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365 Pocket Evening Prayers: Comfort and Peace to End Each Day

by David R. Veerman

Daily life brings worries—about tasks undone, strained relationships, health problems, financial difficulties, and other things that consume your thoughts. 365 Pocket Evening Prayers will help you relax and...

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: Reading Tractate Horayot of the Babylonian Talmud

by Joshua A. Fogel

Fogel explores the tractate Horayot (Decisions), page by page, and offers a modern commentary with doses of humor and comparative examples. The central focus concerns how to adjudicate cases when the governing...

A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe: The Final Journey of the Soul

by Swami Kriyananda

As he seeks answers to life's deepest questions, a pilgrim experiences seemingly chance meetings with an atheist, a social activist, Catholic monks, and others. While accompanying the pilgrim on his journey,...

Demystifying Patanjali: The Yoga Sutras: The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda as Presented by his Direct Disciple, Swami Kriyananda

by Paramhansa Yogananda & Swami Kriyananda

A great spiritual master of ancient times, Patanjali, presented humanity through his Yoga Sutras with a step-by-step outline of how all spiritual aspirants achieve union with God. He called this universal experience...

Renewed Each Day-Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy: Daily Twelve Step Recovery Meditations Based on the Bible

by Aaron Z., Kerry M. Olitzky & Sharon Strassfeld

Reflections on the traditional weekly Bible readings offer spiritual support for daily living and recovery from addictions of all kinds. For all people who want to gain strength to heal and insight from the...

Right Kingdom, Wrong Stories: A Backward Reading of Matthew's Parables

by Sam Tsang

This study takes the singular approach of reading two sides of a parable. The close reading will locate the message of the text within the world of both Jesus and Matthew. The homiletic suggestions and reflection...

The Geography of God's Incarnation: Landscapes and Narratives of Faith

by Ann Milliken Pederson

What does geography have to do with the incarnation of God and with our spiritual lives as Christians? We will embark on a theological road trip that explores how geographies are at the heart of understanding...

How Deep are the Stripes?

by Bob Yandian

When Adam sinned in the garden, he opened the door to every spiritual and physical curse for all mankind, including sickness. Jesus said in John 10:10, "The thief (Satan) comes not, but to steal, kill and destroy:...

Judgment According to Works in Romans: The Meaning and Function of Divine Judgment in Paul's Most Important Letter

by Kevin W. McFadden

Giving careful exegetical attention to Paul’s letter to the Romans, Kevin W. McFadden shows that Paul wrote the letter to remind Roman Christians of his gospel because of his vocation as apostle to the Gentiles....

Chosen Nations: Pursuit of the Kingdom of God and Its Influence on Democratic Values in Late Nineteenth-Century Britain and the United States

by Christina L. Littlefield

At the heart of the biblical myth of chosenness is the idea that God has blessed a people to be a blessing to others. It is a mission of solemn responsibility. The six British and American thinkers examined...

Walter Wink: Collected Readings

by Walter Wink

Walter Wink's writing has been described as brilliant, provocative, passionate, and innovative. His skills in critical scholarship were matched by an engaging and honest style that make his work a must read...

Mobilizing for the Common Good: The Lived Theology of John M. Perkins

by Peter Slade & Charles Marsh

Born into a sharecropping family in New Hebron, Mississippi, in 1930, and only receiving a third-grade education, John M. Perkins has been a pioneering prophetic African American voice for reconciliation and...

Jeshua, Son of Mary: Reflections on the Gospel Ascribed to Mark

by H. D. Kreilkamp

The Gospel of Mark is an invitation to anyone open to the stories told by believers about Jeshua, the son of Mary, about his life and especially his compassion for those excluded from society and struggling...

Unreal News: A Collection of Satire

by Jon Webster

"Hilarious!" "Funny stuff!" "That's funny!" These are just some of the reviews of the contents of this book. The title of the original site to which many of these articles were published was Unreal News Online....


by Anthony De Mello

One of the most important inspirational writers of our time, and an internationally acclaimed spiritual guide, Anthony de Mello here presents a way toward peace of mind, inner power, and joy through simple spiritual...

Revolution Within: A Fresh Look at Supernatural Living

by Dwight Edwards

"One of the fundamental misunderstandings the first-century world had in regard to Jesus was that He had come to stir up an outward, political revolution. Dwight Edwards reminds us in his powerful book that...

Releasing the Rivers Within: The Exhilaration of Utter Dependence on God

by Dwight Edwards

God’s passionate power is about to burst through the floodgates of your soul.

You want to influence others for God. To experience more of the abundant power Jesus promised. To live a life overflowing with God’s...

Religion, Personality, and Social Behavior

by Vassilis Saroglou

Psychological interest in religion, in terms of both theory and empirical research, has been constant since the beginning of psychology. However, since the beginning of the 21st Century, partially due to important...

The Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook

by J. Daniel Hays & J. Scott Duvall

This full-color, comprehensive handbook to the Bible includes more than 500 pages of photos, maps, and background information on every book of the Bible.

The Piper: The Epic Betrayal of Biblical Consequence

by Dennis Bank

The Piper exposes a frightening deceptive agenda flaunted by most if not all of the modern Bible versions affecting at least 24 major tenants of the Christian faith. An agenda painfully obvious to see once it...