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Faith Confronts Nuclear Power: A Theological Critique

by John R. Gugel & Edward H. Schroeder

Faith Confronts Nuclear Power is a theological critique that attempts to call people to action in the battle against nuclear power. Nuclear power is a sophisticated, terribly expensive, and frightfully dangerous...

Saved From Enlightenment: The Memoir of an Unlikely Devitee

by Tarini Bauliya

A memoir of one woman's life viewed through the lens of her relationship with her spiritual teacher of over 20 years. Her candid, touching & humorous stories are told in a voice that is authentic, wry & irreverent,...

The Spirit of Servanthood

by Victor Ansor

From the author of “War In The Heavens” comes this wonderful masterpiece, ‘The Spirit Of Servanthood.” Here Victor Ansor takes a thorough and in-depth analysis of a vital kingdom spirit that is not popular...

The Blessing of Mercy: Biblical Perspectives and Ecological Challenges

by Veronica M. Lawson

One of Australia's leading biblical scholars offers a wonderful guide to the Church to help Catholics and other Christians celebrate the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. In this book,...

Homa Variations: The Study of Ritual Change across the Longue Duree

by Richard K. Payne & Michael Witzel

Found in many different religious cultures, the practice of making votive offerings into fire dates back to the earliest periods of human history. Throughout the tantric world, this kind of ritual offering practice...

Inclusive Marriage Services: A Wedding Sourcebook

by Kimberly Bracken Long & David Maxwell

As the country moves toward marriage equality for gays and lesbians, couples and pastors are in need of updated language for marriage services. This sourcebook not only provides inclusive marriage services,...

Euthanasia, Suicide, and Despair: Can the Bible Help?: Guidance When Faced with Ethical Dilemmas

by Michael J. Lowis & Albert Jewell

Despite its title, this is not a morbid or depressing book, but one that it is hoped will bring encouragement and comfort to all who are experiencing life's difficulties, even to the point of wondering if they...

Love Differently Stay Married: One Couples Quest To Find Healing & Restoration Needed To Keep Any Marriage Thriving

by Kellie Frazier

An alternative to pre-marriage or marriage counseling from a book that comes with its own 21 training video coaching program. With a surprising mixture of fiction and non-fiction, this little book reveals 5...

Destroying the Root of Racism

by Ron Webb

Racism is not a skin problem, it is a SIN problem. Bishop Webb preaches that violence begets violence, but unity with the brethren will always invite the Holy Spirit in. Recognizing that you can be angry...

Surviving the Unthinkable: Choosing to Live After Someone You Love Chooses to Die

by Don J. Payne & Gordon MacDonald

Losing a dearly loved family member or friend suddenly, unexpectedly, and tragically jars us at our very core. We shudder at the thought of it. When that loss results from a suicide it defies and assaults everything...

Christ for Post-Christians: A Radical Shift for the Small Group Bible Study

by Fred W. McRae & Gundolf Lange

How do you introduce people to Jesus Christ who have had no contact with the Bible or its message? How do you reach those who have had no contact with the church and do not understand Christian terminology and...

My Fringe Hours: Discovering a More Creative and Fulfilled Life

by Jessica N. Turner

Popular author and lifestyle blogger offers inspiring stories, ideas, insights and questions designed to help women capture and embrace their fringe hours.

Transition to the Kingdom: Featuring Seven Keys and Seven Timelines of Revelation

by Robert J. Levesque

Remarkable: A Treasure Chest of Prophetic Scriptures! 

You will frequently reference this indispensable resource! 

  • Biblical truths on every major topic of end-time prophecy. 
  • Over 180 chapters referenced...

Unanswered: Lasting Truth for Trending Questions

by Jeremiah Johnston

"This new book by my friend and colleague Jeremiah J. Johnston is so important...a winsome and accessible book...drawing from Jeremiah's considerable academic training. His analysis is unflinching, his approach...

Our Presidents & Their Prayers: Proclamations of Faith by America's Leaders

by Rand Paul & James Randall Robison

What is the single most important common thread that unites all American Presidents - such a small number of extraordinary people from different centuries, parties, backgrounds and experiences - as they shoulder...

The Wheel of Life: Buddhist Perspectives on Cause and Effect

by Dalai Lama, Jeffrey Hopkins & Richard Gere

Using the traditional Buddhist allegorical image of the Wheel of Life and the teaching of the twelve links of dependent origination, the Dalai Lama deftly illustrates how our existence, though fleeting and often...

I Feel Like Going On: Life, Game, and Glory

by Ray Lewis & Daniel Paisner

Ray Lewis, legendary Baltimore Ravens linebacker and one of the greatest defensive players of his generation, holds nothing back on the state of football as well as his troubled childhood, his rise to athletic...

Between Gods

by Alison Pick

Profound, honest, and masterfully written—Between Gods forces us to reexamine our beliefs and the extent to which they define us.

Growing up in a tight-knit Christian family, Alison Pick went to church regularly....

The Power of God-Given Imagination: Releasing the Power Within You to Transform the World Around You

by Ray McCollum

God has already given you the power to create your own just need to learn how to use it. The Power of God-Given Imagination awakens the dreamer within you by unveiling this incredible gift and explaining...

9 Traits of a Life-Giving Marriage: How to Build a Relationship That Lasts

by Sue Detweiler

Is it possible to enjoy a strong and healthy marriage-- 'till death do you part? Yes... with God! Sharing with honesty and transparency, Sue Detweiler identifies the essential elements of a life-giving marriage....