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Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling

by John G. Kruis

Now in its fourth edition, this popular reference tool helps counselors, pastors, and individuals with specific personal needs find scriptural guidance for resolving problems.

Quick Scripture Reference for Counseling Women

by Patricia A. Miller

This thoroughly revised and expanded edition of a popular reference tool gives readers quick access to Scriptures on topics of concern to women.

The Vanishing Evangelical: Saving the Church from Its Own Success by Restoring What Really Matters

by Calvin Miller

Established and influential church leader issues a wake up call, spotlighting the decline of the evangelical empire, and charting a path forward for those who want to be part of the solution.

Pull: Making Your Church Magnetic

by Bob Franquiz

The pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Florida helps readers understand how unchurched people think and offers a proven method for attracting them to Christ.

Liturgy and the Beauty of the Unknown: Another Place

by David Torevell

Contemporary culture is rediscovering the importance of beauty for both social transformation and personal happiness. Theologians have sought, in their varied ways, to demonstrate how God's beauty is associated...

Women, Power and Politics in 21st Century Iran

by Tara Povey & Elaheh Rostami-Povey

This book examines the women's movement in Iran and its role in contesting gender relations since the 1979 revolution. Looking at examples from politics, law, employment, environment, media and religion and...

Jihadi Terrorism and the Radicalisation Challenge: European and American Experiences

by Rik Coolsaet

Osama bin Laden's demise in May 2011 marked only the symbolic end of an era. By the time of his killing, he no longer represented the Robin Hood icon that once stirred global fascination. Ten years after the...

The Eighteenth-Century Novel and the Secularization of Ethics

by Carol Stewart

Linking the decline in Church authority in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries with the increasing respectability of fiction, Carol Stewart provides a new perspective on the rise of the novel....

The Ashgate Research Companion to the Counter-Reformation

by Alexandra Bamji & Geert H. Janssen

The Ashgate Research Companion to the Counter-Reformation presents a comprehensive examination of recent scholarship on early modern Catholicism in its many guises. It examines how the Tridentine reforms inspired...

Jeremias Drexel's 'Christian Zodiac': Seventeenth-Century Publishing Sensation. A Critical Edition, Translated and with an Introduction & Notes

by Nicholas J. Crowe

First published in 1622, Jeremias Drexel's 'Zodiacus christianus' (or 'Christian Zodiac') was a remarkable work of religious iconography and spiritual self-help. Raised a Lutheran but converting to Catholicism...

Memory and Commemoration in Medieval Culture

by Elma Brenner & Meredith Cohen

In medieval society and culture, memory occupied a unique position. It was central to intellectual life and the medieval understanding of the human mind. Commemoration of the dead was also a fundamental Christian...

Exploring Ordinary Theology: Everyday Christian Believing and the Church

by Jeff Astley & Leslie J. Francis

'Ordinary theology' characterizes the reflective God-talk of the great majority of churchgoers, and others who remain largely untouched by the assumptions, concepts and arguments that academic theology takes...

Codependency (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

You've heard plenty about getting hooked on drugs or alcohol or sitting at slot machines from sunup to sundown, but can you really become addicted to a person? The answer is yes-codependency is a relationship...

Conflict Resolution (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Disharmony in the home, wars in the workplace, and disputes in the church should lead us to the One to whom we can turn to direction, strength, and courage. Passivity is not the real path to peace. Resolution...

Verbal and Emotional Abuse (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Abuse inflicts immense pain and impedes emotional growth. We have all been wounded by hurtful words and actions of others that we often carrying with us for a lifetime; however, it is possible to stop the pain...

Forgiveness (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

"I forgive you." These three little words are so simple, so complex, and yet so powerful! These words give us permission to let go of recent irritations or long-held grudges of minor offenses or festering hurts...

Depression (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Do you feel the darkness of depression closing in on you? Can anything dispel the darkness and bring back true peace and contentment to your heart? The answer is yes! You can exchange the darkness of despair...

Anger (June Hunt Hope for the Heart)

by June Hunt

Has anger ever clouded your judgment to the point that you acted rashly and then regret it later? What do you do when you're inflamed with angry thoughts and feelings? Ultimately, you have the choice to act...

The Great CoMission: Making Sense of Making Disciples

by Brooks St. Clair Morton

This book presupposes that pastors and seminarians deeply desire to answer the question of all questions: how do I make disciples of Jesus Christ? The Great CoMission is a practical guide that will be helpful...

The Mourner's Book of Faith: 30 Days of Enlightenment

by Alan D. Wolfelt

Experiencing the death of a loved one can often lead to questioning or abandoning one’s spirituality, yet in this compassionate book, Dr. Alan Wolfelt explains that the essential need to mourn and question...