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The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life

by Michael Puett & Christine Gross-Loh

For the first time an award-winning Harvard professor shares his wildly popular course on classical Chinese philosophy, showing you how these ancient ideas can guide you on the path to a good life today.


Evil: Confronting our Inner Hitler

by Brian Karcher

What can anyone do in the face of terror? What difference could two teenagers make in a world filled with evil? The answer is as deep as it is obvious—we can humble ourselves and choose to love. We can resist...

The God Who Heals: Words of Hope for a Time of Sickness

by Johann Christoph Blumhardt, Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt & Rick Warren

These sixty short daily reflections, each based on a verse from the Bible, will guide a believer facing serious sickness-and his or her family-to a rock-solid faith and trust in the will of God. With confidence...

Praying Together: A Simple Path to Spiritual Intimacy for Couples

by Sam Ingrassia & Vicki Ingrassia

As couples, we are missing the most basic and essential connection that the church and our families need-spiritual connection with our spouses. Praying Together offers a guilt-free release from the past and...

A Practical Guide to Primeval History

by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon

In this new work, McMahon takes the reader through the first 11 chapters of Genesis explaining in practical terms the important aspects of each section by way of commentary, doctrine and practical application....

Forty Days to a Closer Walk with God: The Practice of Centering Prayer

by J. David Muyskens

Life can be chaotic, scattered, and unfocused at times. David Muyskens invites you on a journey full of discovery and challenge: spending time daily focusing your heart on the Lord. The readings and prayers...

Daily Declarations of Faith for Women

by Joan Hunter

Inside every believer in Jesus there is a hunger to draw close to God. There is only one way to accomplish this heavenly desire within us: to read the Word of God and declare it at all times. When we hear and...

21 Days of Joy: Stories That Celebrate Mom

by Kathy Ide

Oh, the joys-and struggles-of motherhood! 21 Days of Joy honors mothers of all varieties. Biological moms. Adoptive moms. Stepmothers. Grandmothers. Godmothers. "Second moms." Even men who "mother" children...

Outstanding Leadership

by Stan Toler

What makes a leader stand out? What are the keys to truly making a difference? And how can you become the influencer you were created to be?

With more than 40 years of leadership experience, Stan Toler knows...

9 Keys to Successful Leadership: How to Impact and Influence Others

by James Merritt

“I am a compulsive reader of success, inspirational, and motivational books.

They don’t get any better than this one!”

Pat Williams, senior vice president, Orlando Magic

Your character—who you are—determines...

Praying the Promises of Jesus: Seeing His Word Come True for You and Those You Love

by Rick Stedman

If you want to learn to pray with confidence, to be as comfortable praying as talking with a close friend, to pray powerfully and learn which prayers God loves to answer, help is at hand. As you journey with...

The Philosophy of Aquinas

Song of Exile

Ritual Gone Wrong

Patron Saint and Prophet

Claiming Resurrection in the Dying Church: Freedom Beyond Survival

by Anna B. Olson

How do you minister faithfully to a congregation that is in decline? While many congregations struggle with trying to find the key to regrowth, pastor Anna Olson suggests that the answer may actually be to accept...

Talking God: Preaching to Contemporary Congregations

by Albert R. Cutié

Today's church has a digital dilemma: We live in an age where "new media" is inescapable, yet many still perceive these new forms of communication as either an unmanageable challenge or at odds with the mission...

Falling into Grace: Exploring Our Inner Life with God

by John Newton

• A focus on the Christian spiritual life from the perspective of grace, not works • Popular new and emerging author • Study guide included for personal or small group reflection Jesus was quite clear...

Cross Words: A Devotional for Youth

by Duana Cisney

Youth (and their parents, mentors, and leaders) are continually seeking a devotional from a mainline Christian perspective that honors them. Different than many youth devotionals, which use punitive language...

Of Moose and Men: Lost and Found in Alaska

by Torry Martin & Doug Peterson

Torry Martin—a comedian, actor, and hippie—fled from California to the wilderness of Alaska, searching for answers to life’s big questions. He found what he was looking for…and a lot more!

A moose got...