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Vigilant Faith: Passionate Agnosticism in a Secular World

by Daniel Boscaljon

In Vigilant Faith: Passionate Agnosticism in a Secular World, Daniel Boscaljon takes up the contemporary challenges to faith by skepticism and secularism. He proposes a model of faith for believers and unbelievers...

Saving Casper: A Christian and an Atheist Talk about Why We Need to Change the Conversion Conversation

by Matt Casper, Jim Henderson & William Paul Young

The authors of the popular Jim and Casper Go to Church are back! An unlikely friendship began when former pastor Jim Henderson brought atheist Matt Casper with him to visit a series of churches and give his...

The Creationist Debate, Second Edition: The Encounter Between the Bible and the Historical Mind

by Arthur McCalla

Whereas scholarly study of Creationism usually places it in the context of religion and the history or philosophy of science, The Creationist Debate, here revised and completely updated in its second edition,...

Postcolonial Resistance and Asian Theology

by Simon Shui-Man Kwan

Presenting a fundamental re-thinking of Asian theology, this book focuses on theological indigenization in Asia in light of the postcolonial theory of resistance advanced by Homi K. Bhabha, among others.


Shattered Images: The Rise of Militant Iconoclasm in Syria

by Fred A. Reed

Shattered Images discusses all of the major Islamic faiths in its search for the origins of contemporary fundamentalist movements.

At the Cross

by Richard H. Allen

At the Cross is a line-by-line examination of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as these apostles describe events from the Garden of Gethsemane to the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. This...

Dying Out Loud: No Guilt in Life. No Fear in Death

by Shawn Smucker

Dying Out Loud is the story of Stan, his wife, Ann, their children Elle and Stanley, and their dedication to following God no matter what the cost. They traded the comforts of suburban southern California for...

Common Worship: Saints on Earth: A Biographical Companion to Common Worship

by John H. Darch & Stuart K. Burns

Combining a stimulating mix of history and biography, Saints on Earth gives detailed information about the people commemorated in the Common Worship calendar of Holy Days.

A Mother’s Garden of Prayer

by Sarah Maddox & Patti Webb

In A Mother's Garden of Prayer, authors Sarah Maddox and Patti Webb have crafted a beautifully illustrated book filled with Scriptures and prayers that guide mothers and grandmothers in cultivating a lifestyle...

A Woman’s Garden of Prayer

by Sarah Maddox & Patti Webb

In A Woman's Garden of Prayer, authors Sarah Maddox and Patti Webb have crafted a beautiful book filled with Scriptures and prayers to encourage every woman in every facet of her daily life.

Woven together here...

Religion and Reality: An Exploration of Contemporary Metaphysical Systems, Theologies, and Religious Pluralism

by Darren Iammarino

This book argues for the reality of multiple religious ultimates rather than just one. This entails that all the religions are not the same; they describe different religious objects, and they each provide unique...

Storied Revelations: Parables, Imagination, and George MacDonald's Christian Fiction

by Gisela H. Kreglinger & Eugene H. Peterson

Parables--used by Jesus to reveal to us the kingdom of God, used to move us from being bystanders to active recipients of God's work of revelation--are constantly at risk of being buried as mummies of prose,...

Leviticus: You Have No Idea

by Maurice D. Harris

Leviticus has been called irrelevant, primitive, and a backwater of the Bible, even by scholars and people of faith who treasure Scripture. Many find it alienating, or, at minimum, confusing. In Leviticus: You...

The Westminster Handbook to Karl Barth

by Richard Burnett

Featuring essays from renowned scholars, this volume in the Westminster Handbooks to Christian Theology series provides an insightful and comprehensive overview of the theology of Karl Barth (1886-1968). This...

Eating for Excellence

by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Eating For Excellence makes food fun! Sheri Rose shares her original recipes, her off-beat humor, and her motivational skills in this lively cookbook. This book is for any woman who wants to eat well, have fun,...

In the Shadow of the Shtetl: Small-Town Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine

by Jeffrey Veidlinger

The story of how the Holocaust decimated Jewish life in the shtetls of Eastern Europe is well known. Still, thousands of Jews in these small towns survived the war and returned afterward to rebuild their communities....

Global Pentecostalism in the 21st Century

by Robert W. Hefner & Peter L. Berger

This state-of-the-field overview of Pentecostalism around the world focuses on cultural developments among second- and third-generation adherents in regions with large Pentecostal communities, considering the...

The Gospel as Conversation: Texts, Sermons, and Questions for Reflection: A Study Guide

by James Boyd White & Dan Edwards

How are we to read the Gospels and bring them into our lives? The idea of this book is that the Gospels are not merely rules for life, or stories illustrating moral lessons, or statements of theological doctrine,...

The House of God: A Book of Meditations on the First Epistle of Paul to Timothy for Students of the Gospel Ministry

by John Peter Bodner

Meditate on these things . . . The discipline of meditating day and night in the Book of the Lord (Joshua 1; Psalm 1) is a costly art, hard won in any age--perhaps even more so in today's stressful times of...

Moral Philosophy and the Modern World

by Donald Phillip Verene

This work raises for the contemporary reader the ancient and abiding question of the nature and meaning of human virtue. In Part 1, it draws upon Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero and the works of Renaissance Christian...