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Derek Prince on The New Testament Church

by Derek Prince

In this wide-ranging look at God's design for the body of Christ, internationally renowned Bible teacher Derek Prince describes the original blueprint for the church. An excellent resource for church leaders...

Kingdom Authority: Taking Dominion Over the Powers of Darkness

by Kynan Bridges

Ever since Kynan Bridges was a young boy, he understood that he was not alone in this world. He sensed the presence of God, but when he rededicated his life to Jesus in 1996, he encountered the dark side of...

A Death on Diamond Mountain: A True Story of Obsession, Madness, and the Path to Enlightenment

by Scott Carney

An investigative reporter explores an infamous case where an obsessive and unorthodox search for enlightenment went terribly wrong.


When thirty-eight-year-old Ian Thorson died from dehydration and dysentery...

Bible Lessons for Youth Summer 2015 Leader

by Michael S Poteet, Tim Gossett & Andrea Murdock

Teach teens the entire Bible in 6 years using our best-selling Sunday school study!

Daily Bible Study Summer 2015

by Betty Newman, Lee Franklin & Stan Purdum

Study the Bible daily following the Uniform Lesson Series.

Adult Bible Studies Summer 2015 Teacher

by Jack A. Keller

Used by more than 450,000 weekly.

The Diatessaron of Tatian

by Tatian the Assyrian

This edition of the Diatessaron of Tatian presents a reader-friendly version of the most popular unified account of Jesus’s life and teachings, as written in the gospels, for over three centuries, and a crucial...

Nobody's Cuter than You: A Memoir about the Beauty of Friendship

by Melanie Shankle

There is nothing as precious in life as a friend who knows you and loves you in spite of yourself. Yet over the last couple of decades, we’ve substituted the joy of real friendship with cheap imitations. We...

Finding Peter: A True Story of the Hand of Providence and Evidence of Life after Death

by William Peter Blatty

"For those who have lost a loved one to that liar and fraud named Death."

So reads the dedication of William Peter Blatty's Finding Peter, a deeply moving memoir that tests the bounds of grief, love, and the...

The Adventure of Being Human II: Mother Spirit Speaks: More Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation

by Jerry Lane

The central deity-personalities of the Urantia Revelation are humanity’s spiritual parents—Christ Michael (or Jesus) and his coequal partner, Mother Spirit. In this sequel to The Adventure of Being Human:...

Change of Heart: Justice, Mercy, and Making Peace with My Sister's Killer

by Jeanne Bishop

When her sister was murdered in cold blood some twenty-five years ago, along with her sister's husband and their unborn child, Jeanne Bishop thought she could forgive the teenage killer and move on with her...

Life After the Storm: God Will Carry You Through

by Jan Harrison

Are winds of change, doubt, or grief swirling around you? Engaging author and teacher Jan Harrison shares how, when storms strike, you can depend on God’s spiritual supplies— His promises, His Spirit, His...

Singing at the Winepress: Ecclesiastes and the Ethics of Work

by Tyler Atkinson

Atkinson uses Qoheleth's work ethic to provide an analysis of Ecclesiastes, utilising the writings of St Bonaventure and Martin Luther. Reading Ecclesiastes within a penitential framework, Bonaventure offers...

The Pages Haven't Run Out Yet: A Young Girl's Journey to Hope & Deliverance

by Grace Garnett

The Pages Haven't Run Out Yet is a story of hope and healing that is sure to keep you engaged and encouraged. Crafted from the pages of her childhood journals, Grace Garnett revisits the darkest places in her...

Not As Bad As The Truth: The Musings and Memoirs of David Pawson

by David Pawson

Over half a century of ministry, David Pawson has touched innumerable lives with his honest and uncompromising popular biblical theology. Now in his seventies, he has decided to write what will be one of the...

Judas: The troubling history of the renegade apostle

by Peter Stanford

In this fascinating historical and cultural biography, writer and broadcaster Peter Stanford deconstructs that most vilified of Bible characters: Judas Iscariot, who famously betrayed Jesus with a kiss. Beginning...

Children in Early Christian Narratives

by Sharon Betsworth

Sharon Betsworth examines the narratives, parables, and teachings of and about children in the gospels and the literature of Early Christianity.

Betsworth begins with a discussion of the social-historical context...

Man's Guide to a Life Worth Living: Lessons from Ephesians

by Drake McCalister & Mike Sullivan

St. Paul has earned the right to speak to men. He knows what it takes to live a life worthy of your calling. A mature man in everyday life is one who physically and spiritually provides for and protects his...

Dialogues on Miracle

by Robert A. Larmer & Gary R. Habermas

This book explores, in a manner that is readily accessible to those with little or no formal training in philosophy or theology, important questions concerning the rationality of belief in miracles. This book...

Doctrina B Sica de La Fe: Diccionario Cat Lico de Bolsillo

by Leon J JR. Suprenant

Parte de la serie de libros titulada Doctrina Básica de la Fe, este diccionario católico de bolsillo lo guía a uno a través del rico lenguaje de la Iglesia Católica. Este diccionario le reforzara su vocabulario,...