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Religion in Science Fiction: The Evolution of an Idea and the Extinction of a Genre

by Steven Hrotic

Religion in Science Fiction investigates the history of the representations of religion in science fiction literature. Space travel, futuristic societies, and non-human cultures are traditional themes in science...


by Myron Humble

Charlie Hunter has experienced great disappointment and loss in his life and feels as if God is 'out to get him'. After his wife Arlene is killed by a drunk driver he sets off on the life of a mariner-a Vagabond,...

Stories About Purgatory & What They Reveal: 30 Days for the Holy Souls

by Sligo

This book was written to impress upon its readers many truths about Purgatory -- first, that it exists; second, that the souls detained there suffer long and excruciating pains, and that they desperately need...

Coincidence of Double Interest

by Sampson Adah

The destinies of two rich female colleagues in desperate need of marital breakthrough and social acceptance segue into the hands of two young men with disparate aspirations and social strata. How will the spinsters,...

Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith

by Charles R. Swindoll

When we rewind history back to Abraham’s era, we encounter people who concocted false superstitions to explain the unexplainable. Powerful kings claimed to be gods, building massive pyramids to achieve immortality....

The Trail: A Tale about Discovering God's Will

by Ed Underwood

From a popular and well-loved pastor comes this enchanting, beautifully crafted allegory exploring the mysterious process of discovering God’s will. Matt and Brenda feel trapped because they look for God’s...

Orthodox Saints of the British Isles: Volume 2 - April - June

by Dr. John (Ellsworth) Hutchison-Hall

This is the first, and only, compendium to be written of the Lives of Orthodox Saints of the British Isles. Covering April through June, this second of four volumes provides an enlightening guide to another...

The Soul Journey: How Shamanism, Santeria, Wicca, and Charisma are Connected

by Kent A Philpott & Katie LC Philpott

Shamanism, Santería, Wicca, and Charisma are connected via the trance state or ecstasy. Philpotts detail the theology and practices of shamanism, Santería, and Wicca, and then regretfully demonstrate why the...

What I Require

by Athena McKay

A 90 day devotion of prayer to God the Father, through Jesus Christ.

Marriage God's Way

by Morayo Adeolu

This is a very good book about marriage from a Christian perspective.

The Judas Church: An Obsession With Sex

by Kevin Carey

"That the Church of England should have spent so much energy on two matters of relative unimportance is bad enough. That this should have happened during the sharpest economic downturn since the early 1930s,...

Theonomics: Reconnecting Economics with Virtue and Integrity

by Andrew Lightbown & Peter Sills

At a time when economics, banking and commerce are never out of the headlines, Theonomics asks if theology is capable of informing, shaping and penetrating all aspects of life, and especially economic life....

The Perfect Love Connection

by Carol Randell

Do you long to find a spouse, someone to love who will love you in return? Do you wonder how God fits into the picture and if He is listening to your pleas for companionship? Carol Randell found anything but...

Home Run: Learn God's Game Plan for Life and Leadership

by Kevin Myers

Usted está invitado a vivir la vida al máximo.

Durante cinco años difíciles, el líder cristiano Kevin Myers tuvo sus luchas tanto en lo personal como profesionalmente. Pero fue durante ese tiempo que Dios...

La Dieta Para Perder Peso de Fin de Semana: DOS Dias Para Una Nueva Talla de Ropa.

by Cherie Calbom

Este libro le ofrece todo lo que necesita saber para emprender un revolucionario programa de alimentación de dos días que desintoxicará su sistema y le ayudará a perder peso rápidamente. Comience la noche...

Dangerous Passions, Deadly Sins: Learning from the Psychology of Ancient Monks

by Dennis Okholm

Applies the wisdom of the monastic tradition to the spiritual and psychological well-being of readers today, offering guidance for overcoming the seven deadly sins.

The Scribe and the Sword

by Myron Humble

This is an account of a Jewish scribe who meets Miriam shortly after the birth of Yeshua. Thirty years later as an established teacher in the temple, he encounters Yeshua preaching in the Temple and Samuel is...

Reality Spirituality: The Truth About Happiness

by Rebecca L. Norrington

RealitySpirituality: The Truth About Happiness is not a religion, but a guide that will assist you to live connected to the most powerful Energy Source. It teaches that we do not have control over what happens...

Dare To Believe For Your Healing

by Julia Loren

Have you ever wondered if God's healing is for people today? Do you desire to be made whole but don't know how to go about it? If you are wrestling with these questions, you are not alone. Julia Loren has compiled...

Church Shouldn't Suck The Life Out Of You

by Jim Minor

A Fresh Perspective on Church for the Weary and Discouraged. Using humor and frank honesty, Pastor Jim Minor describes how his own street outreach organization transformed from a vibrant, God-infused ministry...