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Angels Come in Strange Disguises

by Mavis Thompson

“Angels Come in Strange Disguises”, gives meaning to the true stories therein. They are a light hearted compilation of experiences from many unconnected events, occurring over a wide span of years and encompassing...

50 Energetic Prayers: Use Your Voice and Energy to Transform Your Life

by Kate Hellmers, Susan Uttendorfsky & JA Hellmers

50 Energetic Prayers is a compact inspirational guide for people to discover the use of their voice and energy to transform their lives. The techniques included reveal a method that enhances intuition in such...

History of the Christian Church

by Williston Walker

Since publication of the first edition in 1918, A History of the Christian Church by Williston Walker has enjoyed outstanding success and recognition as a classic in the field. Written by an eminent theologian,...

Incessant Theology

by Alan P Harrison

Incessant Theology is a look at everything the Bible says about the Holy Spirit. Among the 2.3 Billion Christians in the world there is a myriad of different understandings, interpretations and explanations...

Mustard Tree Faith

by James Tarter

In Luke 17 the apostles asked Jesus, "Increase our faith." He answered that if they had faith like a mustard seed, then a tree would obey them. This verse is often misunderstood. As this book shows, the Bible's...

The Gift

by PLCS, Parson Grubar

A youth's visit to the hospital, to be by his dying grandmother's side, turns into a journey of a life time and the greatest gift.

Becoming God: Transhumanism and the Quest for Cybernetic Immortality

by David Herbert

Transhumanism is a growing philosophical movement among leading business leaders, scientists, artists, politicians and futurists. They believe that the future of humanity lies in a post-human world. In Becoming...

Out of the Shadows

by Glenda Parker

Critically beaten... Stalked... Hiding from her Ex-Husband... Glori Fights to Survive... Can Police officer David Sweeney keep her alive? Glori Rhoades wakes in a hospital after her ex-husband tries to beat...

Understanding Love and Responsibility

by Richard A. Spinello

In his preface, Dr. Richard Spinello states, “Quite simply, Love and Responsibility is not an easy book to read.” Karol Wojtyla’s classic work is even more relevant today, but the language is often high...

The Gospel According to Matthew Volume 2

by Dr. Stanford E. Murrell

The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus Christ as the triumphant King who came to establish His kingdom within the hearts of those who receive Him as Lord and Savior. Individuals are invited to come into the kingdom...

Shepherd of the Hills

by Dr. Stanford E. Murrell

One of the greatest narratives of the Bible is the story of David. In Shepherd of the Hills the author follows the rise of young David to fame. There are triumphs and tragedies associated in the life of David....

Tactics of the New World Order: Agenda 21 and Your Child

by Christian Myers

The Global Elite know that it's too late to change your mind, but it's not too late to get to your child. Indoctrinating children early has been a Socialist tactic for a very long time. Things such as Common...

She's A Lady: Mrs. Love

by Earnestine G. Panos & Claudia Stewart Farrell

As you read this book, may you aspire to love as she learned to love, to give as she learned to give, and to yield as she learned to yield to that greater plan that is awaiting us all. I learned that people...


by Rollin Miller

This is a work of Christian fiction; a written fantasia if you will, set in the future during the time of the Millennial Kingdom on earth. During this period of one thousand years, Satan is chained and imprisoned...

You Shall Walk in The Dark Places: My Story:  Resolving My Sexuality and My Faith

by Graham Douglas-Meyer

Can you be a Christian and yet still be Gay? This question is extremely relevant across the globe as governments make decisions about their Gay and Lesbian citizens. Notwithstanding the additional issues surrounding...

The Glory Within You

by Dr. Stuart Pattico

When you were born again, a miracle happened. On the inside, you became a new creation filled with the glory of God. Yet many are unaware of the glory that resides within them. The truth is that the devil does...

In  the Footsteps of Saint Francis

by Susanna Tamaro

On April 14th, 2014, Susanna Tamaro spoke at the National meeting of schools for peace, Fraternity and Dialogue in Assisi. This small book contains the speech of this famous writer to the group of students that...

Surviving Henry: Adventures in Loving a Canine Catastrophe

by Erin Taylor Young

The heartwarming, laugh-out-loud story of a disaster-prone dog who taught his family what really matters in life.

Embracing the Love God Wants You to Have

by Taffi Dollar

In a world of nonstop digital communication, it can be hard to hear the voice of God. What fans of Pastor Taffi Dollar already know—and what you will soon discover—is that we are never far away from His...

The Gospel According to Matthew Volume 1

by Dr. Stanford E. Murrell

The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus Christ as the triumphant King who came to establish His kingdom within the hearts of those who receive Him as Lord and Savior. Individuals are invited to come into the kingdom...