Ask about Jewish Beliefs and Practices

by Michael Brown

Respected scholar and Messianic Jew answers sixty common questions Christians have about Jewish people, culture, practices, and the Jewish background to the New Testament.

No, We Can't: Radical Islam, Militant Secularism and the Myth of Coexistence

by Robert Stearns

Three worldviews are competing for world dominance on the world's stage: militant secularism, radicalized Islam, and Judeo-Christianity. Which will prevail, and what should believers do?

The Essential Guide to Healing

by Bill Johnson & Randy Clark

Two premier renewal leaders help inspire and equip believers to receive and minister healing, stressing that God's miraculous healing is part of the Good News.

The Sermon on the Mount

by Kendall Kendall

The greatest sermon ever preached, given by Jesus Christ Himself, is examined verse by verse, to help readers better understand the Sermon on the Mount.

Awakenings in America and the Jesus People Movement

by Kent Allan Philpott & Katie L C Philpott

America's three great awakenings are well known and documented. Kent Philpott, a hippie preacher in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District from 1967 to 1970, makes the case that the Jesus People Movement is...

Turning to God in Tough Times

by Joan Guntzelman

When we are going through tough times, we need to turn to the light of God's love, but we often find it difficult to do so. This book will help readers move toward God and away from hopelessness and despair....

Whole: An Honest Look at the Holes in Your Life-And How to Let God Fill Them

by Lisa Whittle & George Barna

How to get past whatever’s holding you back—and start living a whole new story

We all have holes in our lives—those things we lament about ourselves. Those things we allow to define us in ways we don’t...

God's Covenants and Restorations

by Victor Jonathan Vadney

In this book entitled God's Covenants and Restorations, I show that God has always communicated to man within the context of a covenant. God made seven covenants with man: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David,...