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30 Days of Hope for Strength in Chronic Illness

by Elizabeth Evans

30 Days of Hope for Strength in Chronic Illness offers encouragement from God's Word and personal reflection to see God's blessings and sovereignty.

Heartbeat of the Prophetic

by Marc H. Ellis

Can one be grateful for exile? This isn’t the first time I’ve asked this question nor is it the first time this question has been asked. After survival, gratitude is the most difficult question that exiles...

The "I AM" SOLUTION: Simple Practices to Transform FEAR back to LOVE

by Dr. Karmen Smith

The "I AM" SOLUTION provides practical simple steps to transform our negative or traumatic experiences into our greatest treasure. The power lies within us every moment of our lives to see our life through the...

Debunking Human Evolution Taught in Public Schools - Junior/Senior High Edition: A Guidebook for Christian Students, Parents, and Pastors

by Daniel A Biddle, David A Bisbee & Bergman Jerry

This book is essential for Christians attending public junior or senior high school. Most biology and world history classes in today’s public schools teach human evolution as fact, and only rarely mention...

Stewardshift: An Economia for Congregational Change

by Bob Sitze

The collective groan that greets stewardship campaigns in most churches can be quelled. This book offers theoretical and practical propositions by which lay and clergy leaders can ensure the sustainability of...

Our Lady of the Nations: Apparitions of Mary in 20th-Century Catholic Europe

by Chris Maunder

Our Lady of the Nations is a detailed and scholarly overview of the apparitions of Mary in 20th-century Catholic Europe. Chris Maunder discusses apparitions in general and how they are interpreted in Catholicism...

The End of the Timeless God

by R. T. Mullins

The claim that God is timeless has been the majority view throughout church history. However, it is not obvious that divine timelessness is compatible with fundamental Christian doctrines such as creation and...

The Latin New Testament: A Guide to its Early History, Texts, and Manuscripts

by H. A. G. Houghton

Latin is the language in which the New Testament was copied, read, and studied for over a millennium. The remains of the initial 'Old Latin' version preserve important testimony for early forms of text and the...

Quest for Islam: A Philosopher's Approach To Religion In The Age Of Science And Cultural Pluralism

by Jamal Khwaja

Quest for Islam is a systematic exposition of Islam in the light of contemporary knowledge by a practicing Muslim. A seminal work, it successfully resolves intellectual difficulties created in traditional interpretations...

The Mabillon Collection Letters  Book 2

by Bernard of Clairvaux

It is hard to know how to characterize Bernard of Clairvaux. On the one hand, he is called the "honey-tongued doctor" for his eloquent writings on the love of God. On the other hand, he rallied soldiers to kill...

Essays On Cultural Pluralism: A Philosophical Approach To Interfaith Spirituality In The Age Of Science

by Jamal Khwaja

Ours are times when religion is systematically being used: unconsciously by some and deliberately by others, in the service of politics and personal gain, rather then spirituality. However, perceptive and honest...

21 Days of Love: Stories That Celebrate Treasured Relationships

by Kathy Ide

Love can be found in many treasured relationships: boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife, parent-child ... with a special friend, teacher, or pet ... in the kindness of a stranger. We even have a national holiday...

Authenticity And Islamic Liberalism: A Mature Vision Of Islamic Liberalism Grounded In The Quran

by Jamal Khwaja

"Authenticity and Islamic Liberalism" is a collection of four original and highly stimulating papers on the liberal existentialist approach to religion with special reference to Islam in India. Each paper deals...

Things Are Going Great In My Absence

by Lola Jones

Things Are Going Great In My Absence is not an ordinary book. It's an astonishing, mind-blowing, life-changing experience, due to the vortex of Energy, Light, and Divine Intelligence it escorts you into. Divine...

Hope for the Weary Mom Devotional: A 40-Day Journey

by Stacey Thacker & Brooke McGlothlin

From the authors of Hope for the Weary Mom comes a new 40-day devotional.

Jesus promises rest to those who seek Him. But how can a weary mom find rest in Jesus when she doesn’t know Him? How can she build her...

A Faith for the Future

by Jesse Zink

• Next generation of classic Episcopal Teaching Series • Interactive, accompanied by online materials • Author is a popular blogger and scholar who has traveled the world listening to Anglicans talk about...

Worship in the Joy of the Lord: Selections from Chip Stam's Worship Quote of the Week

by Calvin Institute of Christian Worship & John D. Witvliet

Worship in the Joy of the Lord is a curated collection of over 300 quotations on the deep meaning and purpose of Christian public worship designed to inspire, challenge, and equip worshipers and worship leaders...

Fresh Encounters with Jesus: Stories of Faith to Draw Women Closer to Their Savior

by Cheri Fuller

In Fresh Encounters with Jesus, Cheri Fuller shares stories of biblical and historical figures, modern believers, and her own journey of faith. Her stories will encourage you to fall in love with the Lord anew...

If You Could See as Jesus Sees: Inspiration for a Life of Hope, Joy, and Purpose

by Elizabeth Oates

If You Could See as Jesus Sees promises hope. . .joy. . .a life of purpose. . .and more, while offering you a brand-new look at just who your Savior created you to be in this world.

Sparrow: A Journey of Grace and Miracles While Battling ALS

by Jennifer R. Durant & Matthew P. Durant

Jennifer Durant, busy career woman, wife, and mom of two, made a drastic Career 2.0 change. In the lexicon of ministry, God called her to be an Episcopal priest, and Jennifer answered. Several years later, in...