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When God Shows Up: A History of Protestant Youth Ministry in America

by Mark Senter

A veteran youth ministry expert provides a substantial history of American Protestant youth ministry, helping readers understand trends and changes.

Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It's Good for Your Marriage

by Patrick Coffin & Peter Kreeft

Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It's Good For Your Marriage by radio host Patrick Coffin is a bracing ride across the landscape of the Catholic sexual ethic. If you're looking for intellectual ammo with which...

Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice: Experiments in Spiritual Transformation

by Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson guides you through 61 carefully chosen selections from renowned author Dallas Willard's best selling book, Renovation of the Heart. With each selection, you'll progress through Dr. Willard's plan...

The Burden Is Light

by Eugenia Price

The successful novelist and writer recounts the events that led her to become a born again Christian, and describes the ways her faith has sustained her.

The Powers That Be

by Walter Wink

In our fast-paced secular world, God and theology  are second-class citizens. Money, politics, sports, and science seem better suited to the  hard realities of our world. As the church steeple has been eclipsed...

Einstein's God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit

by Krista Tippett

Albert Einstein did not believe in a personal God. And his famous quip that "God does not play dice with the universe" was a statement about quantum physics, not a statement of faith. But he did leave behind...

The Promise of Paradox: A Celebration of Contradictions in the Christian Life

by Parker J. Palmer

First published in 1980—and reissued here with a feisty new introductory essay—The Promise of Paradox launched Parker J. Palmer’s career as an author and his ongoing exploration of the contradictions that...

All that Jesus Asks: How His Questions Can Teach and Transform Us

by Stan Guthrie

Award-winning journalist explores every question Jesus asks from the Gospels and Acts, offering a fresh look at who Jesus is and who we are in relation to him.

Baptism Should I Obey It?

by Joe S Philip

Find the real meaning of baptism as taught and practiced in the Scriptures in this exciting book Baptism: Should I Obey It? This book will go into details of believer's baptism - its spiritual meaning, the mode...

The Everything World's Religions Book: Explore the Beliefs, Traditions, and Cultures of Ancient and Modern Religions

by Kenneth Shouler

From the Native American tribal faiths and the Judeo-Christian traditions to Scientology and other nascent religions, man's search for God takes many fascinating forms. In this easy-to-use and comprehensive...

Leading on Empty: Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion

by Wayne Cordeiro

Gives leaders the tools to recognize and overcome burnout, providing them a new vision for greater levels of both rest and productivity.

Bringing Out the Best in Your Wife: Encourage Your Spouse and Experience the Relationship You've Always Wanted

by H. Norman Wright

Wright writes this book with men in mind--who want to build satisfying relationships but just aren't sure how. Steps toward a healthy, satisfying relationship are insightfully illustrated with real-life situations,...

Matthew's Story

by Unknown

The fourth installment in the Jesus Chronicles, from the bestselling author of the Left Behind series.

This story in the Jesus Chronicles depicts the life of the most unlikely of apostles-a sinner turned saint-and...

Bringing Out the Best in Your Wife: Encourage Your Spouse and Experience the Relationship You've Always Wanted

by H. Norman Wright

Most relationship books are written for women, but women are not the only ones who want happy, enduring marriages. Bringing Out the Best in Your Wife is written with men in mind, men who want to build a satisfying...

Hear My Song: Meditations on Life Through Favourite Hymns

by Pam Rhodes

The words of a favourite hymn can be a lifeline in difficult times, providing an outlet for feelings that may threaten to overwhelm us. Hymns also help us celebrate life -- to see joy in the ordinary stuff of...

Denial of the Soul: Spiritual and Medical Perspectives on Euthanasia and Mortality

by M. Scott Peck

The author of The Road Less Traveled, the bestselling and most influential book of psychiatric and spiritual instruction in modern times, now offers a deeply moving meditation on what euthanasia reveals about...

Minyan: Ten Principles for Living a Life of Integrity

by Rami Rabbi Shapiro

A path of daily living based on ten spiritual practices that have been used by Jews for centuries. MINYAN is an invaluable source of inspiration and insight not only for those large numbers who are returning...

Here I Am Again, Lord: Confessions of a Slow Learner

by Carole Mayhall

WE ALL WANT TO EXPERIENCE successful, even dramatic, spiritual growth. Yet we often feel as though we're taking "two steps forward, three steps back." As we learn--and relearn--the same spiritual lessons time...

Living a Purpose-Full Life: What Happens When You Say Yes to God

by Jan Johnson

Women crave a sense of purpose. They yearn to know that their efforts will impact other people’s lives. Experts urge them to say “no” to the things that drain or distract them–yet, even as women struggle...

30-Minute Read: Simplify Your Life

by Woodeene Koenig-Bricker

Let God lead you back to the clarity of peace that He intended for you by discovering that true simplicity comes not from doing...but from living in trust, patience, and gratitude.