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Citizenship, Faith, and Feminism: Jewish and Muslim Women Reclaim Their Rights

by Jan Feldman

The first book to examine religious feminist activists in Israel, the U.S., and Kuwait

Kabbalah in Italy, 1280-1510: A Survey

by Moshe Idel

This sweeping survey of the history of Kabbalah in Italy represents a major contribution from one of the world's foremost Kabbalah scholars. The first to focus attention on a specific center of Kabbalah, Moshe...

Allah, Liberty and Love: The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom

by Irshad Manji

In Allah, Liberty and Love, Irshad Manji paves a path for Muslims and non-Muslims to transcend the fears that stop so many of us from living with honest-to- God integrity: the fear of offending others in a multicultural...

Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation

by Norman Geisler & Bill Roach

Bestselling apologist and former student introduce and defend the traditional evangelical interpretation of biblical inerrancy for a new generation.

Pastors in the Classics: Timeless Lessons on Life and Ministry from World Literature

by Leland Ryken, Philip Ryken & Todd Wilson

This one-of-a-kind resource introduces pastors and seminarians to wisdom found in literary classics that can shape their ministries today.

The Cross Is Not Enough: Living as Witnesses to the Resurrection

by Ross Clifford & Philip Johnson

International apologists present a compelling and inspiring case for how to draw on the resurrection for everyday Christian living.

Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers and Skeptics Find Faith

by Alister Mcgrath

International apologist equips readers to engage challenges to their faith by offering an apologetic method that can be customized to individual needs and situations.

Freedom from Performing: Grace in an Applause-Driven World

by Becky Harling

Delving into fresh insights from Jesus’ parables, author and speaker Becky Harling directs you to leave behind a life dependent on the accolades of others and go on a grace-filled journey of seeking God’s...

30 Days to Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs

by Bruce Wilkinson

This thirty-day tool for spiritual growth presents practical articles -- written by some of the nation's best-known Christian authors -- that show readers how to experience breakthroughs in their Christian lives,...

More than a Savior: When Jesus Calls You Friend

by Robert C. Crosby

He's the King of kings and Lord of lords, the Savior and God with us. However, can we really know Jesus as our best friend? Robert C. Crosby shows us how we can experience Jesus in a new and intimate way --...

Teen to Teen: Advice and Encouragement from Teens for Teens on How to Stay Faithful Through the Teen Years

by Ron Luce & Katie Luce

Teen Mania founders invite teens to talk directly to teens about the issues that they all face, including peer pressure, teen suicide, sex, and purity, challenging them other to build a no-compromise character...

Woman to Woman: Preparing Yourself to Mentor

by Edna Ellison & Tricia Scribner

This biblically-based study will be your personal guide as you prepare yourself for the life-changing experience of mentoring.

Sex and the Christian: Why Our Bodies Matter to Our Faith

by Matthew Lee Anderson

Popular blogger and emerging leader shows how to make our faith relevant by embracing a biblical spirituality that encompasses the mind and the physical body.

Produced by Faith: Enjoy Real Success without Losing Your True Self

by DeVon Franklin & Tim Vandehey

STRAIGHT FROM HOLLYWOOD comes a dynamic business model for building a thriving career without compromising your faith. DeVon Franklin, vice president of production for Columbia Pictures, shares how being bold...

God Wants You Happy

by Jonathan Morris & Father Jonathan Morris

In God Wants You Happy, Father Jonathan Morris replaces the unsatisfying, fleeting solutions we receive from the New Age self-help industry with the simplicity and depth of authentic Christian spirituality....

The Flying Drum: The Mojo Doctor's Guide to Creating Magic in Your Life

by Bradford Keeney

In The Flying Drum, author and therapist, Bradford Keeney, presents evidence of real mojo—magical objects and practices from around the globe that have an authenticated history of healing, transformation,...

Abu Hanifah: His Life, Legal Method & Legacy

by Mohammed Akram Nadwi

Study the life and legacy of one of the greatest pioneers in the history of Islamic law

Modern-Day Miracles: 50 True Miracle Stories of Divine Encounters, Supernatural Healings, Heaven and Hell Experiences and

by Allison C. Restagno

This book is a collection of real-life, firsthand stories of personal, modern-day miracles. Miracles still happen!

Nourishment for New Moms: Simple and Practical Guidance for Maintaining Grace, Poise, and Humor

by Joan Webb

Longing to rediscover peace and purpose in your brand-new role, Mom? You’ll find just the answers you seek in Barbour’s timely Nourishment for New Moms. Grounded in faith and practicality, each chapter contains...

Filming God

by Darren Wilson

Darren has amassed a treasure trove of some of the most unbelievable stories about God’s goodness and power and unprecedented love for His children.