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Be Successful (1 Samuel)

by Warren W. Wiersbe

How do we measure success? Based on the book of 1 Samuel, this study guide shares how we can find true success through a life of integrity and character.

Be Delivered (Exodus)

by Warren W. Wiersbe

Freedom without discipline can be costly. Based on the exodus of God’s people from Egypt, this study shares the vital need to balance freedom with responsibility.

The Rastafarians: Twentieth Anniversary Edition

by Leonard Barrett

The classic work on the history and beliefs of the Rastafarians, whose roots of protest go back to the seventeenth-century maroon societies of escaped slaves in Jamaica. Based on an extensive study of the Rastafarians,...

One of Us Must Be Crazy...and I'm Pretty Sure It's You: Making Sense of the Differences that Divide Us

by Tim Downs & Joy Downs

In this companion to Fight Fair! (a treatise on "winning at conflict without losing at love"), Tim and Joy Downs capture the heart of marital differences. This time they concentrate less on how to "fight fair"...

Fight Fair: Winning at Conflict without Losing at Love

by Tim Downs & Joy Downs

Everyone disagrees on some things; this is inevitable. The question is, how can we disagree with those we love, but increase the odds that we will live and love to fight another day? How can we learn to fight...

When Christians Get It Wrong (Revised)

by Adam Hamilton

More and more young adults have opted out of Christianity and the church. The reason? Christians.

When young adults talk about the problems they have with Christianity and the church, they often name certain...

Who We Are: On Being (and Not Being) a Jewish American Writer

by Derek Rubin

This unprecedented collection brings together the major Jewish American writers of the past fifty years as they examine issues of identity and how they’ve made their work respond.

E.L. Doctorow questions the...

The Genesis of Ethics

by Burton L. Visotzky

One of America's most respected theologians guides readers through a close reading of the narratives of the Book of Genesis, exposing their brutal power and revealing how their moral dilemmas apply to ethical...

Who Is My Neighbor?: Lessons Learned From a Man Left for Dead

by Wayne Gordon

The Good Samaritan is brought vividly to life in this book about how we, as Christians, are called to act in our community and in the world. Includes many practical suggestions for meeting needs and changing...

Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference

by Rose Publishing

Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference

Despite what you see on TV, fathers are extremely important in the lives of their children. Fatherhood: Making a Lifetime of Difference uses statistical data and biblical...

The Heart of Worship Files

by Matt Redman

An inspiring mixture of creative Bible insights and hands-on advice for how to lead worship and write congregational songs. The whole of our lives can be a response to God's immeasurable worth.

The Christian Delusion: Why Faith Fails

by John W. Loftus

In this anthology of recent criticisms aimed at the reasonableness of Christian belief, a former evangelical minister and apologist, author of the critically acclaimed Why I Became an Atheist, has assembled...

A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith

by Brian D. McLaren

"Wherever the willingness to rethink has been squelched, wherever that sense of quest has been buried under convention and complacency, the Christian faith in all its forms is in trouble. But even there, something...

Lazarus Awakening: Finding Your Place in the Heart of God

by Joanna Weaver

You believe that God loves the world…

but sometimes you wonder if He truly loves you.


For many of us, moving the truth of God’s love from our heads to our hearts is a lifelong process. As we consider our...

My God, My Land: Interwoven Paths of Christianity and Tradition in Fiji

by Ryle

Examining the multifaceted nature of Christianity in Fiji, My God, My Land reveals the deeply complex and often paradoxical dynamics and tensions between the processes of change and continuity within the everyday...

Being the Chosen: Exploring a Christian Fundamentalist Worldview

by Scott Jones

Being the Chosen explores Christian fundamentalism in the USA, focusing particularly on the belief system of Protestant fundamentalists. It establishes the key characteristics of these Protestant fundamentalists...

Failing Like Jesus

by Kevin Riggs

Dr. Riggs takes a closer look at the ministry of Jesus on earth where he faced many challenges, people who misunderstood Him, and the perception of a failed ministry. Jesus stood up to the challenges and understood...

Laughing in the Midst of Marriage

by Linda Ann Crosby

Take a moment to be reminded to find joy in your marriage! Laughing in the Midst of Marriage contains 52 devotionals relevant to the role of a wife. The reader will receive a reminder of God's truths with an...

His Princess Warrior: Love Letters for Strength from Your Lord

by Sheri Rose Shepherd

The bestselling author of His Princess Bride shows women how to stand strong in the face of their battles, relying on a God who loves them, encourages them, and even fights for them.

The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul

by Lisa M. Hendey

Drawing from the deep tradition of the Catholic faith, Lisa Hendey, the creator of the popular website, coaches Catholic moms how to care for themselves-heart, mind, body, and soul-so that they...